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peperoniebabie t1_je7wucy wrote

If you pronounce the name wrong, the locals are legally required to call you a Fudgie.


lurkerfromstoneage t1_je90gdc wrote

MACK-IN-ACK amirite??


peperoniebabie t1_jea0aqi wrote

Fudgie Detected

We went there once when I was a kid and I just remember 1) this arch, absolutely rad, and 2) the butterfly conservatory, where one of them landed on my head. Great time.


BwackGul t1_je60ws7 wrote

Is that the same place that ices up at winter so spectacularly that people come just to see?


bowieziggyaladdin OP t1_je62jxj wrote

I’m not sure. I know the island is mostly empty over the winter months.

The few locals that stay have to snowmobile over Lake Huron to the mainland for supplies. One of them told us that after Christmas, they all place their Christmas trees on the frozen lake to mark the route.


malandjustin t1_je92g46 wrote

It's crazy how these things stay standing strong!


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