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jlmckelvey91 t1_jbl2vb0 wrote

you should share this on r/breathofthewild. They'll go nuts.


dude19832 t1_jbmtvdk wrote

It’s now r/Breath_of_the_Wild now! 🙂


Individual-Camera-72 t1_jbokuuu wrote

Or r/botw


dude19832 t1_jbolume wrote

Looks like their is more than one Breath of the Wild sub. Interesting!


Individual-Camera-72 t1_jbon08a wrote

Yeah, r/botw used to be best of the week or best of the worst, and Zelda fans invaded so much so it got repurposed. r/Breath_of_the_Wild was made to mitigate that, but it didn’t work.

r/TotK underwent a similar thing where TOTK was the acronym for a show or something that wasn’t very popular. The sun didn’t do much and the owner was happy to repurpose it

“If I had a nickel for every time Zelda fans took over a sub I’d have two nickels, which isn’t a lot but it’s weird that it happened twice.”

EDIT: Here’s the post for proof for r/TotK


sebikern_photography OP t1_jbnc9z1 wrote

Thanks! I'm gonna try that. I personally never played BOTW but I know its an awesome game. My GF really loved it.


greatertittedshark t1_jbnlsmi wrote

i was just thinking wow these trees look like they grow in areas of extremely localised rain. and i bet they are prettty annoying to climb and even more annoying if you fall off

so many frogs at their feet tho that can help you go fast!


goliatskipson t1_jbndag6 wrote

you should share this on /r/3dprinting and make a stupid joke about tree supports ;-)


DrownedPrime t1_jblvf6n wrote

Socotra Has blue tarantulas with white fur, the Socotra Blue Baboon (Monocentropous Balfouri) spelling might be off im going off memory and im lazy to double check while at work.

Fascinating island with many "Odd" looking species of plants and animals.


Dezoda t1_jboyd3p wrote

That is not a Baboon at all. What is this misinformation????? /s


ZuZunycnova t1_jbpnpnc wrote

About 40% of Socatras plant species and 90% of its reptiles don’t exist anywhere else!


nauzleon t1_jbmkvnf wrote

There's also an endemic tree that very much look like this at the other side of Africa, in the Atlantic Islands. Canary Islands, Madeira, etc.


Asha108 t1_jbn2j9d wrote

that’s crazy! I’m assuming it was a species endemic to the african continent before these atlantic islands and the island of socotra moved away from the main landmass, but couldn’t survive on the mainland due to extinction by herbivores not present on the islands, so they ended up being preserved.


scanferr t1_jbodga9 wrote

Doesn't make sense because those Atlantic islands are volcanic and did not move away from the main landmass.


yellowbrownstone t1_jbol7zz wrote

Sea level changes? Seeds stuck to birds from the mainland, when the mainland had those trees that stayed long after the mainland lost them?


mctCat t1_jbn6t35 wrote

I got 4 of these dracos off etsy, they are only 12” tall now. grow really slowly. They won’t mature in my lifetime to look anything like this, but I hope one day they can be planted in a botanical garden somewhere after I die. Im in Socal, so they’ll do well in the desert area here.


ElahaSanctaSedes777 t1_jbn472e wrote

50% of the flora and fauna on Socotra only exists there


sebikern_photography OP t1_jbn71us wrote

Yes, thats the craziest part and what finally pushed me to travel there.


ElahaSanctaSedes777 t1_jbn7g06 wrote

Did you see anything weird?


sebikern_photography OP t1_jbndkl8 wrote

Basically all the plants look weird because they need to resist strong winds in the summer months. I am gonna post more of those, I've got a few pics left in the pipeline :) Animal live was pretty standard, I've seen many endemic lizards. But they looked like ordinary lizards to me.


ElahaSanctaSedes777 t1_jbp0lxj wrote

Send me pictures of some animals if you have any. Ever since I discovered this locale it’s one of my top destinations If I could visit


sebikern_photography OP t1_jbp2rou wrote

I sadly just git some images of a few goats and egyptian vultures. Nothing endemic :(


ElahaSanctaSedes777 t1_jbpse8b wrote

You’re awesome dude. I’m glad you got to go there. I wanna hear all about it sometime


WallyJade t1_jbl41ca wrote

We've got a number of these trees in southern California as well. They're always weird and great to find in the "wild".


manilovebagels t1_jblk5v7 wrote

Yemen?! I’m going to Yemen!


Alichinos t1_jbmkfr7 wrote

When we get to Yemen, can I stay with you?!


i-lurk-you-longtime t1_jbnbf4z wrote

I wonder how long Janice wrote to 15 Yemen Road, Yemen...

I watched that episode yesterday and looked up Yemen because I didn't know anything about it, and saw these magnificent trees for the first time ever! Kinda nuts I'm seeing them again within 24 hours.


seeafish t1_jbnqigq wrote

When life gives you a Yemen, you make Yemenade.


[deleted] t1_jbnmu19 wrote



sebikern_photography OP t1_jboaw1g wrote

As i understand now there a 3 weekly flights to Socotra. 2 from Abu Dhabi and 1 from Aden. I wouldnt dare to touch the Aden one though...


MacrowSoft t1_jbn1l3d wrote

Is that snowpiercer's utopia... well damn.


ts_asum t1_jbn388i wrote

Ah you were quicker than me!

r/Snowpiercer will gaslight you to tell you that this is another train though


MacrowSoft t1_jbn3dw3 wrote

I mean I totally understand, clearly it's an idiots pipe dream to go chase it with such uncertainty than a few readings and a vision


Frenchleneuf t1_jbn97jk wrote

This is completely how I imagine the world 60,000 years ago


ayrgylehauyr t1_jbnqgjh wrote

Soon to be extinct. Visit them while you can.


GirlBrunette22 t1_jbkzra1 wrote

so this is what alien trees look like lol


wdwerker t1_jbm9biq wrote

It’s related to Dracena marginata the popular houseplant.


Antique-Presence-817 t1_jbo3feb wrote

wow i always wanted to go to socotra. how did you get over there right now when the country is being bombed by the saudis using banned american cluster munitions?

you could have just gone to the canary islands, they have these trees there too


sebikern_photography OP t1_jbocdrj wrote

Socotra is pretty far away from Yemen and it hasnt been attack in the recent years. I flew from Abu Dhabi, we made a big turn to avoid Yemen mainland. There are alot of tourists (~6000 every year, I know thats not alot but in the context of Socotra it is) I wasnt visitjng Socotra just for Dragonblood trees, the island has way more to offer :)


thanatossassin t1_jboqebw wrote

I've been wanting to travel to Socotra for years! Before, Yemen was the only way to travel, so glad to hear there are more options now. Are you sharing any more images anywhere?


sebikern_photography OP t1_jbp36fm wrote

I am currently sharing a picture a day on instagram. I try to do the same on reddit, but I'll surely miss a few days. After I am done with all my editing (200GB of RAW data) I'll post a summary of my best pictures on my website.


Antique-Presence-817 t1_jbox6ql wrote

this must have been a while ago because there are currently no international flights to yemen ... what airline did you take? not yemenia..?


sebikern_photography OP t1_jbp3fdo wrote

As i understand, 2 weekly flights from Abu Dhabi (Air Arabia) and a weekly flight from Aden. The Abu flights arent publicly viewable. You need a Socotrian organisation to book them for you. Edit: This picture is 2 weeks old, so pretty fresh :)


Antique-Presence-817 t1_jbpbck5 wrote

wow interesting, good job making it there right now, seems to have been a challenge! it must have been super expensive??


OptionalFTW t1_jbmqd2f wrote

A movie could film here as an alien planet landscape and I'd think those were props or cgi. Fucking Crazy lookin trees.


sebikern_photography OP t1_jbn68k6 wrote

Totally! Camping under those trees and walking trough a forest of them was like living a dream.


pixie_led t1_jbnz5gf wrote

That’s some prehistoric looking sh!t


sebikern_photography OP t1_jbp3ruc wrote

I guess the main tree of this image is more than 300 years old. They grow really slowly, but there is no way to tell how old a tree is.


Mackheath1 t1_jbmvk4j wrote

One of my favorite places to visit (it's been a while, though - I hope the goats are under control by now)


sebikern_photography OP t1_jbn6stj wrote

Sadly absolutly not. The goats are the biggest enemies of those trees and it shows. Walking and driving through Socotra I have seen only 2 "young" trees and a lot of young goats.


pf30146788e t1_jbnhepk wrote

I always found it fascinating that different parts of the world have animals and plants that other parts of the world don’t have.

Idk why


Mile129 t1_jblam3x wrote

Weren't these the trees in the final episodes of "His Dark Material" on HBO?


SpaceFace11 t1_jbm74tu wrote

I would love to see one of these up close


sebikern_photography OP t1_jbn6lxg wrote

It's gonna take a few more editing sessions on my end but I'll post some close ups eventually :)


KrylonsKid t1_jbn7izs wrote

Oh yeah, I remember drawing trees just like this in second grade.


dkpatkar t1_jbni44k wrote

You can post this photo somewhere else telling people it's a picture from an alien planet, and people will believe it .


Xenobsidian t1_jbnlbdk wrote

I have heard of a tree that holds the entire world but why have you shot it upside down?


neroselene t1_jbnqmvz wrote

It looks like the Morrowind graphical remake is coming along nicely!


SirRoyalT007 t1_jbp01e8 wrote

I want one of those in Bonsai form.


sebikern_photography OP t1_jbp42rj wrote

That would be sick! But the crown of those trees are only splitting after roughly 70 years, that would need a lot of patience.


Oofs_A_Lot t1_jbp33eu wrote

Do these have palms on top?


sebikern_photography OP t1_jbp9eil wrote

Not quite, the leaves are hard to describe. They are like a long pointy really narrow green dagger. They grow pretty much directly out of the branches.


rashidl t1_jbp5hpj wrote

Why are these trees upside down


DarkGengar94 t1_jbpfbgp wrote

Imagine a pokemon professor named Dragonblood?

Hello I'm Prof. Dragonblood


TotalBassist45 t1_jbpmzp4 wrote

I suddenly want a bonsai of that


sebikern_photography OP t1_jbpz6ji wrote

Thats sadly impossible. Ignoring the specific living conditions they grow wayyy too slowly.


TotalBassist45 t1_jbrkwwr wrote

I'm very sad all of a sudden, but at least they're growing in a very natural place


In-AGadda-Da-Vida t1_jbpve2n wrote

oh man those are in breath of the wild and i wondered if they were real


SignGuy77 t1_jbqnbrc wrote

If I recall, the BOTW versions were huge. Unless I’m misjudging the perspective in the shot, these appear to be much shorter.


LuneFox t1_jbnbgwu wrote

Oh wow, they turned Bart Simpson into a tree


grafknives t1_jbnqgzh wrote

Awesome! Can I keep it at home?

Oh, wait, at home it will look just like any other Dracaena :( :(


SuperIntegration t1_jbnu7b4 wrote

I don't know why, but something about this makes my skin crawl... Like something internally is screaming


drunkanidaho t1_jboiz8s wrote

BOTW players are putting on their lighting resist gear


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DownRangeDistillery t1_jbnup5d wrote

It's a life goal of mine to see that tree in person. This would mean many things would be right in the world.

An American tourist would be welcomed in Yemen.


gh0st_n0te119 t1_jbpmlwp wrote

Raised by Wolves anyone?!



russellrlf t1_jbpr2dx wrote

What a freakishly beautiful plant.


mikeschmeee t1_jbqxyg6 wrote

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild


Hetif t1_jbmzn6a wrote

Might fit r/liminalspaces


zushaa t1_jbmvnv1 wrote

Wrong use of the word overcast. Cool Pic though.


sebikern_photography OP t1_jbn6iap wrote

Please explain it to me. I am from Austria so english isn't my native language.


zushaa t1_jbnbo7z wrote

Well a bit pedantic obviously but overcast is a meteorological term for when at least 95% of the sky is covered in clouds. Very cloudy, gray skies kinda situation.