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drbobsled t1_ir88sfc wrote

Where in California is that?


Hwanderer8 OP t1_ir88vcf wrote

It’s in Canada :)


drbobsled t1_ir8b835 wrote

Oh, I was confused by the CA.


LittleConsideration t1_ira8bo8 wrote

That’s reasonable. It’s non-standard to write the city and then the two letter country abbreviation. Would’ve made more sense if they wrote “Jasper, AB, Canada”.


lokoston t1_ir8qbzt wrote

North of Banff.


savageotter160 t1_irakgw2 wrote

Banff is south of Jasper!


lokoston t1_irayyey wrote

No, really? 😅😇😉


savageotter160 t1_irbg27f wrote

It’s sounds better when you it’s Banff is south (below ) Jasper….😎. I’m from Jasper and completely biased


lokoston t1_ircwzys wrote

That explains it. I stand corrected (from the Jasper perspective).


VIVXPrefix t1_iram7ya wrote

I came here to comment "Inb4 an American gets confused and thinks this is California"

But I was too late


ntropi t1_iraq9yb wrote

Sounds like you just came here to dis Americans but judging by their post history, the person who got thrown off by the lack of mention of Alberta in the title appears to actually be from Alberta.


VIVXPrefix t1_iraqzln wrote

It was because I recognized OP used a strange location format that I knew would be easily confused. I also thought any Canadian would automatically assume Jasper, AB, so I guess the comment I am replying to is actually sarcastic and I missed it. But also people should be able to tell from the geography that it's not California immediately


sillykinesis t1_irb8j3w wrote

There are some breathtakingly gorgeous mountain-and-snow places in California.


VIVXPrefix t1_irbeq9q wrote

The mountains and ground look visibly different from the Canadian Rockies


sillykinesis t1_irbfpfn wrote

I underhand that. But those of us who’ve never been to Canada and who are accustomed to the standard notation of city, state, country on a U.S.-based website were understandably confused. And I am merely saying that it’s not out of the question to find a scene like this in California. I myself have experienced scenery like this in Mammoth Lakes, Truckee, Tahoe, Placerville.


ntropi t1_irask9c wrote

Yea, especially anyone who frequents this sub. Jasper photos are pretty common. I just thought it was funny that the one who got confused was someone who lives probably a 4 hour drive from there.


ape-tripping-on-dmt t1_ir9ouru wrote

My parents visited jasper national park 35 yeaes ago and named me after it when I was born 33 years ago.

Still need to visit it!


BadWolfCubed t1_iravwb2 wrote

Yoho National Park is also in the Canadian Rockies, just south of Jasper. Good thing they didn't visit that one instead.


Sedixodap t1_irb5z1p wrote

I'm now going to name my kids Gros Morne and Pacific Rim.


spluv1 t1_ir9prh4 wrote

lmao literally named the same way

i too still need to visit haha

one dayy


lypur t1_ira9ftp wrote

Looks like Athabasca Falls.


ashleyontop t1_ir82ljv wrote

That's stunning! When was this taken?


Ordinii t1_irabib3 wrote

Jasper is superior to Banff. Nice pic, been a long while since I've been there. Need to take the kids


peeinherbut t1_irau2ri wrote

I recently got back from a Banff/Jasper and man Jasper was just absolutely incredible. Banff was really nice as well but Jasper isn’t nearly as crowded/touristy and both are equally as scenic.


Jmazoso t1_ircjdu4 wrote

Did that trip this summer and thought the same thing. Im Jasper you just don’t know where to look, it’s overwhelming.


BelleFille171 t1_irajy18 wrote

I was in Jasper this summer and it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been! Just stunning vistas every way you look.


TOkidd t1_irac9n2 wrote

Jasper, California? Or Jasper, AB?


VIVXPrefix t1_irami9i wrote

What do you think?? Are there any clues in the image that may lead you to the correct answer?


RuhWalde t1_iraowkk wrote

If you mean the fact that there's snow and peaks suggests that it couldn't possibly be California, you don't know much about California. An image more or less like this could absolutely be taken in the Sierras, especially if there was some color manipulation on that water. Of course, close inspection of that peak in the background will reveal it to be too tall for the Sierras, but that's not so obvious that it makes sense to ridicule someone for not seeing it immediately.


VIVXPrefix t1_irar64h wrote

No, it's that the mountains in California have a different makeup than those in the Canadian rockies, which is pretty easy to distinguish


SlenderSmurf t1_irask7j wrote

Thanks professor


VIVXPrefix t1_irawvar wrote

Yeah, well were on a sub that is entirely focused on earth's geography. It's not like that's unobtanium knowledge.


DeStroyek t1_irbdyh9 wrote

Driving through Jasper your almost guaranteed to see wildlife. Only a hand full of times have I not seen something. There is a pack of elks that essentially live right in the town hahaha.


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pincblar t1_ir8jkhx wrote

Brrr ❄️😍


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Ideavb t1_ir98atc wrote

The green heart


Kcstarr28 t1_ir9mgwg wrote

Wow it's beautiful 😍


Angeal206 t1_ir9n615 wrote

Those lake! Horizon new dawn ❄️


APips t1_ir9z3qz wrote

POV you just escaped Helgen Keep


a_bearded_hippie t1_iracz0c wrote

Took a road trip with my grandparents when I was like 12? Jasper is the one place I remember being like holy shit this is stunning.


bradland t1_iram350 wrote

If BOTW has taught me anything, if you stand in that water, you'll regenerate 1/2 heart every couple of seconds.


IndependentOutside88 t1_irbfui4 wrote

It’s snowing in Jasper already?


Hwanderer8 OP t1_irbh235 wrote

It was last year :)


Qamatt t1_irbusn5 wrote

Phew... I'm heading there tomorrow, was quite concerned about my packing choices lol. Great shot!


matrixghost1286 t1_iravdux wrote

Bob Ross-esqe with lots of happy little trees