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Bigtanuki t1_jdt32wb wrote

Just got back from there about a month ago. Even this incredible photo doesn't capture how amazing it looks. I felt like I was approaching something from Lord of the Rings.


Bandito_Zoidberg OP t1_jdt7xb1 wrote

That's exactly how I felt - it's a fantasy landscape.


CodenameBuckwin t1_jdus33s wrote

It looks like there's a dragon sleeping on the mountain. Incredible shot!


speedypete33 t1_jdw1m12 wrote

I was there in February as part of a 3,500 mile motorcycle ride from Pucon in Chile to Ushuaia in Argentina but couldn’t get a shot as nice as this, nice one!


groug t1_jdt9i55 wrote

I was there in 2016, and I have photos, and they're perfectly good photos (well, some of them, but I'm not much of a photographer, so that's good for me), and they don't give any sense of what it's like to be there.


Bandito_Zoidberg OP t1_jdtc3nc wrote

One of the most dramatic aspects of the park is the widely different and dynamic terrain. Rolling scrubbed hills diving into glacial lakes which emerge into these massive two toned mountains. It's very unique - very beautiful.


shiftdeleat t1_jdu2erl wrote

was booked to go there in 2011 but there was a massive fire and they closed it. Never been back :(


Nieshtze t1_jdxyvl5 wrote

How does one get there without spending an absurd amount of money? They are very remote. I'd like to visit one day...


Bigtanuki t1_je6ias2 wrote

I'm not sure there is a way to go without spending a lot of money. Lots of outfitters are available if you do your homework. You may be able to book flights cheaper if you're flexible. Good luck. The whole Tierra del Fuego area is amazing to see.


allhumanstogether t1_jdtf9vu wrote

Absolutely love the colors you've captured!


Bandito_Zoidberg OP t1_jdtjh8d wrote

Thanks! It's a little edited to bring out the sunrise hues in the clouds and balance the overall fore and background - but it was a super stunning morning after a week of nonstop rain. Happy I had at least one day that was photo-worthy!


allhumanstogether t1_jdtlt6q wrote

Great work on the touchups, love how you caused the Wilhite and gray of the mountains, but also the purples and blues of the sky and lake.. and the evening on the grass.


Bandito_Zoidberg OP t1_jdtmo09 wrote

Thank you - I appreciate this comment.

I spent like 3 hours editing the photo until my head was spinning. I'm going to blow it up on a big print as a gift for a family member. Nice to have a vote of confidence!


allhumanstogether t1_jdtn7nf wrote

You did great!! I'd take a look at metallic paper as one way to print it... would definitely add a cool element to the colors.


Bandito_Zoidberg OP t1_jdtpnk7 wrote

I've been searching but don't want to break the bank - any suggestions? I'm looking to blow it up to like 40x30


oahumike t1_jdttvge wrote

All I can say is “oh holy shit that is sharp”


Bandito_Zoidberg OP t1_jdtxcru wrote

lol - the raw photo is 60 MB. I think this upload is about half that size. It's going on a massive print.


DGalamay30 t1_jduhd9c wrote

This looks like a Donkey Kong Country world map


mynameisalso t1_jdtvu31 wrote

Wow this is really stunning. Is this high elevation as well?


Bandito_Zoidberg OP t1_jdtx6zx wrote

Very near sear level, surprisingly.


AWildRemoraid t1_jdudin2 wrote

It looks amazing! The description in Civ 6 did not do it enough justice, “Several closely situated granite peaks resembling tiger's teeth dramatically soar about a kilometer into the sky”.


HalfManHalfBaked t1_jdtww6s wrote

Is this somewhere along the W trek? I don’t recognize this perspective


Bandito_Zoidberg OP t1_jdtx5x6 wrote

It's from a little town outside the park to the southeast called Kau Serrano.


Statertater t1_jduf4ft wrote

Cloud looks like a gator with an open mouth*


BellaBlue06 t1_jdvvplx wrote

Wow. What a breathtaking photo and I love the sky colours and the clouds


penguinintheabyss t1_jdttbyu wrote

As a person from South America, I like to imagine a Tolkien movie being recorded here. The south of Argentina, between Patagonia and Bariloche, would make a fantastic Eregion.


Bandito_Zoidberg OP t1_jdtxaxc wrote

100% agree. Very fantasy like. I think NZ was chosen because it's easy to get around, English speaking, and has very tightly packed bioclimates making epic photos. I have have some EPIC NZ photos.


Faunstein t1_jdujv6j wrote

I see cows!

Nice pic, not sure where the water goes from here. Is it a lake?


Bandito_Zoidberg OP t1_jdul159 wrote

Haha - yes! Great eye. I had a couple photos I was going between but chose this one because of the cows. It's a river that flows from lago grey.


johangd t1_jdvxza0 wrote

Esos árboles son una belleza, que buen lugar


Bandito_Zoidberg OP t1_jdw7p91 wrote

I just want to thank everyone for such a warm response to this photo. I spent a good amount of time trying to make it perfect because it'll be my first going to print. I was reluctant to call it good or finished, but this feedback has made me realize I should stop second guessing myself and start sharing my work more.

Thank you again!


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entlis t1_jdvciyd wrote

this look like fortnite


pepperminticecream t1_jdydobr wrote

Gorgeous! I got home from hiking the o route 2 weeks ago, when were you there? It rained and snowed on us for the first half, I was so glad we had good weather when we hiked to Britannico.


Bandito_Zoidberg OP t1_jdyjygr wrote

I was there beginning of Feb for a week and then headed down deep south for two weeks.