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TheEmpressIsIn t1_jeaxp0x wrote

So glad to see more of Yosemite than the half dome!


Doziglieri t1_jebyhdy wrote

Really enjoyed hetch hetchy last time I was out there if you’re looking for something interesting, off the beaten path, and with almost zero people even on a busy fall weekend


innovfitness OP t1_jea9t6g wrote

Had to stand in the water for this one. Couldn't get the tripod right, so this is actually an iPhone shot. Hope you like it.

Taken in 2022

If you want to see more, please visit:


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techsleep t1_jecnrlk wrote

Great shot!! Love the reflection on the water. ❤️


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Photonix2368 t1_jeeqxya wrote

A very unique and beautiful pic! Thanks for sharing.