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IronOhki t1_iuaq5ed wrote

Where in Seattle? Is it on private property or is it in a park?


throwaway3270a t1_iub7rqq wrote

Japanese Garden, and it is a LOT smaller than one would expect. When/if it changes, there's a line of photographers and only 15min each to shoot it.


Dry-Gulch-Slim t1_iubkwp8 wrote

Yeah this might as well be /r/reddittree it gets photographed and posted so much.


seekingadvice432 t1_iubwiet wrote

It's also on postcards and magazines and such all over the place. One of the most photographed trees


greenfingersnthumbs t1_iucl71q wrote

Different tree.

They are just normal mature dissectums.


phulton t1_iudl9o0 wrote

Japanese maples are everywhere in the pnw, or at least the Puget sound region. There are countless varieties of them but you can usually identify them by the shape of their leaves.


mutant_anomaly t1_iucejfz wrote

I’ve seen the Angel Oak a lot, but this is the first time I’ve seen this maple.


BritsCantSpell t1_iud0bj3 wrote

Yeah, I tend to think that’s the tree this person is referring to rather than this one.


dwhitnee t1_iub9lqw wrote

Just got stuck in traffic near there. Last sunny day of the year I suppose.


LizardSlayer t1_iuc689m wrote

That explains why I felt like I’ve seen this picture a few times


Cathi2222 OP t1_iuc2dt1 wrote

This is not the one in Portland that many think it is. Yes it is a Kubota Garden and no there is not a constant line of photographers there. Depends on the day and time and the weather. Beautiful spot


Hancelhoff t1_iubav9h wrote

Is this the tree at Kubota Garden? At the far side of the garden on the hill?


french_toast_demon t1_iubvekn wrote

I thought this was the one by the pond at the Japanese garden in the Arboretum. I've been to Kubota too though so maybe I am confusing them


wetmarmoset t1_iud92iq wrote

Nope, none of the maples by the pond have this much space to themself. Used to work at the arboretum (WPA), love that place


Brian_Coffee t1_iuan87w wrote



The_Celtic_Chemist t1_iucloim wrote

It is but you'd be surprised by how small this tree is. I walked right past it in the Japanese Gardens because I figured it would be 2-5 times this size. If I remember right, I'm about as tall as this tree.

Here's another angle I took you'll just about never see.


WDavis4692 t1_iuconvs wrote

The top of that tree looks to be around 10-11ft in the air (highest branch tip)

Wow, you're real tall!


Benima t1_iubtbob wrote

Thought this was a topographic map of a river system


Cascadiandoper t1_iucdc5w wrote

Gorgeous! As a current resident of Bremerton I sure do miss living in Seattle! I used to ride my bike from Ballard to the Japanese Garden, then drop down to the shore of Lake Washington and pedal to the 520, hitting up all the shoreline parks on the way and back. Seattle rocks for cycling, I had so much fun figuring out new loops for weekend coffee tours and so forth.

One of my favs was Ballard to the Ballard Locks, up to Discovery park, drop down Magnolia Blvd which had killer views of the Sound, West Seattle and Rainer (everything really plus it's miles long descent), hook onto the Elliot Bay Trail up to Second Ave to Pioneer Square, stop at some awesome coffee shop (can't remember names atm, stoned),

ascend China Town/International District into Central District then onto the excellent Broadway bike lanes into Capitol fucking Hill (my love, but my heart is in frelard) all the way down to that tea shop where

Broadway forks and have tea then drop the steep ass hill to the bridge overlooking Lake Union and Fremont/Wallingford or stay right on that cool winding road to Eastlake that goes past the BMX park under I-5 and the either route goes around the lake on the way to Fremont now it's time for beers at the Fremont Brewery! Yes now hit like 4 or 5 breweries and get home drunk! Fuck I miss those days goddamn I had so much fun in Seattle!


alividlife t1_iud6o5c wrote

Damn... Wait.. you'd go from Ballard to Pioneer upto to Broadway, then snake all the way back to drink in Freemont all in a single day? I could see myself doing this with an ebike, but imagining this trek on a regular bike... Whoa.


stupled t1_iucek1p wrote

Looks like neurons


Clown_Apocalypse t1_iuaujmr wrote

Now that’s a good climbing tree


MWMWMWMIMIWMWMW t1_iub0sc2 wrote

I think these trees are only a few feet tall.


Cathi2222 OP t1_iuc2hl7 wrote

This particular one is old and quite tall for a Japanese maple, I would say it’s about 9 feet.


AgrajagTheProlonged t1_iubciom wrote

I love how old trees like this look like river systems, it’s a really neat similarity


CortlandAndrusWhoWas t1_iuatq7d wrote

At first I thought it was Peter Lik's Infinity Tree. Japanese maples are awesome. Great shot!


wuffwuff77 t1_iuazhhm wrote

They are the most beautiful trees!!


hiimstillhere t1_iucaxqm wrote

In suprised no one has askwd...asked.... does it make the syrup?


salamanderhunt t1_iud6hy9 wrote

Oh good question. Maple syrup is made from the sap of sugar maples specifically, and the sap of other maples just aren’t sweet enough. This Japanese maple has sap, but it’s not likely to be harvested for syrup.


That-Maintenance1 t1_iucd4zd wrote

This is just what regular trees look like on shrooms


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GearDown22 t1_iubtj34 wrote

This almost looks kind of scary!


Stsberi97 t1_iubxuwg wrote

Thought I was in lsd sub for a minute


[deleted] t1_iubys2m wrote



Plu-lax t1_iuc52fs wrote

Sadly that tree is only a few feet tall, and very delicate. You can see the ferns behind it for scale.


Cathi2222 OP t1_iuc9goh wrote

It’s about 8-9 feet tall but no, no one should climb it but i get the desire :)


kasien7 t1_iud0wcn wrote

Someone’s climbing that tree. Fairies, maybe, but THAT is a tree made for climbing.


awol222 t1_iuc02h5 wrote

What a beauty


amitrion t1_iuc2jot wrote

Did it make a dome with the leaves?


maryann_0497 t1_iucl2qd wrote

I have the need to recreate this in a paint now. It looks amazing.


redheadsuperpowers t1_iudwxxn wrote

That's a reading tree. Got a natural lounge seat built in.


letsgoridingyall t1_iub5dn5 wrote

I believe I have a photo of that same tree from about 15 years ago.


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cdnsalix t1_iubrvxd wrote

I wish these would grow in my hardiness zone. So pretty.


GraniteMtn t1_iubs3wm wrote

Probably the most photographed tree on the planet.


Cathi2222 OP t1_iuc2gc6 wrote

Definitely not. The ones in Portland are more well-known


GraniteMtn t1_iud1ijl wrote

Doh, you're right! I mistook the tree for the Portland tree, because I was dumb and didn't read the post's title.


Homerlikesdonuts t1_iubziv5 wrote

Weird, as soon as i saw it i saw a river delta as viewed from space


-1plus1plus2plus1- t1_iuc6lj5 wrote

My nemesis! I'm allergic to most things outside, but I'm MOST allergic to this bitch. Still beautiful though


12altoids34 t1_iuc87gb wrote

It looks like it's having a bad hair day


mylo2202 t1_iucbke1 wrote

I see why this sub is called Earth Porn


FlatSpinMan t1_iucg8gg wrote

My first glance at this made me think this was a map of waterways.


juxtoppose t1_iucgz1w wrote

Somewhere in there is a stave with the perfect curve for a bow.


HotKnifeUpAss t1_iucx1us wrote

I shall name it "Branching Paths".


ric1live t1_iud70lw wrote

At first glance, I saw spirals and became uneasy because I recently finished ”Uzumaki” by Junji Ito


WetNutSack t1_iudefdu wrote

So creepy and so beautiful


BrindleMonster t1_iudjbqx wrote

This must be the maple home depot gets their lumber from.


BabeEsme t1_iudjjau wrote

Aaaawww such a beautiful 😻


RickGrimes30 t1_iudm0yu wrote

Pop some lsd and watch the magic happen


revnto7k t1_iudm9f5 wrote

Love Japanese Maples. That one is really cool!! We have one in our front yard that I admire every time I walk past it.


Jaffazzar t1_iudqdu8 wrote

THat is a flipin crazy tree!


mhwaka t1_iue2s66 wrote



crazzz t1_iue4enl wrote

What, i thought it was too cold up there


dscottj t1_iubkgik wrote

So many anime backgrounds are explained by this.

^(I'll show myself out.)


kuurttt t1_iucdfc2 wrote

The last beautiful thing in Seattle...


TheOneWhoDings t1_iuc3e3h wrote

Last time I checked, Seattle WA was NOT in Japan, this is fake karma farming B's as always


BussSecond t1_iucb0hj wrote

Japanese Maple is a kind of tree, not a maple that happens to be located in Japan...


TheOneWhoDings t1_iuceukd wrote

Then why is it called Japanese? It doesn't make sense , are you op on a sock puppet?


thumblewode t1_iudb0m5 wrote

Are you trolling or are really that dumb that you dont understand how plants are named.


BdotEscro t1_iub08u8 wrote

TRULYTRUE TRUE, I agree with you completely absolutely and I agree with your perspective