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jamesftw OP t1_iuenoru wrote

Probably the most memorable night of my life, taken in October 2021 during an extremely active solar storm.

Was tucked soundly in bed when a friend of mine messaged me to get my ass out of bed because there's a high chance of Aurora tonight. Quickly got dressed and drove 3 hours and hiked up to this viewpoint just in time to catch the show.

-30c plus windchill, we froze our assess off until 330 in the morning before we finally called it and beaded home.

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poweringabominations t1_iugecbx wrote

man! so sad i missed these kinda scenic views. i went to banff in the summer, still gorgeous though


StupidizeMe t1_iueodaa wrote

It looks enchanted.

Wonderful image. You might want to also post on r/MostBeautiful.


HFrEF t1_iufth6f wrote

You're insane. Good job!


unoudid t1_iug03ze wrote

I was at this almost exact same spot in September for our honeymoon. Such a beautiful view from there. Great job with the photo


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jfdonohoe t1_iughdls wrote

If you’re a video game fan, this looks like an image straight out of The Long Dark


Fmarulezkd t1_iuikcxv wrote

On a scale 1-10, close to what your eyes actually saw would you the say the picture is?


jamesftw OP t1_iuj47lv wrote

Like an 8, obviously the foreground was darker, but the sky was easily as vibrant, it was the most incredible thing I've ever seen and it really changed me


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