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VenatusVox t1_itt89u0 wrote

This best be a Windows login picture by the end of the week.


Anton_AA OP t1_ittahwz wrote

Haha thanks, who's got windows' email?


Mossad_CIA_Shill t1_itsi32o wrote

Earth porn and that's a phobia all in one. (Not to mention nature is fucking lit)


DrBlock21 t1_itu9cd6 wrote

I wonder if my mom will see that I'm on earth porn and immediately take away my phone


Anton_AA OP t1_itsi7dz wrote

The stunning Sorvagsvatn lake on the Faroe Islands, an optical illusion as a result of the angle and slope of the cliff from which this photo is taken. Panorama of 6 shots.

Shot last July not long after sunset.

For more from this trip and others, please visit my new Instagram account!


HeirOfHouseReyne t1_ittq22k wrote

So what's the real distance between the shore of the lake and the nearest cliff? I'm imagining swimming in that lake as it becomes a waterfall when erosion and the weight of the water in that lake finally giving way.

Edit: I'm only now realising the water is probably on the same level on both sides. Still looks scary though.


jhn96 t1_ittxv9g wrote

Wikipedia says 32 meters above the sea. It is 59 meters deep so the bottom of the lake is actually below sea level.


spectyr t1_itusonb wrote

This is such an interesting aspect ratio. What made you choose 1800x1494?


Anton_AA OP t1_ituvxnw wrote

It's a panorama consisting of several 6000*4000 with some warping and stretching that led to a weird ratio in the first place, and for online posting it was downside to 1800 on the long side, resumting in an even weirder 1494 height :)


abrahplaya t1_itvpd4j wrote

What camera(s) are you using? Any other advice related to the cameras or lens, etc?

I might have overlooked it but I didn't see any details on your Instagram or website. Also, are the photos post-processed/edited?


Anton_AA OP t1_itvvl8k wrote

Thanks for the views! I'm using a Sony A7iii with a 16-35 F4 for these shots. I have a couple of other longer range lenses for, well, longer range shots.

Yes, the photos are post-processed.


renedage t1_itwr5ud wrote

I'm actually from the Faroe islands, live in California now though!


arjungmenon t1_itxibp7 wrote

How cold is the water in July?


Anton_AA OP t1_itxj39e wrote

Average air temperature was around 12-15c for us, so I don't think the water would be much warmer than that


MisterMinceMeat t1_ittnwob wrote

Is.. Is that an island, in a lake, on a cliff, by the sea?! Woah... Literally awesome.


Paradoxone t1_itttgbq wrote

No, it's a lake on a island in the sea. The sea is on both sides of the cliff.


rameyface t1_itt9nme wrote

Am I the only person who thinks the island looks like a massive turtle? Absolutely stunning picture though.


Anton_AA OP t1_ittamgw wrote

It is indeed one of those mythical beings you see on old maps! And thanks :D


wrkaccunt t1_itvgehc wrote

I came here to say this!! the turtle is awesome.


YouDontKnowMe2017 t1_itvy64h wrote

Its not an island. The water on the right is the lake. The water on the left is the ocean much lower than the lake! The “island” is part of the west side of the south shore of the lake that sits directly over the ocean. Cool optical illusion!


Paradoxone t1_itttd2s wrote

The outline of the island actually looks exactly like the head of a dog.


_Honorspren_ t1_itsveib wrote

very nice! what focal range where each of the panorama shots taken at?


Anton_AA OP t1_itsvtw4 wrote

Thank you! If memory serves well, they would have been around 20-24mm, shot vertically at F16. Normally I'd have done two sets of the same shots at F11 or so with focus on foreground in one set and background in the second (focus stacking), but frankly it was quite terrifying being close to the edge of the cliff - the drop is perhaps more than 100m - so I just wanted to get the shots as fast as I could!


WholesomeLove280 t1_itsvohm wrote

I gasp! This is almost other worldly!! Beautiful captures!! 🍀I’m in love with those faerie pools! 🧚🏼


N0V4Z t1_itsujwk wrote

Holy shit


JSiN-802 t1_ituf2ij wrote

This looks like AI art... amazing!


19_84 t1_ituorpk wrote

I was gonna say the same. The landscape looks just weird enough and now we have seen so many AI arts that it looks like it on first impression. But reality is can always be stranger than "fiction"!


Anton_AA OP t1_itv16o3 wrote

Hehe agreed! Reality will always win exactly because we at least have the opportunity to experience it for real!


JetSetMiner t1_ittxcnj wrote

Ah, the glitch in my flight simulator that wasn't a glitch.


Sirbesto t1_ittp992 wrote

I have made a point to go visit these islands.


S-EATER t1_itttayw wrote

Worth a visit especially if you like dolphins. The Danes love dolphins.


Valdemarcle t1_itummd5 wrote

Faroese love them aswell ;)


S-EATER t1_itw1gfr wrote

Isn't it just part of Denmark, like Greenland


orrdit t1_itw6wdo wrote

Yeah but the people that live there aren't danes, they're faroese


AndreasBerthou t1_itwm4nb wrote

It's an autonomous country within the kingdom of Denmark. They have their own laws and stuff, except foreign policies and affairs which are maintained by Denmark.


Drops-of-Q t1_ittpxvv wrote

Lake Sorvag Lake


Anton_AA OP t1_itv1kta wrote

People will always comment this but most don't know the literal translations of place names in foreign languages, so including 'lake' (or similar) removes confusion as to what exactly is being referenced


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FlounderOdd7234 t1_itteew0 wrote

Beautiful pristine photo. Professional level talent. Beautiful post👍


dragonSlayer30 t1_ittsl3k wrote

Such a wonderful photo. Great job!


dragonSlayer30 t1_ittsmrt wrote

Any social media that I can follow?


mmmjordaaaan t1_itv1hfh wrote

Absolutely beautiful! Top water looks so beautiful and peaceful, and the bottom water made my heart race. Quite the contrast. Spooky!


gggempire t1_itvcs8j wrote

How the hell is this even possible?


Hawhyee t1_itwd3p1 wrote

Wow this is so beautiful!


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DullRelief t1_ittlxtm wrote

Great shot.

Any connection to Fårö island?


funnyflywheel t1_itudw5d wrote

Fårö Island is in the central Baltic Sea, southeast of Sweden (just north of Gotland), and administrated by Sweden.

The Faroe Islands (or the Faeroes, as that’s another acceptable spelling, as used in the British “shipping forecast”) are in the Atlantic Ocean south of the Norwegian Sea, north-northwest of Scotland, and owned by Denmark.

Farø is a tiny island in Denmark proper, between Zealand and Falster.


GreenZapZ t1_itu1vqm wrote

Not at all. The Faroe Islands are between Iceland and Norway.

However, it seems they're almost named the exact same thing. The Faroe Islands means "The Sheep Islands" while Fårö just means "Sheep island"


Apprehensive-Chef489 t1_ittu52v wrote

WOW surreal place, seems to be from another planet! nice shot!


Humphus t1_ittuila wrote

Perfectly stunning!!


jntshirt t1_itu0tj8 wrote

At the top of the pic like a Turtle


Serpenta91 t1_itu4pm0 wrote

looks like you could drill a hole and drain the whole lake.


Vast-Silver t1_itu5a4f wrote

So odd and otherworldly that it looks like it was generated by an ai.


WormWizard1312 t1_itu74so wrote

This looks familiar, did they use this place as the base for that one planet in Dune?


Oupa-Pineapple t1_ituck1p wrote

I really want to visit Faroe islands It's so beautiful


Mazrim_1 t1_ituhr25 wrote

They used this cliff face for the final shot of "Vikings" season 2. Always wanted to go and see it, looks awesome.


Myrrmidonna t1_itunmn7 wrote

When nature uses photoshop :D


MotorAffect t1_itunvly wrote

Can someone make the resolution for the phone?


sbrownbear t1_ituodcu wrote

This is absolutely breathtaking. The middle island looks like a sea turtle!


Valdemarcle t1_ituporu wrote

And it also kinda looks like an island

Its really just the western shore of the lake that rises into a minor mountain.


Andstre t1_itv0y83 wrote

It looks like a picture made by a neuronet


Toast2Carnage t1_itvlsn5 wrote

When I'm annoyed with people and life in general. Pics like these remind me the world is beautiful and always has been. And then I don't take things so seriously. This is the scenery I think of when I listen to Lofi or Florence and the Machine lol


Anton_AA OP t1_itwe09j wrote

Yes! And the fact that it would still be like this regardless of our existence. And that there may be countless other planets similar to ours with landscapes even more amazing! Ok that last part is maybe a bit depressing, but our world is truly beautiful.


Haerverk t1_itvn2an wrote

Been listening to The Fellowship of the Ring audiobook today and this really mixed itself into that whole mood.


Chi_Cazzo_Sei t1_itvs931 wrote

Can you imagine if someone takes a shovel and digs a small channel to drain the lake!


Kongafisk t1_itwa20r wrote

It is said, the people of Vatnsoyrar, a village at the end of Leitisvatn, tried to do just that. Not using a shovel, but dynamite. They wanted to increase their farming land by blowing a piece of the waterfall :)


Chi_Cazzo_Sei t1_itwp4yo wrote

Damn, shame to lose such a natural wonder. But, it's their land after all (i guess).


311polo t1_itw5xeg wrote

I want to go here so bad. Are there any access restrictions? Can people simply go backpacking and camping through here? Can we fish the lake?


Anton_AA OP t1_itw7tiz wrote

There's an access fee set up by the man/family in charge of the land that was 200DKK (around €27) last year, which is quite steep but at least includes a well-maintained trail and basic facilities like a toilet and I think little cafe. The entrance hut may or may not be manned if you go at crazy hours, and you may or may not find a place to drop the cash if no one is there.

As for camping, I'm not sure but I know that the Faroes are generally quite strict as to where you can camp legally. Fishing I believe is permitted, with a permit. Best doing some research.


AndreasBerthou t1_itwnb9f wrote

You can only fish in the lakes if you have a license. You can fish in the sea without restrictions. You can not bring fishing equipment that isn't unopened (to prevent introduction of foreign diseases). Individual people own the different open lands, so you can't just go camping or hiking wherever you'd like. They use the land for their sheep. There's some (read: a lot) specific hiking routes you can hike on without restrictions, and some you have to pay for (the one in OP requires payment for upkeep since it's crazy popular). Hope that clears it up a little bit


Kongafisk t1_itwaxoa wrote

Be careful if you come for yourself. There is no fence, and no safety precautions. Last week a young woman from China disappeared near the lake :(


Anton_AA OP t1_itwb75u wrote

That's tragic! Yes, travel to places like this should definitely not be done alone. When we were there we saw a guy on his own who looked like he hadn't slept in days and was high on the experience of being there. Was a bit nerve-wracking watching him jog along the cliff edge.


demeve t1_itxpmk9 wrote

Sadly this happens a lot, a lot of people have died falling to their deaths at the Grand Canyon trying to get that one picture. Not worth it.


Goosegod95 t1_itwio13 wrote

Just got done with uncharted 4 and all I'm tryna see is ledges to jump on


WorstTactics t1_itx80sb wrote

This is one of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen :o


duffusmcfrewfus t1_itto9fo wrote

I see stuff like this and I think "there's probably some asshole out there who is going to dig a trench and drain that beautiful lake."


taleofbenji t1_itv49vx wrote

Someone posted exactly the same picture recently.


PeaceLoveSmithWesson t1_itvi6kn wrote



AndreasBerthou t1_itwo0rb wrote

Well it's a popular place for tourists to go, and very cinematic.


Anton_AA OP t1_ity160y wrote

So, three posts in the span of 11 months, it's too much :(


PeaceLoveSmithWesson t1_itz5rd2 wrote

One of those images is similar, and is well below the threshold within our rules. It is allowed. Carry on.


KmartQuality t1_ittllbk wrote

I wish this lake didn't exist so I would have to see this picture again and again.


[deleted] t1_itu0zck wrote



[deleted] t1_ituyzem wrote



[deleted] t1_itv0cm8 wrote



PeaceLoveSmithWesson t1_itvhwbi wrote

Sir this is a landscape photography forum. Please, keep your dietary and lifestyle opinions AWAY from here. This is NOT the forum for that. Thanks.


Fronesis t1_itti4o2 wrote

A great place to murder whales!


moekay t1_ittjo8u wrote

That's why I crossed it off my bucket list.


podrick_pleasure t1_ittmkoj wrote

If it wasn't for all the whale and dolphin slaughter I'd be really interested in the Faroe Islands.


GreenZapZ t1_itu1l84 wrote

They're food.

We actually eat it, we don't just do it for fun.


pow3llmorgan t1_itu4d77 wrote

Unless you are a vegan that is a terrible argument. Billions of chickens, pigs and cattle live and die in abject misery only so you can get a $1 cheeseburger.


thelordmallard t1_itu4qzz wrote

Chicken, pigs and cows are not nearing extinction.


pow3llmorgan t1_itublun wrote

Neither are any of the toothed whales the Faroese hunt.


Gorddammit t1_itvyoc7 wrote

But it's foreign to my experience and therefore condemnable


AndreasBerthou t1_itwoaf3 wrote

They hunt under 1% of the population of grind every year. The population increases with more than that every year. You do the math. It's sustainable, non-commercial and highly regulated hunting.