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Mrpetasus OP t1_jb9uzzk wrote

I got strong Lost Boys of Neverland vibes from this day of hiking in Point Lobos.


[deleted] t1_jbco1od wrote

Assuming you went recently, do you mind me asking how the traffic and parking was when you went? I'm going in the near future and have never been to the area before so wasn't sure how it is this time of year.


mariavillanophoto t1_jbctr7x wrote

Try and go early on a weekday to get parking. There is always parking on 1 if the lot of full. About a week ago they closed the park at noon due to highwinds so just use caution if you’re going during a stormy time.


ASDFzxcvTaken t1_jbd26pa wrote

Was just there 2 weeks ago, mostly just fine, people were out but not busy and you could pretty much park wherever. It was and is going to be unseasonably cold and wet though, which has knocked down a lot of trees and a couple of closed or detoured roads, trails and beaches. But still worth it.


namine55 t1_jbe28lz wrote

Is that the place where you can see otters? And there are a lot of trees with orange lichen on them? I think I was there in 2019.


salamandraseis t1_jbdagii wrote

Not Treasure Island? Some folks say Robert Louis Stevenson was inspired by this spot.