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GuyInAMeatGrinder t1_itpu3va wrote

Am I missing how it’s supposed to be “shaped like a rabbit”


ItsTolkienNotToken OP t1_itputy0 wrote

Imagine a profile view of a rabbit swimming with the top of it's head sticking out of water and the ears back; nose to the right, tip of ears to the left


YpsilonY t1_itqar9m wrote

Looks more like a Lion, I think.


npmoro t1_itsywbs wrote

So, rabbits do or used to live on it.

It looks like a dog head.


dillrepair t1_itpxk8e wrote

With flavors like fizzbitch and gun?


avalonstaken t1_itq3kzp wrote

Did you shoot this angle from Makapuu?


ItsTolkienNotToken OP t1_its4qyj wrote



avalonstaken t1_itsopu0 wrote

I love it. I lived on Oahu for 7 years and I’ve stood where you were many times. Still burned into my brain, hopefully forever.


NerdWerdLernd t1_itpt86y wrote

Rabbit island! Off makapu’u

Shaped like a rabbit- used to have a rabbit colony.

Killer long right point break with the correct swell. Long paddle, though.


rellsell t1_itqqyxa wrote

I was there last week. Didn't take a picture though.


npmoro t1_itsytrk wrote

S, rabbit island is a misnomer. It should be called doghead island because it looks like a doghead.

We were driving around that side of the island when I was about 8 and a relative said that. I still think of it that way.


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