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ImNotTenArtist t1_jdna9l2 wrote

I just want to sit here on a warm day and eat a sandwich.


dpdxguy t1_jdo6lqs wrote

I have done that. You are right to want to. :)


DangerSwan33 t1_jdpze4t wrote

Having also done this, yes.

It's one of my favorite memories.


itsnotreal1234 t1_jdqgkb2 wrote

I’m so excited to go there for the first time this may! I can’t wait. Such a beautiful state


IamTheAggMan t1_jdoe60x wrote

Get it from Scratch!


OhGodNotAnotherOne t1_jdozzcl wrote

Man, reminds me of the one time I roadtripped to CO with my dog.

Stopped at Scratch for a nice looking London Broil sub only to stop for a photo moment (which is all CO) and forget about it for 5 minutes.

5 minutes.

My dog had the best sandwich of their life that day and we were too far away to replace it.

I ate a shitty gas station hotdog an hour later.

Still, best trip of my life l, Colorado is something else.


ThrashNet t1_jdp13l0 wrote

Sounds like the best trip of your dog's life as well!


[deleted] t1_jdplku4 wrote

I find it very hard to pick between UT and CO. Grew up in CO but live now in UT. Both are extremely pretty states with natural beauty beyond words. Both are very different.


ShowMeYourMinerals t1_jdspdbh wrote

Yeah, but the culture of Utah is significantly different. If you’re white and Mormon maybe it will work out for you.

But the whole beer / no weed thing is really a buzz kill for me. I don’t smoke, but I think the government has no business in how you spend your time.


[deleted] t1_jdt15ql wrote

It definitely is. Though demographics here are changing too. Provo has a significant pride presence now and an annual parade. The monthly summer farmers market has drag queens walking around. Medicinal Marijuana is now allowed. It's slow but it is getting better around here.


Randyd718 t1_jdqhudg wrote

Scratch kitchen?


IamTheAggMan t1_jdto2ej wrote

If that's in Boulder, no. This little place is Scratch Deli & Bakery in Estes. Everything is homemade from the bread to the corned beef. The cheesesteak is insane.


_MindOverDarkMatter_ t1_jdosn7v wrote

There are chipmunks at this lake and they will eat anything you leave :)


superlewis t1_jdp76g1 wrote

More accurately, they will literally crawl up next to you and steal anything you aren't actively protecting for a split second.


HoneyBee275 t1_jdruc7y wrote

One jumped on my back and tried to climb over my shoulder to get my lunch. They have absolutely no fear of people at this lake. I think I'll eat somewhere else next time!


TheTrub t1_jdpyc8e wrote

An elk will bully you and take that sandwich.


hyperfat t1_jdr0auh wrote

The summer random rain there is nice. That area is great hiking.

I used to camp with my family there for years. Now I'm just an hour away. :)

If you like that, check out garden of the gods.


sarkhan_da_crazy t1_jdrdzsb wrote

We did this hike in late May a few years ago, beautiful sunny morning. We were kinda new to the area and not used to the elevation, so we took our time eating lunch while debating how much further we wanted to hike. The clouds, meanwhile, had started to roll in from over the mountains (the right side in this pic), and next thing we know, we are getting snowed on. It didn't last very long before the sun peaked through the clouds, and we were in this marvelous location in full sun, getting snowed on. We decided to just hang out here for a while longer and headed back to the car when we were ready to leave.


fkk8 t1_jdnd2ji wrote

Gem Lake


Rubberbabybuggybum t1_jdovy60 wrote

Great hike to get there too!


show_the_maw t1_jdp0oqu wrote

You and I have a different opinion on “great”

I’m a very fat dude from Nebraska. Lived here my whole life. I love Nebraska. But Nebraska is flat. We were in town for a wedding and it was a few hours between ceremony and reception. We decided to hike Gem Lake because it was a relatively short hike. Being from Nebraska total elevation gained isn’t something I’m used to paying attention to. Well folks. We spent a good hour huffing my obese corn fed rear up there and the view was amazing but damn if I wasn’t tired.


HighJoeponics t1_jdp548y wrote

Was it worth it tho? I met probably fatter flatter folks higher up than that and they were dying but everyone was happy to do it. I do a lot of national parks. There’s roadside people and hiking people. I cheer everyone who hikes no matter what


show_the_maw t1_jdp5jna wrote

Oh 1000% I loved the journey and to be outside. The stairs were pretty challenging for my shorter wife but we did it, ate a sack lunch with the chipmunks and headed back down. I also learned elevation changes is an important factor in picking a trail. I hope to go back again soon.


Presumably_Alpharius t1_jdq55zf wrote

I did that hike with my wife as well and I can say the journey was waaaayyyy better than the destination. The lake looked kinda stagnant when we got there.

We did a ton of other hikes around there and renting a cabin with a hot tub was 100% with it.


rmpc92 t1_jdqolnl wrote

Same hiked with my wife and we got there pretty early (sunrise ish) and the pond looked really pretty. When we left an hour or two later with the sun up it just looked small and stagnant.


noodlesoupstrainer t1_jdp4e8d wrote

It takes some time to adjust to the elevation! I wouldn't recommend anyone do any significant hiking if they've just arrived. Beautiful place, though.


WSDGuy t1_jdp2cnv wrote

Why is you being a fat transplant pur problem now?


MrsRichardSmoker t1_jdq1zcq wrote

Sorry you had to read a comment from a type of person you don’t like 😢


violentdezign t1_jdo35a5 wrote

Estes and Rocky Mountain national Park are my happy places


Traditional_Art_4430 t1_jdn7c74 wrote

Yeah that’s between Riften and Windhelm right?


ButtIsItArt t1_jdov070 wrote

Looks a lot like (Mount Satori?) in BOTW. One of those mountains around there has a spring like this too.


jonasjlp t1_jdnuop3 wrote

Gem lake?


iPhilTower t1_jdpct2x wrote

I was going to guess Sky Pond but looks like you’re right


SmokinSkinWagon t1_jdpk1dm wrote

Too small to be sky pond


jonasjlp t1_jdpycim wrote

Yeah I think they are looking down from the wall that you see when you come to the top of the stairs. Cool pic. Not sure how you get up there. Not many people go beyond the lake. I went back to balancing rock from here. Lost track of time and walked out with the sun setting. Pretty creepy back there.


jmarvs t1_jdnfp97 wrote

I have fond memories of feeding peanuts to the chipmunks in Estes Park


CLOWNSwithyouJOKERS t1_jdnwoce wrote

Same, dude! Riding the tramway up the mountain and nearly getting swarmed by chipmunks lol.


ih8dolphins t1_jdoezne wrote

My guys - you gotta not do that. Last year we were in RMNP and the chipmunks were fearless. Stop it

We did it in my youth too, but it only leads to bad news


CLOWNSwithyouJOKERS t1_jdoi7dd wrote

Yeah lol I understand fully that it wasn't in their best interest to feed them like that. This was back in the late 80s early 90s, at least for me. No doubt selective breeding of who nabbed the most peanuts led to the current situation in RMNP. All I can promise you is that it won't continue with my offspring.


Phillyfreak5 t1_jdpgbpp wrote

You shouldn’t. That’s terrible for the wild animals and should never feed them again.


TigerMusky t1_jdplf8q wrote

You really telling this person they shouldn't have fond memories? 😂😂


Sploofy28 t1_jdqkh8c wrote

Plenty of better ways to make fond memories in a place like this


VeryStonedEwok t1_jdo3grr wrote

My wife and I got married at The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park (hotel the Shining is based off of) on Friday the 13th, and stayed in the most haunted room in the hotel. It will always hold a special place in my heart ❤️❤️


Silound t1_jdpd2sc wrote

I went and visited the Stanley, it's a gorgeous site, and I love the buildings.

Also I didn't know I needed a steampunk beer hat, but I now own one.


Repraht t1_jdrwe09 wrote

My wife and I got married in Estes Park as well. Della Terra. Trying to go back this summer for our 5 year anniversary! Love Estes Park.


[deleted] t1_jdom9ha wrote

Spent a week in Estes Park 3 years ago. Was an amazing place


Sm00gz t1_jdn3vde wrote

Type of view that makes you want to set up an easle and attempt to capture in whatever medium your hearts desire.


TheGonadWarrior t1_jdonuyf wrote

Estes Park is beautiful. Emerald lake is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen


Clunkbot t1_je9xt0q wrote

You gotta hit up hanging lake too! Also very picturesque


AddNamAndHim t1_jdok23e wrote

I have BEEN to Estes Park! Saw my first ever moose. It was a young calf, but a moose nonetheless.

I was also very disappointed to learn, halfway through the expensive tour, that The Shining was not actually filmed at The Stanley Hotel. The movie was filmed in the UK using a model of The Stanley. We even had a drink at "Lloyd's bar" beforehand : (


Randyd718 t1_jdqi89a wrote

The exterior is an entirely different hotel in Oregon iirc


AddNamAndHim t1_jdqogyn wrote

That sounds right. And don't get me wrong, we had a GREAT time. Delicious Old Fashions at the bar, the tour even took us down to the basement where there are tunnels, safes, vaults & such. They even showed us where people were injured or killed in the hotel!

But I obviously didn't do enough homework & had to learn the filming didn't take place here. I was kinda like, "Well then wtf are we doing here..."

Went & got sandwiches at Scratch Deli & Bakery afterwards. That was great, too.


PickleJarss t1_jdos14c wrote

Gem Lake is such an awesome hike, so easy yet such an a big reward once you get to the top.


poopertrooper88 t1_jdosfgt wrote

Estes Park is my favorite place in the world. ♥️


TheSpanxxx t1_jdoux1k wrote

Estes is one of my favorite places on earth. Got out there again last year and though it's changed over the years it's still really magical for me. Love the rockies around there so much.


gypsy_muse t1_jdndfry wrote

Stunning! I’m imagining myself there right now ❤️


_AlreadyTaken_ t1_jdnr7i9 wrote

That rock looks like an ancient pillow lava flow


mchgndr t1_jdo3vx8 wrote

Lumpy Ridge Trail! Only been to Colorado once but made sure to do this hike. A fun one for sure


radradish19 t1_jdo4r6p wrote

Eyyyy I worked up there for a summer. It'll always hold a special place in my heart.


Winter_Eternal t1_jdoemhk wrote

Heading to estes Park in a few weeks. Any advice for a nube?


4500_IQ t1_jdohkev wrote

Take Big Thompson Canyon Road (Highway 34) into the city if possible


jennaylinn t1_jdpoklx wrote

If you take 34 PLEASE use one of the many pull offs if you're uncomfortable doing the speed limit. We understand it can be intimidating and it's pretty to look at especially if it's your first time, but please don't hold us up at 15-20mph. Sincerely a local, who drives 34 twice a day and dreads tourist season only bc of the slow traffic that refuses to use the slow moving cars pull offs.


ShowMeYourMinerals t1_jdsq2lc wrote

Not a front ranger, but live in the Leadville area, the fall has become a fucking hazard with people taking photos…. It’s quite irritating.

If you want pictures, pull off the road and take pictures. Sincerely, locals.


jennaylinn t1_jdsrtvz wrote

I can't tell you how many people stand in the middle of the road in the canyon to take pictures of the rams, or come to a dead stop right around a blind corner to take pictures. Infuriating.


beaukneaus t1_jdomgpd wrote

Drink lots of water the week leading up to it. Light effort the first day there. If you come up 36, there is a market in Lyons that makes excellent sandwiches that are perfect for eating on the trail!


youngrichyoung t1_jdpmew1 wrote

Bring a jacket. And shorts. You never know what you're going to get in the mountains in springtime.


daniel22457 t1_jdq4hqj wrote

Plan for any weather it could be warm and sunny and a blizzard in the same day even in April depending on the elevation you're hiking get spikes trails are still icy.


pianistafj t1_jdolf4b wrote

Makes me sad to see such lovely weather. Last three times I’ve gone were rainy, snowy, and blizzard. Only time I’ve gone when weather was amazing took three hours to get in because a U.S. mail truck had driven over the side and was barely hanging on from falling down the side of the mountain. Only time I got to stay in Estes at a time share for three straight days it was 100+ mph wind gusts and white out conditions. I just want to see it on a beautiful day!!!


Polish_Frisbee97 t1_jdoqb4w wrote

Hey that’s Gem Lake, got engaged to my wife near those two trees to the right back in 2017! Wonderful place with a great view!


Cik22 t1_jdojmvb wrote

I live Estes park!


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ewadizzle t1_jdo97l1 wrote

I stopped scrolling because I thought it was hanging lake but this is close enough


papaya_boricua t1_jdol4vk wrote

I've been to that spot, it's so serene. Lots of elk always nearby.


Freebird_1957 t1_jdovpas wrote

I think this is what Heaven might look like.


Oahkery t1_jdovpll wrote

I took this same photo except in the winter with the lake frozen and people walking on it!


maconmatt t1_jdozng4 wrote

I’ve been there! Recognized it immediately.


tripacer99 t1_jdp8otz wrote

Going here in a few weeks! Looks amazing!


boatboy1800 t1_jdpchi7 wrote

I visited there on a rainy day a few years ago. It was absolutely magical at the top. We relaxed and it started lightly snowing.


jpitelka t1_jdpdofx wrote

I wanna go back🥹


Chipshotz t1_jdpfl0t wrote

I stayed there many years ago. I'm sure it has changed considerably.


carmium t1_jdpk4uo wrote

Och, what a lovely wee tarn!


AWL_cow t1_jdple63 wrote

Went to Estes Park one year at the end of December, it was gorgeous. The small town was like something out of a Christmas film. It was incredibly beautiful, although all the locals told us the best time to come was during the summer.


nolasen t1_jdplkf4 wrote

Moonstone Pond


DannyJames84 t1_jdpn5fm wrote

Commenting here so I can remember it for later: at first I thought this was the inspiration for a spot in the video game Horizon Forbidden West.


wookofwallstreet t1_jdpnrjh wrote

Gem Lake, I got leeches on my feet in that water. Beautiful hike, though.


Chew-Magna t1_jdpofdc wrote

In a few months I get to see that, we're moving there in June. It'll be my first time in mountains since I was a kid.


SkyeMarie_1 t1_jdpp9vx wrote

Colorado is really such and underrated state


timexband t1_jdppba9 wrote

Wow - was at nearly that exact spot about half a century ago. I am amazed . . . 😲


theyipper t1_jdptc1l wrote

Wearing my touristy Eates Park hoodie so I understand this.


white_nigrous69 t1_jdpy6y3 wrote

Can anyone here share me the lats and longs of location


raphaelkdot t1_jdpy8jc wrote

I thought its The Forest 😆


tastycrust t1_jdpysel wrote

I fish there on Far Cry 5 all the time.


redpandabear89 t1_jdq088i wrote

Beautiful spot - reminds me of happy memories with my ex. I had originally planned to go solo back in 2019, but was in a fairly new relationship at the time of booking and planning my CO road trip, and said to her if she’d like to come that would be great, and all hotels/car rental etc are already booked anyway so she would only need to pay for the flight and maybe some gas. She broke up with me a few weeks ago and this trip was brought up as an example of how she felt like an “add-on” to my life and how she never felt like she got a say. Man, it was basically a free two week holiday for her, and we had the best fucking time. Hurts.


Kickthemkids t1_jdq1m9f wrote

Nz’s better but ig it looks nice


Kickthemkids t1_jdq1wgo wrote

Great photograph work too Ka pai 👍


donaldcaskiesquare t1_jdq646y wrote

I would love to go to Colorado so stunning the “Mountain state “. I have met many Americans that say this is where they want to live and retire for many different reasons .


sgcarter t1_jdq7icm wrote

Can someone make this widther with AI? Up to 5120px? (5K resolution)


Fappy_as_a_Clam t1_jdqfl9u wrote

There's a brewery in Estes Park that is in an old gas station, and it's worth checking out.

I was there in the fall and there was several deer that were just hanging out around it. Like we were on a patio drinking a beer and 10 feet away a couple deer were just doing deer things.


Vespizzari t1_jdqh6q6 wrote

Estes Park, a beautiful place to be a tourist or a meth head.


Dry_Psychology_8055 t1_jdqsbvx wrote

Great hike, I got banged up there. Breathtaking in many ways.


scomat t1_jdqsof9 wrote

It looks like a still from the Far Cry series. Amazing view


LeroyTheBarman t1_jdqumz2 wrote

Was there last year, incredible. As was the Rocky Mountain NP and the drive through the canyon heading towards Fort Collins/Loveland area

One of the most beautiful areas in the world, shame about the altitude sickness I got, too damn high for me


charryvanilla t1_jdqvoiu wrote

I feel less of need to travel in recent years because this quality is better than my eye sight. It’s very cost effective.


AmbulanceChaser12 t1_jdr0yg6 wrote

No it isn’t, it’s the mountain that overlooks the Zora’s domain!


hectorduenas86 t1_jdr2xjk wrote

There’s a legendary buck around there, gonna warn Arthur


gimpers420 t1_jdr5g2o wrote

I love this place, was just there last week.


BaltimoresJandro t1_jdr8gtg wrote

This is one of my favorite hikes to take visitors to. Not too hard for this abyss at the top.


funhouse7 t1_jdrf87r wrote

Used to spend my summers there at the summer camp


Benedikto_ t1_jdrfpzs wrote

You know what would really improve the view? An eight lane highway, a shopping mall and condos as far as the eye can see



allhumanstogether t1_jdrs9cm wrote

Love me some granite with a smattering of trees around an alpine lake!


fesanb t1_jdscmwy wrote

I just want to throw a rock in the water


minkin91 t1_jdsikhj wrote

Ahh good old Gem Lake. Went to Colorado for my first time 2 years ago and did this one. Really nice hike and very feasible for those who aren’t necessarily into hiking.


Sirerdrick64 t1_jdo8lt0 wrote

I’ve been there - it was great!
Awesome to see zero people.


log_asm t1_jdp1ukc wrote

Grandparents lived in Estes until very recently. Many a good memory of going there. I very specifically remember using the binoculars with my grandpa to watch the deer/elk across the street from their house. My only complaint is my grandma used to make ginger ale and ice cream floats, which sounds good in theory but imo is hot garbage. She acted like it was such a treat I just drank it anyways.


WSDGuy t1_jdp2igw wrote

You all should have seen RMNP/Estes 30 years ago.


FartedBlood t1_jdpestu wrote

Got chased by a bull elk there when I was 16. It was entirely my fault, and one of the scariest things that’s ever happened to me.


pressgang13 t1_jdpmkgr wrote

My birthplace:) same day the Broncos went to the SB


Itwontmatterr t1_jdojjk4 wrote

That's pollution over us


coachfortner t1_jdp12pw wrote

the aerosols dispersed even in rural areas have increasingly clouded our view of nature