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samicktorino t1_jboqohs wrote

Where in Utah is this? I’m from Utah and have no idea. Maybe somewhat near Bryce Canyon?


GaryCPhoto OP t1_jboryfk wrote

Closer to arches. Near a little town called Hanksville.


Historical_Boat_871 t1_jbpult6 wrote

Did you stop at the gas station inside a cave?


HaveAMap t1_jbqazyx wrote

The other gas station across the street has the best milkshakes.


SaltLakeCitySlicker t1_jbqpdty wrote

I feel like Utah is known for 4 things. Otherworld views, 127 hours, skiing, and the other one

Maybe add fly fishing if you know the place


ILikeMtnDew t1_jbr5amy wrote

I would add Mormons, as someone from the east coast who has never been there (yet) lol


Afraid-Ad8986 t1_jbrklwx wrote

One of my best friends is Mormon and when I lived in Utah I dated a super hot Mormon girl. Both awesome people but if you were not a Mormon Utah was a tougher place to live.

The state is super cool i snowboarded every day and my car blew up trying to get to park city one day. Don’t know why that is important but it is what I remember.


HaveAMap t1_jbqpr1i wrote

“Have you been to THE arch?”

But seriously, I loved living there and exploring the canyons (respectfully) for pictographs and learned about butch cassidy. It was fun.


SaltLakeCitySlicker t1_jbqr5q8 wrote

I went to yuba once to fish and camp. We stayed at painted rocks. It was like an hour before seeing the pictograph and being like "huh. I guess that's why it's painted rocks"


LoadALaMode t1_jbuviu5 wrote

Don't go to Utah. Stay away. They will fuck youe wife and make you drinks watered down beer.


noanje t1_jbru2m0 wrote

That little gas station saved my rear. Was driving across in January a year ago and my ol truck ran out of coolant over one of the high mountains, and managed to limp along to there.


Historical_Boat_871 t1_jbs8kkj wrote

It was 12 years ago, I was totally clueless (I'm European, first time in the usa), driving by myself from fruli to moab. After I left that gas station I had no idea how deserted the road would be, I couldn't even find one radio signal. Was scary! Best month tho, driving randomly around Utah, Colorado, new Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and California. Amazing places. Did a lot of hiking and mountain biking too


carmium t1_jbpdppo wrote

What do they call the spire? Hank?


GaryCPhoto OP t1_jbpea3v wrote

Long Dong Silver


moshe8910 t1_jbr7j4z wrote

Keep the west wild. This area unfortunately already gets more traffic than it can sustain.


GaryCPhoto OP t1_jbr7zh8 wrote

Yeah I agree but tbh I found it myself by searching online. It took me 5 mins of vague google search words.


[deleted] t1_jbq69yo wrote



schlagers t1_jbqcijv wrote

This was formed by wind and water erosion. I don’t know about spires like this, but impact craters can have a central peak or even an inner ring of peaks. My favorite part is they can fill with water and become an annular lake like The Eye of Quebec


BentPin t1_jbqmek9 wrote

These spires will eventually turn everyone into alien zombies. Watch out


garym04 t1_jbpzlrr wrote

Hanksville is right next to Capitol Reef National Park

Nice shot, OP


GreywackeOmarolluk t1_jbqnctm wrote

Capitol Reef is an amazing place, but much of the surrounding area is also amazing, too. Love that area. Far fewer crowds than around Moab.


dmann27 t1_jbqj0y5 wrote

You can't say that when it's much closer to capitol reef and canyonlands


GaryCPhoto OP t1_jbqjy9g wrote

True I’m my too savvy with the area. I’m from Ireland.


JustHarry49 t1_jbrhu4t wrote

Where the hell is hanksville?


JustHarry49 t1_jbri02c wrote

Saw that on a t-shirt in Moab once.


[deleted] t1_jbrrgso wrote

I need that shirt. No one knows where Hanksville is. It's on the furthest corner of a lonely road in the middle of freaking nowhere.


[deleted] t1_jbrr623 wrote

Hanksville is literally like a chunk of Mars fell to Earth and landed in UT. That whole area south of I 70 and east of I 15 is bonkers beautiful. And there are so many varieties to it as well.


GaryCPhoto OP t1_jbsv9kd wrote

Yeah wish the weather was better to explore more.


Archimedes05 t1_jbq4kdr wrote

I was going to guess Torrey. It’s so cool out that way, keep it a secret before all the influencers show up.


GaryCPhoto OP t1_jbqbqcj wrote

Oh they’ve been there already but it’s a bit far for some.


suburbanchiwriter t1_jbp8nq4 wrote

Looks like a landscape Hollywood would use for an alien planet.


Wookiefeet67 t1_jbql6ua wrote

Places like this in Utah are the inspiration for the Shattered Plains in the Stormlight Archive. If that ever gets a live action show they’d have to film there


[deleted] t1_jbrrpm7 wrote

The number of films shot in UT would probably surprise most people. Everything from Dumb and Dumber right up to John Carter. Pirates of the Caribbean to Looking Glass.


peanutbutterjam t1_jbp5yeq wrote

I've driven adjacent to that. Looked awesome from the road and even better from up here. Utah is a wild wild place


GaryCPhoto OP t1_jbp75le wrote

Yeah I wanted to hike out but it was so windy and cold my lady wasn’t up to it. Wanted to shoot at night too. This isn’t the one you can see from the road though but I know the one you’re in about. This one is around the mountain adjacent to the one on the road.


-Mateo- t1_jbqq0qb wrote

Great photo! What date was this? Trying to gauge the snow there now.


plafman t1_jbq4ba6 wrote

Saran Wrap Valley


jagulto t1_jbqj1bn wrote

Mancos shale... Quite possibly the scariest rock to climb on.

I aided this in 2009, it was like climbing a drippy sand castle.

The landscape out there is lunar! It's wild.


GaryCPhoto OP t1_jbqjvpk wrote

Wow! Yeah can’t imaging it’s good for climbing.


jagulto t1_jbqls1j wrote

It's not bad. Worth the trip if you're in the area. Easy hike and takes micros, RPs, and ball nutz really well.


bigmac22077 t1_jbqpdb8 wrote

That’s the best area in the state by far. Maybe dinosaur is close. Don’t have all the stupid jeep and rzr assholes around you.


northcoastroast t1_jbqugd1 wrote

Looks like you're in the middle of the San Rafael swell. Some of the most interesting and beautiful geography in the Western United States. Not to mention an interesting part of the world when it comes to archeology as over three Indian tribes shared the area. Goblin Valley State Park is near there as well as Horseshoe canyon. Some of the best hiking to be found as well as the most beautiful colors and rocks.


GaryCPhoto OP t1_jbqwvhm wrote

So beautiful there and I just whizzed through the area. Needs more attention. Next time.


leakyaquitard t1_jbrv28u wrote

*”…beautiful geology in the western US…”

-Most Cordially

A Geologist


northcoastroast t1_jbsp3ga wrote

That's what I get for posting while high as a kite and using voice to text. Poor grammar and spelling mistakes aplenty.


lurkiestaccount t1_jbq5dzz wrote

Where the hell is Hanksville???

(From a bumper sticker in Hanksville )

So much goodness around there, check out the 'Moqui Queen' pictograph about 30 min south of Hanksville! It's incredible.


GaryCPhoto OP t1_jbqbmn0 wrote

I wanted to explore so much more of Utah but time constraints prevented that.


enigmasi t1_jbpj6pq wrote



Rockrowster t1_jbqbip8 wrote

Funny because exmormons refer to the idaho-utah-arizona corridor as Mormon Corridor or Mordor


didovic t1_jbpui5h wrote

That thing is all that’s left of the Barad-dur.


Papancasudani t1_jbq9bln wrote

What I need is a droid who understand the binary language of moisture vaporators.


nhlgirl1969 t1_jbqgoyv wrote

That is the most beautiful picture I have seen in a very long time. Thank you so much for sharing.


Tesseract257 t1_jbqx7of wrote

Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came


CaribouHoe t1_jbrdud6 wrote

From this vantage it's hard not to see erosion from millenia of rivers


ObjectiveFine4257 t1_jbrib1l wrote

Check out Valle de Luna in Chile!


GaryCPhoto OP t1_jbsv2ez wrote

I was there but it was closed due to bad weather. I went there to witness the darkest skies in the world and it was cloudy for a month. Bolivian winter they called it.


bud_4z0 t1_jbq1nbt wrote

Thought it was a giant fossilized sea horse for a second there


WhatsTheMatterMcFly t1_jbq43n9 wrote

"Foul tarnished, in search of the Elden Ring. Emboldened by the flame of ambition. Someone must extinguish thy flame."

"Let it be Margit the Fell!"


bishop14 t1_jbqo2z7 wrote

Not otherworldly to me.

Source: grew up in the area


GaryCPhoto OP t1_jbqwfqi wrote

Ah the auld taken for granted due to familiarity 😀 I got that growing up in Ireland but now I miss it so much. Live in Toronto now.


bishop14 t1_jbt6yvu wrote

I'm sure I'll miss it at some point as well now that I've moved away. We'll see.


MarK003X t1_jbqsi0a wrote

You just spoiled NASA’s dragonfly mission to Titan


Asquared2010 t1_jbqv660 wrote

Is that six shooter and south six shooter?


GaryCPhoto OP t1_jbqwsh7 wrote

Not too sure. I seen it being called Long Dong Silver


Spongebobs_Quotes t1_jbraqtg wrote

Thought this was an aerial view of a wayyyy less orange “temple of the sun and moon” (from Capitol reef, utah).


Dynazty t1_jbrb3xv wrote

Isn’t this called like long dong silver or something? 😂


EricAntiHero1 t1_jbs8l0h wrote

Leyndel after burning down the Erdtree


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mepardo t1_jbq3e9a wrote

Makes me think of Armistice from East of West.


spitel t1_jbq3k73 wrote

Utah is definitely the most Mars-like state in the Union.


GhxstTurbo t1_jbre1d5 wrote

Is it just me or does that look like its covered in glad wrap???


Admirable-War-1021 t1_jbrk4vl wrote

I think I have done 4 very long road-trips around Utah. It is truly another planet. Beauty that matches nothing else. Cool shot.


vindico1 t1_jbrqlyy wrote

Southern Utah is hands down the most beautiful area in the United States. Literally feels like a different planet in multiple areas.


[deleted] t1_jbrsbcu wrote

The extreme emptiness of the region and the raw barren landscape really makes you feel things deep down. I always get butterflies when I'm down there. It feels like a part of the planet left over from pre dinosaur times that just got forgotten by nature. Very difficult to do it justice with words trying to describe it to people who haven't experienced it. It's just southern UT.


BoredBorealis t1_jbskvdj wrote

This really puts into perspective what Randall was talking about


Mr_Mons_of_Nibiru t1_jbsvhw2 wrote

Reminds me of weavers needle out here in the superstitions


Donequis t1_jbswjbb wrote

Thaat place sure is alien to a utahn such as meself; all I get is a half dried up brine lake and inversion. I can't go out to recess some days so I'm not coughing all week.


rosie4568 t1_jbswn22 wrote

It looks like it's covered in Saran wrap


sawskooh t1_jbt6syg wrote

Woah, this looks like it might be the same formation that is currently the wallpaper on my phone, from a different angle. I'm from Utah (grew up camping at the Swell) and didn't know it was Utah. Should have guessed, though. Here's another stunning pic of this, I think.


Beyond_bound t1_jbt760s wrote

This looks like the bottom of a sea bed. Which begs the question, "Where did the waters go"?


caseyfrazanimations t1_jbqjp9r wrote

I thought that was cat sh*t for a split second.


GaryCPhoto OP t1_jbqjsru wrote

No animals or animal scat allowed in the sub


Ih8Hondas t1_jbqtxa1 wrote

That area has a lot of bentonite, which is actually the main ingredient in most cat litter.