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Rook22Ti t1_jdmb66j wrote

How dare you show me this absolutely beautiful fall picture as we're entering spring. How am I supposed to get jazzed up for spring? Fall is the superior season and I miss every day I'm not in it.

(I guess the southern hemisphere can enjoy without season envy)


aerijyr OP t1_jdmbw69 wrote

Sorry for this and thanks! 😁 I'm new here and just learning how to use this. Let's put that as the reason for this autumn post. 🤷🏻‍♂️


Rook22Ti t1_jdn4zod wrote

Hey beautiful photos of all seasons accepted at all times. Thank you for sharing.


ikisschicks420 t1_jdlivgp wrote

i love the colors you captured :D thanks for sharing


RiceOrBread t1_jdmprxx wrote

Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


Hugogo27 t1_jdo3q44 wrote

The paradise itself 😍


Dandruffparmesan t1_jdnpoeo wrote

Nice to see Finland going through Fall in the southern hemisphere while we in the north go through Spring


nniccizeldaa t1_jdpe1qa wrote

Uh Finland isn’t in the Southern hemisphere though


Dandruffparmesan t1_jdq8y73 wrote

Of course it is, “Finland” comes from French for “end (fin) of the land (land)”, ie, the southern tip of the world.


MyFancyPanda t1_jdp9j26 wrote

The most colorful photo I have ever seen on reddit.


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R_Das t1_jdqy2uo wrote

Beautiful picture.


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