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xHourglassx t1_je312ym wrote

Zion never doesn’t look incredible. Sometimes, though, it’s even better.


Sardonic_007 t1_je3er37 wrote

Zion is jaw droppingly incredible. Driving through the tunnel is wild cause going in you’re like wow! Then coming out it’s like omg wow.


menino_muzungo t1_je54z1y wrote

I work in Springdale, the city leading up to Zions entrance, as a firefighter/EMT. This view and many view just like it are an old friend on my early morning drives to work and home. I often become complacent to the beauty of my response area, but I never forget to walk out of the fire station in the evenings and gaze out on the rock faces and canyons.


Flutters1013 t1_je34enl wrote

I've been listening to some sleepcasts on headspace about zion and Yosemite National Park. This will help with the mental image as I'm falling asleep.


coldbrewh t1_je39a2h wrote

This is amazing! You captured the 'grandess' of it so well.


PepeSilviaLovesCarol t1_je45qiw wrote

This is a ridiculous picture. Wow. I love Zion, I can’t wait to go back in September.


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myeverymovment t1_je3mh0f wrote

The Canyonlands of southern Utah are one of the most beautiful trips I've ever taken. They are otherworldly. This is an awesome capture.


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cecil021 t1_je4ptco wrote

We were just at Zion a couple of weeks ago. We got hail and rain. The hail sucked, obviously, but the rain led to a lot of really cool waterfalls.


Ono-mono-pee-er t1_je53vct wrote

We've had an unusually rainy winter, and there have been waterfalls in all the places that look like they were created by running water - but which are almost always dry.


cecil021 t1_je5q7nc wrote

Yeah, we’ve been to SLC several times and ventured into southern Utah twice and have never experienced weather like that out there. So weird.


Lemon__tang t1_je54iy1 wrote

Was there last week as well, absolutely stunning.


water_bender t1_je5cl87 wrote

The green vegetation against the red sandstone is something you just have to see in person to appreciate. Such a colorful and unique place.


Tommyblockhead20 t1_je5fdyt wrote

Ya, it was insane being there last week. All the rain created dozens of waterfalls pouring from the canyon walls. The major waterfalls that are usually tiny in summer were massive. Was an amazing contrast to the last time I went and it was all sunny.


Vast-Test-6427 t1_je6kg44 wrote

Absolutely beautiful photo, great timing


Rude_Session52 t1_je8zgr5 wrote

I was there with my dad last week. We ended up not hiking due to the weather. I was in too much awe to be upset. According to him, it's the most water/snow/moisture they've had there in quite some time. It's truly indescribable. Breathtaking.


[deleted] t1_je3505h wrote



coldbrewh t1_je398d3 wrote

What's the point of this? NZ has nothing to do with Zion, and your opinion on NZ is completely irrelevant to OP's photo. So unnecessary and pompous.