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BuffaloOk7264 t1_jdv1ybp wrote

The red is nitrogen while the green is oxygen? Is the sun throwing more or different particles at us?


magnament t1_jdv79cx wrote

There was a big thing that sun woo hooed at us on Friday


Fish_On_again t1_jdwfden wrote

Those colors are amazing!! I was super lucky to be able to get some red aurora on my mobile camera right in my area of upstate NY the other night.


HammerfestNORD t1_jdwomi1 wrote

Mind if I ask how far North and what time? I almost drove to Lake George area on Friday night.... wouldn't have been there any earlier than 9:30pm.


DootDootWootWoot t1_jdy0qw6 wrote

Someone told me recently that these aren't as colorful to the naked eye. Is that true?


dynocide t1_jdyqdym wrote

Yes. Was there a few months ago. Camera pics always looked way more vibrant because of the settings (even on cell phone cam, I'm not a photography person).

But the naked eye version was still really freaking cool. Wish there was a huge solar flare when I was visiting.


ImportantCalendar8 OP t1_jdzml2i wrote

It depends on the strenght of the lights, sometimes they look incredible and sometimes you can barely see them. These where very strong so they looked pretty much the same in the photo and IRL


face-face-face t1_jdwqts2 wrote

Moments like this make all the bullshit worthwhile. Thank you for capturing and sharing.


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starfyredragon t1_jdwhucm wrote

That is gorgeous.

That said, assuming you're in Iceland and taking these to share with the world, I'd love if we could get more Aurora videos. All I ever see is stills or timelapses. And when I did visit Iceland, it wasn't the right time for Auroras (I was so disappointed). What I'd love to see is some real time, high quality videos of auroras so I can finally see how they move & shimmer.


nniccizeldaa t1_jdzx92f wrote

I follow quite a few pages on instagram that are in Finland that have a ton of Aurora videos, try nordic.finland & pebuyck on insta


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d3sylva t1_jdyapj5 wrote

Solar flare from the sun another should be coming by again since another hole erupted