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ruslan_merzlyakov OP t1_isa4uqg wrote

Star dust and clouds 🌌

A tracked vertical panorama of the galactic center captured from the top of Roque de los Muchachos back in the end of August.

Canon EOS 6Da + Sigma 28mm f/1.4 + iOptron skytracker

80'', f/2, ISO 1600

Panorama stack of 4 single exposures

More astrophotography on instagram: astrorms


GoodShibe t1_isct2ct wrote

Many, many moons ago, way back in art class, I drew a picture of outer space and drew stars everywhere. Hundreds of little tiny points of light. I thought it was pretty good.

My teacher gave me a C because he said there were too many stars.

Space doesn't have that many stars.

We lived in the city.


Polbalbearings t1_isdrftt wrote

There are more stars in the universe than your teacher could comprehend.


Ringosis t1_iseo98w wrote

It's a picture towards the galactic center, not of the galactic center. None of the stuff you are seeing there is anywhere near the middle. It's mostly dust and stars from our local spur with the stuff in the background being the Perseus Arm. Galactic center is behind that.


PhilippRoyal t1_isanj7r wrote

Is it possible to see the Milky Way with your own eyes like that anywhere in the world? I was just in Death Valley and it was a bit disappointing…


michaelstevenharris t1_isatf4n wrote

You won't see it looking close to that anywhere. The long exposure and subsequent editing brings out a ton of detail (and colours) that it's just not possible for us to make out.

Just googled it and reckon the photo at the top of this guy's page gives a pretty good representation of what you can see, which is still pretty awesome in my eyes (although not literally because there's terrible light pollution where I live!!)


lioncat55 t1_isd0mu8 wrote

Having been to the middle of nowhere that's fairly accurate.


-BigMan t1_isbfsly wrote

Interesting. But I have to wonder scientifically if the blotches rifting vertically in this photo, partially obscuring the light are actually some cloud cover on the edge of Earth's atmosphere rather than gaseous phenomena around the stars millions of miles out in space? Just curious what you or the experts think.


Wefeh t1_isbpgia wrote

It's a big nebula that is usually referred to as the Emu, the name originated from australian aboriginal cultures. One of the blotches is called The Coalsack.

To answer it more clearly, it's not part of the Earth's atmosphere at all, it's out there in the milky way


[deleted] t1_isbuzum wrote



-BigMan t1_isc1yqf wrote

No, I meant vertically in this photograph. I understand there is a designated "Great Rift" way out in outer space. But didn't know one could actually see with the eye or capture them from just a digital camera off the coast of an island on Earth. Just asking and curious.


darrellbear t1_isdj42m wrote

It's dark nebulosity along the plane of the Milky Way galaxy, and it's many trillions of miles (many light years) away, as are the stars. See the dark cloud shaped like a pipe, just right of the Milky Way, above center? It's called the Pipe Nebula. The center of the galaxy is a little to the lower left of the bowl of the Pipe, behind the one band of dark nebulosity. The Teapot of Sagittarius is on the left side of the Milky Way, opposite the Pipe. The stem of the Pipe points right at Scorpius the Scorpion. The Pipe also forms the back leg of the Dark Horse, which extends to the upper right. You can make out its crooked front leg, neck and head.

There is a ton going on in the pic, I won't bore you with it all.


-BigMan t1_ise6at3 wrote

No, I appreciate it. Very fascinating. I was just suprised digital cameras could pick up the dark nebulosities from this far away on Earth. The stars light energy on the other hand, I completely and obviously get showing from a great distance.


Fun_Minute_7840 t1_isaxq2u wrote

Even if you can’t see what’s shown on the picture, seeing the Milky Way with your own eyes is a surreal experience. It’s just so massive and so bright in the night sky.


PhilippRoyal t1_isayag2 wrote

Death Valley was indeed magical. Just me and my friends watching the night sky and Death Valley is also very quiet, which enhances the experience imo. Less than expected, but well worth it.


velozmurcielagohindu t1_iscek04 wrote

It's always so weird to see these comments on the Internet. I live in a place with decently dark skies and low humidity, and also visit frequently areas with super dark skies that even attract lots of amateur astronomers.

The milky way has always been there, like, every night since I was a kid lol


anethma t1_isdevci wrote

Altitude helps a little. But no. Death Valley should be as good as it gets for brightness really.

I live In northern canada and tried to take a pic with my phone that matched what I could see with my eye and this is pretty close:


PhilippRoyal t1_ise2x2g wrote

That’s a really nice pic for a phone. I captured it with a timelapse with my GoPro and it is very close to yours.


xzerro t1_isb2iey wrote

Couple of years ago I went up the Mt. Rinjani on Lombok and was shocked to see the Milky Way. You camp there at the rim of the caldera and get upt at 3 am to reach the summit by sunrise. The night sky was magnificent. Hard work but it pays off. Never expected to see anything like that.


Excusemytootie t1_isd40vi wrote

I’ve seen it look very similar to this on a very clear summer night in rural Oregon. Honestly, it’s a disorienting experience. I’ve never seen anything like it since then.


[deleted] t1_isdh9hy wrote

You ever think about how the galaxy looks like a vagina from our vantage point?


Zeptari t1_iserpyg wrote

What kind of freaky woman are you seeing?


lottasauce t1_isbnfa2 wrote

This is heavily edited, right? Is it possible to see the original?


Vocalscpunk t1_isd5fl2 wrote

Not OP but into photography. It's not 'edited' in the way you're probably thinking but this is an 80 second time lapse of multiple photos overlapped so to say this is what you might see with a naked eye is far from the truth.


dubbzy104 t1_isahxgd wrote

My parents in law live on la Palma! Beautiful island with so many different biomes to it


BananaJoe1678 t1_isbttad wrote

Indeed but too many foreigners in some areas.


dubbzy104 t1_isbuxcc wrote

Ooh, actually they are foreigners lol. They wanted to retire in the EU, where the weather is nice, and not too expensive


Skepticalskippa t1_isapz6o wrote

Can you see it like that from the naked eye as well?


spevak t1_isawlf7 wrote

What is the bright spot in the clouds?


LemurSkull t1_isbsov5 wrote

It‘s probably a city or a village beneath the clouds. When taking pictures like this of the milkyway you have to set pretty long exposure times on your camera. The long exposure brings out lights you can‘t see with the naked eye or makes lights you already can see far brighter than they are.


baachou t1_isddxpx wrote

Stunning, for sure.

But I'm not gonna lie, this kind of looks like something Georgia O'Keeffe would come up with if she were into photography.


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36-3 t1_isa9ot7 wrote

Awesome, thank you for posting


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suavekiller t1_isbjyn1 wrote

You can make out faces in this picture... And then it gets disturbing


sergewon t1_isbvq1n wrote

Set this as my phone lockscreen and wallpaper thanks 😘


elora_125 t1_isbzij7 wrote

Pictures of the Milky way are always kind of unsettling because it makes me feel like we are tipped on our side ...hehehe. What part of the world would we need to be standing on to see this at eye level, do you think?


bamboozlejane t1_isc24e3 wrote

Absolutely incredible. Fantastic shot!


djmontalti t1_iscrwue wrote

Always proud when the Canary Islands comes up on reddit! Thanks for sharing, great picture!!!


halfchuck t1_isd1waq wrote

Still brain breaking to try to grasp.


reddsal t1_isd2cug wrote

Who is downvoting this? Just move along if you don’t like it. What the hell people?


Know0neSpecial t1_isd9ewv wrote

Did the clouds protect you from the city light pollution? If so.. this is really lucky and thanks for sharing!


ratmanbland t1_isdwxs3 wrote

what are the two reds yellow and four blues on the right nebulas . nice picture and nice equipment.


AguyWithaG8x t1_iselmod wrote

"Hey, those are some nice pics."

"Hol up. They are the same shot :0"


Active_Ad3775 t1_isboc9o wrote

Thank you kindly for the new screensaver


Ireaditonredditdidu2 t1_isb0l2t wrote

It's way beautiful! Does anyone else see the face in the smaller picture?


lolno t1_isb2w0z wrote

🎵 bring my love to me tonight 🎵


Qui-One t1_isb4we7 wrote



artt21 t1_isaol05 wrote

absolutely stunning