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hi_from_brian t1_jcxptpy wrote

That's a great setting, but the lighting and water look strange.


jawa1985 OP t1_jcywy89 wrote

5 seconds shutter speed, f/16. I used a ND filter


10S_NE1 t1_jcyam8s wrote

Slow shutter speed will make moving water look milky. Often done on purpose by artsy photographers.


StatusSea5409 t1_jczs2s5 wrote

Or for the less camera knowledgeable like myself it's a timelapse.

If your phone is able to I suggest trying it. You can get some great shots if you keep it stable and leave it for a minute at least. At least in my opinion. I wanna say it was a Samsung Note 2 that I tried it for the first time.


blueslovernoah t1_jcyndn0 wrote

Never would have thought I‘d see a place here so close to where I am living


holgerschurig t1_jcz6skg wrote

Für mich sieht das gar nicht wie eine Schlucht aus. Wird das noch enger, bzw. die Seitenwände höher?


jarvatar t1_jcxvkri wrote

Would love to know the setup! I hike a bit and see this kind of stuff but my photos never look as good as this.


jawa1985 OP t1_jcxwclq wrote

I used my Canon EOS R6 + RF24-70 f2.8 + ND filter


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GoudaCrystals t1_jcz3vj9 wrote

Love the long exposures like this bc of how all that smooth water looks compared to the super sharpness of everything else


Mooma73 t1_jczqkta wrote

This is beautiful!!


The_D1rty_Squ1rt13s t1_jd0hcbo wrote

Fuck I love that Germany reminds me so mu h of my home town back in West Virginia. Such a beautiful landscape.


3g3t7i t1_jcyidrx wrote

Beautiful shot


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KingZarkon t1_jcz4i8e wrote

Out of curiosity, what does that translate to?


andreasbeer1981 t1_jczb0w5 wrote

Hey, I actually been there for a detrashing walk. Really beautiful place, but beware of floodings.