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expotato78 t1_jbb7qa9 wrote

Seeing dolphins, whales, seals, all matter of birds AND deer at the same time was the most beautiful and surreal day of my life. Oh, and I almost fell to my death. It's VERY windy some days so I don't recommend trying to take selfies near a cliff.


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DrYoda t1_jbbxw4s wrote

Dolphins live all along the Monterey Bay, I've seen them several times by the coast in various areas ranging from Bixby Bridge to Sand City. Closest I saw them was when they swam right up to the shore in Carmel beach in the late summer.


Faithful_hummingbird t1_jbcw8xz wrote

I went to college in Santa Cruz and grad school in Monterey… there really isn’t a particular season for dolphins since they live in the bay and along the coast. I think I saw them most frequently in the spring, but that could also be because the weather was nicer so I was outside more. 😉


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JerkCrank t1_jbdzdom wrote

I maybe saw dolphins once by Pacifica/Daly City, if they weren’t smaller species of whales, but for sure i’ve seen whales.