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suburbanchiwriter t1_jdao76u wrote

Those low clouds give me the creeps.


lurkerfromstoneage t1_jdewnj8 wrote

Winters are super difficult for me here - ultra dark, ultra gray, low hanging clouds, feels like a big groggy chunk of time. There’s been years we don’t see the sun for 3 months… and locals know summer doesn’t start till July 5…

Seattle is ranked the most depressed city, and the most anxious lol ugh


JellyfishMinute4375 t1_jdjz2oo wrote

I have been in western Washington for 20 years and I feel like even in that short time the climate has noticeably shifted. While the June gloom phenomenon is still a thing, it seems like we now have about a 50/50 chance where the beautiful weather lasts from April to October. I will admit though, that I have enjoyed winters in New England more, because they have those brilliantly sunny days even though it is wicked cold outside.


suburbanchiwriter t1_jdfifo0 wrote

I've heard that about the Seattle area. I've never talked with anyone who's lived there, though. I'm sorry that the environment is depressing in winter.


IAm-The-Lawn t1_jdezz5u wrote

Huh. For me it’s relaxing, but I grew up in the PNW.