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Hppyppy t1_jee2ij7 wrote

Breathtaking. Truly my favorite place on Earth. So thrilled to be moving there so I can visit more islands like this one.


rob5i t1_jef2290 wrote

Beautiful! and Welcome to NATO.


tushna42 t1_jeeir67 wrote

Ai vitsi voisin melkein vannoa, että olet käynyt meidän rannassa kuvaamassa. Hieno kuva


Von_Lehmann t1_jef0nw2 wrote

The Turku Archipelago is honestly one of the most beautiful national parks I have ever seen, anywhere. It is criminally underappreciated


winger_13 t1_jeehvrz wrote

Good morning.

Peace on Earth


buckydamwitty t1_jee89w7 wrote

The colors here are great . Sweet capture


DrBlock21 t1_jeecxu1 wrote

This is why sunset and sunrise are the best times of day


carmium t1_jef4t36 wrote

I never appreciated the hundreds of islands and islets there! A look at GoogleEarth is simply amazing.


Brilhasti1 t1_jefqzqy wrote

Sailing thru it on a huge cruise ship is nuts. They get way closer to the islands than you’d think possible. I’m sure some channels were cleared to make it happen.


Icy-Addendum4930 t1_jefrcei wrote

Looks like heaven! I hope I’m lucky enough to visit someday…


EraaHeraa t1_jegjzd6 wrote

Okay Finland, I see you. You’re on my list to visit.


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Ruvi_03 t1_jefa5jf wrote

I'm speechless


danman132x t1_jegpt2q wrote

Absolutely amazing photo, and my new wallpaper on my phone!


seedofbayne t1_jegth25 wrote

Exactly 0 people actually have fins . 2/10 my disappointment is immeasurable.