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FrozMind t1_jck4a5o wrote

Good job. Now everyone in the area is alerted of your presence after you've used that spell.


justerikfotos OP t1_jcmazd4 wrote

This reminds me of Weathering with you. Thanks for the reply.


justerikfotos OP t1_jck2qvo wrote

Dear Redditors, in this photo you can find fjords of Norway, light beams, dramatic low clouds, and snow-covered landscapes.. what else could you ask for more? This photo pretty much sums up my trip to Lofoten Islands this year. It was cloudy all the way and we didn't get any good chance of seeing any good northern lights. Thankfully, I was treated with epic clouds almost every day. I actually loved conditions like these better because I didn't need to stay up late. Haha.

If you like my photo, you can visit my website or Instagram for more. Thanks for reading.


AmishAvenger t1_jcl0bmn wrote

Great picture, and great Instagram too.

Did you use a drone, or was this from the top of a mountain? This really has a cool look to it — it’s definitely an unusual decision to darken so much of a landscape image, but it paid off!


justerikfotos OP t1_jcmc6ss wrote

Thank you. The idea of underexposing it and lighten up the light beams really did the trick. It was shot using a drone launching on a mountain.


hamjamham t1_jcoibpn wrote

Love the shot! May I make one tiny suggestion though? Reduce the temperature enhancement on the rays as it looks out of place/jarring. The light isn't that colour at that time of the day, I get the train of thought behind the decision to do so, its just a little heavy handed 🙏


Jtoy1002 t1_jcnsrn1 wrote

Everything I see about Norway makes me want to visit my family there more and more, amazing picture! Great job!


AntisemiticJew t1_jckrunp wrote

“Look to my coming on the first light of the fifth day, at dawn look to the east.”


andreasdagen t1_jckfi3a wrote

reminds me of Lofoten


Sveittjpong t1_jckk2pc wrote

> This photo pretty much sums up my trip to Lofoten Islands this year.

What a coincidence!


FluffyGreyfoot t1_jcknbvk wrote

"And with light came disparity."

Why does this look like it could be from a Souls game?


heyguy1313 t1_jclcbko wrote

And the Lord said unto thee "whos a good boy?"

The hound wagethed its tail vigorously, for it knew it were him


nafarba57 t1_jclcsp4 wrote

To my experience, Norway’s qualities of landscape light and shadow are unequalled.


ahdiovizun t1_jcleety wrote

Back in the early days of 3D rendering, we called these Jesus Rays.


justerikfotos OP t1_jcmcbln wrote

That sounds more sacred than ever! Thanks for the reply.


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CyberneticPanda t1_jcl9ykw wrote

Some snow hare in that sunbeam just became the Main Character.


InflammatoryMuskrat t1_jclehsc wrote

Welp, looks like we're getting a new Messiah. Everybody act righteous.


Sigg3net t1_jclnn5s wrote

Northern Norway: No


MisterRobotic t1_jcmgbr4 wrote

Why do I feel a sudden urge to be there? 🥹😫


Trnostep t1_jcmze7o wrote

Someone should definitely win some sort of a prize for the fjords


no1ofimport t1_jcnbvl4 wrote

I wish I could move my family to Norway


ahhmchoy t1_jcnhfso wrote

“At first light on the fifth day”


ima_wildpig t1_jcnmax9 wrote

Ye, and the Lord said, “Shine some light there — not there.”


cyberforte t1_jcnri5l wrote

I'd like to see this same effect of light coming through one spot in the clouds but landing only on that little island on the left


Greenhoused t1_jcnx0ul wrote

Norway is awesome ! I would move there if they would let me


clied_ t1_jcnxblw wrote

super nice to have as a wallpaper


androiddev123 t1_jco7xu4 wrote

Going to Lofoten in a week - any tips or recommended spots?


i-hoatzin t1_jcoo8l3 wrote

Listening classical music, I could stare at this image for hours. gifgif



EOWRN t1_jcpb3f8 wrote

Is this near/on the Ulriken?


Alienblob1 t1_jcm387d wrote

Gotta get the boys together and finally go beyond that huge Great Wall to the north.

The nights watch should let us pass right through, and sheesh for a view like this? What’s so wrong with meeting some white skinned blue eyed eskimos on the way. :)


Blackybro_ t1_jcm4bqo wrote




OrdinalCrimson t1_jcnfcmo wrote

So that’s where i can find the legendary sword


IAMA_Plumber-AMA t1_jcnijmo wrote

EVERYONE! LISTEN! Has anyone seen my contact lens?


Yhostled t1_jcnuy53 wrote

Legend says the sword was buried there 500 years ago after the largest battle in Norwegian history.


undergarden t1_jckjunl wrote

Wait, isn't this where the game INSIDE ends????