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C0RPSEGRINDER666 t1_jbbzc5a wrote

I love point lobos. Such an amazing place to see a huge forest smashed up against breathtaking ocean cliffs. I used to live in Monterey and would go to hike in point lobos all the time. I swear on my life there are people living out in those woods. Too much eerie stuff has happened to me in there.


earthboundmissfit t1_jbe9r1e wrote

Like what? I've been there in the early nineties and definitely felt the eerie vibe you mentioned. Especially at night. Such a beautiful area.


C0RPSEGRINDER666 t1_jbf63p2 wrote

Multiple times I have gone a good ways off the trail to just chill sitting next to trees and I have heard someone whispering almost right next to me. I turned and couldn't see a soul. Another time I swear I saw a young child running in the forest but disappeared behind a tree. That was also a good way away from a trail.