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ASpiralKnight t1_jbaojjy wrote

The picture doesn't capture just how dynamic and loud the area is.

The waves crash and retreat with a constant roar. The birds argue over each other loudly. The wind and reflections keep constant motion. The seals and birds hunt fish.

On first seeing it I felt like I was watching a once in a lifetime event, but as interesting things keep happening I realize it's just the nature of the place. It teems with life.


IRErover t1_jbaq8ux wrote

Great description. One of my favorite days/hikes.

I’d only add the sense of smell. The freshness of the ocean and pines along with the pungent smell of animals living life.

Total immersion of the senses. Bathing in nature


zack6595 t1_jbbf5hc wrote

Man you and I had differing expectations here. Point lobos is great but the smell of bird island is literally just bird shit. It smells awful. Nice park, stunning views, but the smell was not the selling point for me by ANY means.


gerzzy t1_jbbq39r wrote

Glad someone said it. That’s definitely something not captured in any of the gorgeous photos I took there.


FancyRatFridays t1_jbbd8hg wrote

The contrast is what gets me. One moment you'll be immersed in the motion and the noise of the cliff along the shoreline--and then the path turns and heads into the trees. In just a minute, the waves and seabirds have faded to a dull, distant roar, and the wind dies, and you can hear distant songbirds calling in the eternal calm of the woods.


GenX-73 t1_jbb16yz wrote


bosscher47 t1_jbc26su wrote

You must do the 17 mile drive BEFORE you do Point Lobos. Otherwise you'll be terribly disappointed. Point Lobos blows away 17m. And it's not even close.


Missmoneysterling t1_jbdbv4l wrote

True. I just did them in reverse last month and kept saying "We should go back to Point Lobos!" The otters, dolphins, seals, sea lions, etc. were just mind blowing.


wongkerz t1_jbc8rpm wrote

I did the drive last year and it was underwhelming. If you enjoy looking at McMansions I guess it's a good drive?


Poopiepants29 t1_jbcqjal wrote

The few homes I remember in the forest are the opposite of what I would call McMansions.


GenX-73 t1_jbctsar wrote

Last time I was there was early 90's...


Bowldoza t1_jbb2zwy wrote

The most amazing part is that it's not even 17 miles


ekeron t1_jbcn4f1 wrote

Don't forget the sea otters. I would spend hours just watching them break shells with a rock balanced on their stomach. It's my happy place.


Gooey2113 t1_jbcaeqw wrote

It’s also very difficult to smoke a bowl…I suggest joints.


soysssauce t1_jbdrobs wrote

>Point Lobos State Park

sorry to break your beautiful word, but birds are not arguing, they are trying to fuck each other.


kangmingjie t1_jbaamh7 wrote

I will always have happy memories of me and my wife walking through here.


Mrpetasus OP t1_jb9uzzk wrote

I got strong Lost Boys of Neverland vibes from this day of hiking in Point Lobos.


[deleted] t1_jbco1od wrote

Assuming you went recently, do you mind me asking how the traffic and parking was when you went? I'm going in the near future and have never been to the area before so wasn't sure how it is this time of year.


mariavillanophoto t1_jbctr7x wrote

Try and go early on a weekday to get parking. There is always parking on 1 if the lot of full. About a week ago they closed the park at noon due to highwinds so just use caution if you’re going during a stormy time.


ASDFzxcvTaken t1_jbd26pa wrote

Was just there 2 weeks ago, mostly just fine, people were out but not busy and you could pretty much park wherever. It was and is going to be unseasonably cold and wet though, which has knocked down a lot of trees and a couple of closed or detoured roads, trails and beaches. But still worth it.


namine55 t1_jbe28lz wrote

Is that the place where you can see otters? And there are a lot of trees with orange lichen on them? I think I was there in 2019.


salamandraseis t1_jbdagii wrote

Not Treasure Island? Some folks say Robert Louis Stevenson was inspired by this spot.


JTanCan t1_jbagcn3 wrote

I love Point Lobos. If I'm ever in the area, I'll go again.

Pinnacles is great too.


fluffyapplenugget t1_jbams8n wrote

Pinnacles does not get enough credit. The High Peaks loop is awesome.


SofaSpudAthlete t1_jbauglw wrote

Still haven’t done that hike

I guess I only think about it in the summer and then it’s hot AF out there


fluffyapplenugget t1_jbauu5o wrote

Yeah that hike is brutal in the summer because of how exposed it is. I was just there two weeks ago and it's really nice now. The hills are still green and wildflowers are starting to pop up.


Miggi_slim t1_jbbzd46 wrote

I been wanting to go to there for the longest but haven’t had a reason to travel that far out (Fresno area) when I have sequoia and kings but I might give that hike a try !


fluffyapplenugget t1_jbbzrf4 wrote

Ooh yeah it's hard to compete with Sequoia and Kings Canyon. I hiked to the fire tower in Kings and it was so much fun.


terrarythm t1_jbcllxn wrote

SEKI love. I’m an hour from Lobos but have hiked out of Roads End at least a dozen times. Point Lobos can be overwhelmingly crowded.


eac555 t1_jbay41w wrote

My wife grew up in the Monterey area and her Mom still lives there. We’ve been spoiled being able to go to the area frequently. Point Lobos is so gorgeous.


CyberneticPanda t1_jbc3osw wrote

The trees atop that cliff are Monterey Cypress trees. This stand and another in Pebble Beach are the only two remaining natural stands in the world. It is a Pleistocene relict species that is being pushed into the sea by the changing climate of the past 12k years. There is a fungal disease that affects new world cypresses called cypress canker, caused by Seiridium cardinale. Monterey Cypress are the most vulnerable to it, but the salt spray from the sea protects them from the fungus, so they don't grow that well elsewhere, despite being a popular landscape tree.

All new world cypress trees are beautiful and smell fantastic, but Monterey Cypress is one of the most hauntingly beautiful. Because of its growth on sea cliffs exposed to heavy winds, they are Krummholz trees. Krummholz means they are stunted and twisted by exposure to harsh, salty wind. Combined with the varied lichens and mosses in the grove, it makes hiking through there feel like something from a fantasy movie.


Winstonthewinstonian t1_jbchh4w wrote

[Trentepohlia]( Are they the same thing? Never heard it called cypress canker.


CyberneticPanda t1_jbcmmkj wrote

No the lichens dont hurt the trees. Lots of trees have fungal diseases called x canker. They develop a sore that leaks sap at the infection site.


Winstonthewinstonian t1_jbcsnzr wrote

Woa, didn't know about that. Very interesting thank you.


CyberneticPanda t1_jbcv80s wrote

Np. The various fungal pathogens that cause tree cankers and other plant diseases are mostly carried around the world by the nursery trade. Plant local grown native plants!


expotato78 t1_jbb7qa9 wrote

Seeing dolphins, whales, seals, all matter of birds AND deer at the same time was the most beautiful and surreal day of my life. Oh, and I almost fell to my death. It's VERY windy some days so I don't recommend trying to take selfies near a cliff.


[deleted] t1_jbbvh5l wrote



DrYoda t1_jbbxw4s wrote

Dolphins live all along the Monterey Bay, I've seen them several times by the coast in various areas ranging from Bixby Bridge to Sand City. Closest I saw them was when they swam right up to the shore in Carmel beach in the late summer.


Faithful_hummingbird t1_jbcw8xz wrote

I went to college in Santa Cruz and grad school in Monterey… there really isn’t a particular season for dolphins since they live in the bay and along the coast. I think I saw them most frequently in the spring, but that could also be because the weather was nicer so I was outside more. 😉


[deleted] t1_jbdcxi0 wrote



JerkCrank t1_jbdzdom wrote

I maybe saw dolphins once by Pacifica/Daly City, if they weren’t smaller species of whales, but for sure i’ve seen whales.


aplomba t1_jbafs9p wrote

Was there last summer, impossible to do it justice in photos.


NotAProlapse t1_jbcob3n wrote

I made the trail you take to get there! It's a beautiful park.

Edit: Thank you for reminding me of this, actually. This is probably the only worthwhile thing I've ever done in my life. The previous trail was in operation for something like 85 years, so just thinking about how I helped make it possible for probably tens of thousands of people to see this beautiful area, especially one of the only two populations of Monterey Cyprus, has me weeping at a bus stop right now.


[deleted] t1_jbcpwfp wrote



NotAProlapse t1_jbcqvcp wrote

Well, not just me, but me and like ten other people—in the California Conservation Corps. Our initials are all carved on the outside of one of the side rail things near the end.


jayduff t1_jbbro0w wrote

Go but Garrapata state park down the way. If you can climb the 1800 feet to the top, you’ll LOVE the climb down. So beautiful!


[deleted] t1_jbbtnod wrote



Porchewgull t1_jbc3hbv wrote

Is that open? I did some hike up garrapata and I could only get about halfway up. It ended at like a tranquil stream in some new growth redwoods where you could keep going into the back half, but that half was closed for a long time. It was a hike through a canyon following a stream don’t know the name of the hike.

Edit: pretty sure it was soberanes canyon! I didn’t think you could do the whole loop!


RMNnoodles t1_jbafqfe wrote

Wife and I had an anniversary trip to Carmel a couple years back in September. Loved our hike in Point Lobos, great photo!


RecipesAndDiving t1_jbbknxu wrote

You think that’s gorgeous check out how it looks underwater.

LOVED diving Lobos back in the day. Absolutely pristine kelp forests. Even gets big pelagics wondering by from time to time.


azgli t1_jbcc097 wrote

It blows my mind that the park was going to be a subdivision. Thankfully it was purchased and held until the 60s when it was sold to the State.

I love going; never get bored of it.


lxe t1_jbb4kca wrote

Went there with my dad last year on our way to LA. There were what seemed like hundreds of sea otters. It’s such a gorgeous place.


Teajaytea7 t1_jbbrqas wrote

Always interesting to see a place you grew up show up on reddit and seeing all the comments describing their love for the area :)


proscop t1_jbbj1v3 wrote

I've been all over the world, and Point Lobos is easily the most beautiful place I've ever seen.


C0RPSEGRINDER666 t1_jbbzc5a wrote

I love point lobos. Such an amazing place to see a huge forest smashed up against breathtaking ocean cliffs. I used to live in Monterey and would go to hike in point lobos all the time. I swear on my life there are people living out in those woods. Too much eerie stuff has happened to me in there.


earthboundmissfit t1_jbe9r1e wrote

Like what? I've been there in the early nineties and definitely felt the eerie vibe you mentioned. Especially at night. Such a beautiful area.


C0RPSEGRINDER666 t1_jbf63p2 wrote

Multiple times I have gone a good ways off the trail to just chill sitting next to trees and I have heard someone whispering almost right next to me. I turned and couldn't see a soul. Another time I swear I saw a young child running in the forest but disappeared behind a tree. That was also a good way away from a trail.


Derothan1410 t1_jbax3xr wrote

Where is the Jackdaw? Where is my ship?!


justanawkwardguy t1_jbbt7jf wrote

This photo makes me want to get in the water, but my brain knows it’s about 20 degrees too cold for me


scottsdgoh t1_jbbubdk wrote

Tears form in my eye when I see views like this. Unreal.


eternallysunshiney t1_jbbvnkq wrote

I have so many wonderful memories there. I miss California so much.


spacemann_spifff t1_jbc1ooe wrote

It’s because of views like this that my wife and I will never leave here. We are fortunate enough to call Monterey our home.


explodingliver t1_jbcn0ka wrote

One of the best places along the coast. The tide pools are cool and just great flat hikes all around. There was one day I hiked along the entire outer perimeter one spring or summer when the Big Sur bus would make a stop there and it was just a magical time there. With the recent storms, Point Lobos has remained the most intact and I do recommend checking it out if you’re ever in the area.


Faithful_hummingbird t1_jbcwjz1 wrote

Big Sur/the CA coast is one of my very favorite places in the whole world.


subspaceinterferents t1_jbd1b6u wrote

Went there for the first time when I was 17. Now I'm 65 and I still want to go back.


Ghoolio- t1_jbfnv1d wrote

Absolutely breathtaking. I'm going to pretend I'm working from that little shaded bluff today.


tarnished713 t1_jbb02b1 wrote

Damn I miss the bay area. Not all of it...but this is truly stunning


deebert t1_jbb6lb9 wrote

We were just there a couple days ago and it was a very pleasant surprise. I couldn't quite capture the color of the water how I wanted, it was the perfect spectrum of blues!


Jibbajaba t1_jbbdkug wrote

I proposed to my wife there. In fact it may have very well been at the exact spot where this pic was taken.


kuruman67 t1_jbbofa5 wrote

Love this park, especially on sunny days when the water looks like this.


12Southpark t1_jbbqk2u wrote

Always stop here on our way back from big sur camping


jaredthegeek t1_jbc13wx wrote

That's my favorite place. Got to SCUBA there as well.


Lopsterbliss t1_jbc9xte wrote

Visited on my way coming back from Big Sur and I was more impressed with this little reserve than Big Sur. I loved Big Sur obviously, that's just how serene this little stop was. Can't wait to visit again.


Gooey2113 t1_jbca8o2 wrote

One of my favorite spots in the state!!!!


wordswiththeletterB t1_jbcbqd9 wrote

Been to Monterey twice now and I loved this hike. Just a stunning area.


98-K t1_jbcdfvq wrote

This is beautiful


Exotic_Cheese-exe t1_jbcgm8q wrote

I want to go back but I got bad poison oak from there


Jensen-mavs t1_jbchrwy wrote

Why is it always so beautiful where there are no people...


kashmill t1_jbcka5x wrote

It has been quite a while but that place has some great scuba diving. Takes a bit of planning as the number of divers per day is limited but totally worth it.


TheBiles t1_jbcnns4 wrote

And right down the 1 is Big Sur, one of the most beautiful places on earth. God, I miss living there.


daisykay836 t1_jbd6nz6 wrote

Always will be one of our favorite hiking spots, & we will go back any chance we get. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pic.


PurpleMermaid16 t1_jbd88b7 wrote

This park is one of my favorite places in the world. So beautiful.


Peligreaux t1_jbddq3y wrote

It’s one of my happy places. I’ve spent a couple of birthdays there. I’d love to be able to go there weekly but I live out of state and go as often as I can. I really have a hard time putting it in words.


bunkerbash t1_jbde440 wrote

Oh my goodness this is stunnnnning!! Would you mind if I painted it please?


[deleted] t1_jbdgcir wrote



bunkerbash t1_jbedhsi wrote

Oh hahaha thank you! Sometimes I lose track 😅. I’ll tag you when I finish this one!


vinceds t1_jbdf6a3 wrote

One of my fave parks. I am fortunate to live less than an hour away.


DanielBG t1_jbdidf3 wrote

Carmel and Yosemite should be banned. Not fair. You can point anywhere and shoot.


EtherDynamics t1_jbdqu5h wrote

Love that place, absolutely beautiful


abcders t1_jbdw2x1 wrote

Carmel is so beautiful. If I could retire anywhere it would be there


Sebetastic t1_jbdywrm wrote

Went to Carmel a few years back. The fairytale-esque houses were crazy!


y_ogi t1_jbe21dt wrote

I love these types of scenes


lushittt t1_jbfa030 wrote

I love this spot, once saw a man painting that exact point of view there. So beautiful 🤩


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KlnderJoe t1_jbbe4f6 wrote

Amazing, congrats! 👏


wongkerz t1_jbbt7e5 wrote

Love it. Is this the park with all the bird shit on the rocks too?


Bargadiel t1_jbc2mym wrote

This picture looks like it taps for a blue.


llamasncheese t1_jbb3bnq wrote

Where's this? I'm assuming somewhere in the us but point Lobo's state park Carmel means nothing to me lol


missmightymouse t1_jbb9lzg wrote

Coast of “northern” California, even though Carmel is pretty much the middle of the state.


101fng t1_jbd76zi wrote

Looks like what I imagine of Tolkien’s Valinor. As much as I may dislike the state, it has some of the most beautiful geography in the entire North American continent. I do miss living in Monterey sometimes.


[deleted] t1_jbd96jz wrote



101fng t1_jbde1g3 wrote

Their style of governance. Of all the states I’ve lived in, I was most restricted in what I could and could not do in CA. I now have comparable scenery without having to double-check statutes before every little thing I do.


[deleted] t1_jbdgbq5 wrote



101fng t1_jbdhtqw wrote

Car impounded in a completely different state because CA suspended my registration when they didn’t get updated proof of insurance (less than a month after current proof expired)… after I moved. The fact I had uninterrupted insurance made no difference. CA still suspended my registration.

I can give more examples, but I won’t. I know natives love the state and will defend it to a fault. And I understand; you love your beautiful state. But that was CA’s final fuck-you for me.


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RuralCaribou t1_jbbl3ei wrote

Hopefully you parked off the 1 and didn’t pay to enter the park