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Fishfindr t1_jccebop wrote

I was there a few years ago, your picture is stunning. However no matter how good the photo is they don’t do it any justice. You need to see it I person to truly appreciate the size, depth, and beauty.


ImNot5YearsOld t1_jccu8v4 wrote

I went there last year on a work trip to Vegas, on hearing us going I thought “wow a big hole” but when I got there it flipped my perspective on it. It really is something you need to see in person to fully take in the scale of what you’re looking at. Insane


A_Bowler_Hat t1_jcb5nhk wrote

Looking at the sky I'm guessing you got here earlier but the setting sun cast horrible shadows so you had to wait until sunset even if that was your plan.

Its crazy how bad it looks before the sun sets.


Philanthroph OP t1_jcbwla1 wrote

Plan was to wait out and see what color palette the minutes after sunset had to offer :) I agree, but before sunset you could beautifully photograph the slightly sun-touched rims on the rock formations


A_Bowler_Hat t1_jcf9cym wrote

When I was there the sun just washed out all the harsh shadows. Its was terrible. I had to tell my family just to wait and when the sun slipped below the horizon it was a magical frantic moment as I was shooting digital and slide film at the same time.


DutchPixels t1_jcbo40a wrote

Where is this photo taken? Going there in a while.


Dankestmemelord t1_jceep5p wrote

By the angle of the view of Plateau Point I think it might be from the Yavapai Geology Museum on the south rim, or even further west towards Mather point.


Admirable-War-1021 t1_jccow7g wrote

I have visited these place a few times, but I never ever can get a nice photo of it. Bravo to you. Great shot.


nj_daddy t1_jcduvdj wrote

Went to the Grand canyon just before covid. Pictures do not do it justice when you see it in person. It's truly breathtaking. One of the few places I would go back to in a heartbeat.


bear_72 t1_jcdv8xv wrote

I was at the North rim this past fall. Such a beautiful place!! Thanks for posting the picture


NovarisLight t1_jce2vpf wrote

I still attest, to this day, everyone should see it in-person. It's quite the sight.


Focux t1_jcbyt9k wrote

Which part was this taken? I was just there in January but couldn’t find a higher point, I presume there are different trails with better viewpoints?


Philanthroph OP t1_jcc01vv wrote

I took it a few hundred meters west of Mather Point. The spot is not ideally exposed as there is just too much vegetation and rocks beneath the edge.


Focux t1_jcc1ehz wrote

Very nice, I was at Grand Canyon Village. Absolutely stunning view..


fomoco94 t1_jcf729a wrote

Thanks. Both high enough resolution and landscape. I can add this to my wallpaper collection.


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freecoolwownjce t1_jcczcbx wrote

how many dawns did these rocks see before humans were even dreamt of


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Oceanviewnights t1_jcdddp7 wrote

What a beautiful shot. It doesn't even look real


sweart1 t1_jcdphkf wrote

Terrific shot! It immediately brought up in me times I've seen sunrise over the Grand, that vast silence...


bcjh t1_jcdqgn8 wrote

The pioneers use to ride these babies for miles


We_Make_Soap t1_jcdtwcc wrote

When I went, I swear it looked like a hologram. I’m still blown away by it.


CoyRogers t1_jccif7w wrote

That is pretty grand, at least for a canyon ya know....