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anyusername_okthanks t1_jeaytz9 wrote

The Mayo Clinic does a medical conference out that way every October and it’s just the best time to visit (in part because of a yearly meteor shower that takes place around the same time). It’s a gorgeous spot. Nice pic, OP!


area51groomlake t1_jec33x4 wrote

It's probably a better time of year for the temperature. We visited Arizona/Utah a few years back in the spring, and it was great.


60Dan06 t1_jebo8pw wrote

I should call her


Umbra427 t1_jebmvg6 wrote

Sedona is straight-up magical. I really don’t know how else to describe it


that_guy_you_kno t1_jecf62o wrote

And here I was about to cut it out of my trip next month in favor of Monument. Anywhere specific you think I should check out?


Chawwwch t1_jee0g62 wrote

Just got back from my trip to Arizona & I drove 2 hours to & from my hotel to see Sedona. I would do it again, a different kind of land out there dude. If you are any what of a hiker especially. Route 66, some of the best parts still available is up that way too about another hour north of Sedona.

Even just driving through the main road through is just crazy man, especially with all rain they’ve had this winter there is a lot of vegetation & a lot of color in the desert.


Umbra427 t1_jectufi wrote

There’s a resort called “Enchantment.” I stayed there and it’s right in the middle of beautiful scenery and the resort itself really capitalizes on the “vibe” of that whole environment. If you can swing it; I’d HIGHLY recommend it.


canuck47 t1_jebdx5s wrote

The seven sacred pools? The wife and I did that and Devils Bridge one day a few years back. Did you find the cave? It was getting late and we were tired so we didn't make it that far.


takepacific OP t1_jebfdgh wrote

Yup 🙌🏼 nice. I didn’t even know there was a cave there. We did stop by Devil’s Kitchen though, that place was really interesting. It felt like a warm energy was coming out from the sinkhole.


TheRealSoloSickness t1_jecvtas wrote

I loved visiting this place. But since I was the only one that drove that day I felt in the way when what seemed like 70 school kids showed up for like a class trip or something.


Djent_Reznor1 t1_jecoazi wrote

Seven sacred pools on the Soldiers Pass trail. That’s Coffeepot Rock in the background. I know that spot well.


Konakokay t1_jeb7ws8 wrote

I've been everywhere except Vermont in the Continental United States and Arizona has the prettiest sunsets and sunrises of the whole country


SpyrotheDragKing t1_jed3su8 wrote

This is the most Earth porn pic I’ve seen on here in awhile


icemanalien t1_jebkwbx wrote

Great pic. I’m actually camped outside west sedona right now and I gotta say I’m not a fan of the direction this place is heading. The USFS is locking everything down in the surrounding forest and the town is becoming waaaay too popular. A lot has changed in the two years since my last visit and not for the better imo


takepacific OP t1_jebmk79 wrote

That’s interesting, thanks for sharing. There was a ton of traffic in town while I was there and the trails were packed. I guess it was spring break apparently, but still seemed way too crowded.


icemanalien t1_jebnquc wrote

Spring break is still affecting the area for sure. My issues primarily are with the USFS closing a vast majority of the Coconino to dispersed camping which makes everyone have to be in a handful of small designated spots. The place I’m camped at is overcrowded and trying to get any parking in town or at any trailheads is impossible unless you get there before sunrise. Such a cool spot but sadly it’s not a very welcoming community any more. Have you made it over to Jerome?


takepacific OP t1_jebp7ga wrote

That is disappointing, competing for parking spots is not fun. I haven't heard of Jerome but it looks really cool, I'll have to add it to my list of places.


icemanalien t1_jec00bk wrote

Definitely worth the stop if you’re into history at all. Well preserved boom town


tedyassso t1_jecdzhz wrote

Spring break and other common holidays are always extra packed, but overcrowding has been an issue for years now.


[deleted] t1_jecsgoa wrote



icemanalien t1_jecwpy7 wrote

Yep it’s like a lot of places in colorado, Californiacation is real unfortunately. My view on it is that it’s time to find new cool places to visit that haven’t been affected because there’s plenty of them out there


SerLarrold t1_jed8385 wrote

I visited in 2021 and it felt drastically touristy. The scenery is truly gorgeous but it was like nature Disneyland with all the Jeeps driving around and packed parking lots around hikes. I enjoyed it but definitely don’t find myself wanting to go back. There’s plenty of other equally beautiful spots in the southwest that feel less like a tourist trap


icemanalien t1_jefigu7 wrote

Couldn’t agree more. It’s beautiful but not super unique


DanGlnFury t1_jecrc15 wrote

All I think of when I see Sedona now is traffic


beefaujuswithjuice t1_jecyci1 wrote

I didn’t know what to expect when I went to Sedona and it was life changing


Kind_Tour2671 t1_jed6gmn wrote

Sedona is an AWESOME place. Had the chance to run a candle factory out there in the early to mid 1990’s. Very beautiful place. They sure don’t like Texans though…


Love_God551 t1_jebftmt wrote

This is the absolute best pic I’ve seen on here from this location it really needs to be on someone wall


miggidymiggidy t1_jecfmvi wrote

Is that on Soldier pass? One of my all time favorite trails


danjrdan t1_jed7hxq wrote

Yeah, love that area. Lived in AZ for a short while. Just loved the nature


nhh t1_jed9ivv wrote

I didn't expect actual earth porn. Got any more?


DeltaHuluBWK t1_jedcqpb wrote

I miss living in AZ and visiting Sedona frequently


Yoshable t1_jedi4nb wrote

Seven sacred pools on soldier's pass trail! Literally on it earlier today how funny it popped up just now.

Definitely not the weather we had today though lol


Samotage820 t1_jedlazl wrote

wow I was just there today. your pic is much better than mine though!


livebeta t1_jedrrxq wrote

Microsoft flight simulator theme starts to play...


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_who__cares_ t1_jed5dbf wrote

For a second, I thought there was a car buried in the rocks. Really nice photo, though.


SacredTravel t1_jedkq1t wrote

This is an incredibly beautiful capture. I see it’s inspiring all sorts of shock and awe. 😅🥰🖤 truly beautiful work!


ilovecashews t1_jeef7rd wrote

My best friend is out there right now. Her pictures are mind blowing


agarimoo t1_jef1wby wrote

The colours are stunning ✨️


Halogen12 t1_jef3r5w wrote

Such beautiful scenery in that area. I did a road trip through Arizona in the 90s. It was so spectacular. I need to do that again!


tank602 t1_jefoso8 wrote

Sedona the most beautiful place to go sit in traffic. I loved it growing up but man does that town not know if it wants to be on traffic lights or round abouts. Which only gets worst when the tourist dont know how to use a round about and causes more traffic..


[deleted] t1_jebljwb wrote



takepacific OP t1_jebn52z wrote

Thank you. I tried shooting a landscape version of this, but it didn't turn out the way I liked.