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LaylaBird65 t1_jdhuinr wrote

I absolutely love this park. The Black Hills as well. South Dakota has a lot of hidden gems. We lived there for a few years and always took trips here.


lurkerfromstoneage t1_jdka1w0 wrote

“Coasters” who consider the entire central region of the US to be simply featureless flat prairie “flyover” land with nothing to offer are total goobers.


[deleted] t1_jdmw583 wrote

We went there a long time ago and some woman crawled out onto one of the hoodoos (not sure what they're called in SD), and then froze. It was really windy too. She wanted me to come out and get her. Uh, no. I went to the ranger station and they sent the fire department up there to get her off of it. I'm scared walking upstairs at my house lady, no way I'm crawling out on a narrow, 100+ foot high jut.