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Fezzverbal t1_jdqa2gg wrote

Getting The Beach vibes from that waterfall!


chicken_suit_guy t1_jdqtqfj wrote

When I went it had rained and the waters were muddy, I have to go back, it's so beautiful


saswatsat OP t1_jdqv61x wrote

We were afraid of the same thing !! The weather is very unpredictable there so..


chicken_suit_guy t1_jdqwzvt wrote

Absolutely! Last week, it rained so much, which is not normal for March, but it's been sunny since the 18th


tarek619 t1_jdtjwao wrote

Been there twice. First time in Feb during the dry season, was absolutely blue. Second time in December, not so rainy, but it was colorless, not muddy or blue, just normal. Guess it comes down to luck


crankyape1534 t1_jdpu0ha wrote

Love the colors here. Thank you for the share. Looks like a special place too.


opinion49 t1_jdq9v88 wrote

I was just there yesterday


W1neD1ver t1_jdqgbk0 wrote

We are about to go back in a few days. How muddy were the trails?


saswatsat OP t1_jdqormb wrote

It was comparatively dry, you have patches of muddy trails so I would recommend good shoes while you trek here


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dreezyforsheezy t1_jdr7osl wrote

Did you swim in it? Is it cold?


saswatsat OP t1_jdr8tbm wrote

You can’t swim near the water fall but the river flows down. I took a quick dip in the river and yes it was cold, it was a hot day so loved getting in the water 😅


GreyAndroidGravy t1_jdr7ypx wrote

It's an awesome sight to behold, but man those stairs on the way down are ROUGH!!


saswatsat OP t1_jdr8ws2 wrote

Yeah I think there are a total of 250 stairs.. going down was the easy part climbing back up takes a toll on you ..


SuPriMarula t1_jdspcgq wrote

Agreed, going down the stairs isn’t too bad because you’re lured in with the promise of a gorgeous waterfall. Getting back up is a whole other story. Especially in rubber boots!


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