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StonkBullDrew t1_irdqjf1 wrote

Imagine the look on the Anglo saxons faces when they saw the first berserker running at them, two axes and wearing the pelt of a bear, tripping absolute balls.


Ideavb t1_irdtljt wrote

Miniature art of nature


Mustbethemonopolyguy t1_ircuh91 wrote

I just tried a low dose at a music festival 🙂


godchode OP t1_irfvdqh wrote

how did it go?


Mustbethemonopolyguy t1_irgtbvn wrote

It was a relatively low dose. No visuals but definitely felt like it opened up my root chakra and it felt like while I was dancing I was being earthed via elaborate root systems/mycelium networks and my neural pathways blended into the medicines. It was different to any other mushroom experience I’ve had but I’d highly recommend. You just have to be careful of the dosage, as I’ve heard horror stories.


36-3 t1_irdrepk wrote

A little bit can get you high. A little bit more can kill you.


Beneficial-Lead-5402 t1_irexdfo wrote

Not true lol wtf


36-3 t1_irhg2gs wrote

In true Reddit fashion, I just repeated 2hat I heard in the shop. After your comment, I researched toxicology and medical journals. You are correct , humans rarely die from ingestion. However, people taking too much can experience excessive vomiting & diarrhea and bronco constriction. The later is like a severe asthma attack and you end up in the hospital on a ventilator and IV drugs. So, not a death sentence but not benign either.


Beneficial-Lead-5402 t1_irig40j wrote

Yea Good on you for researching it man cause yea it literally won’t kill you like you said, average doses are actually quite large compared to other mushrooms like psilocybin mushrooms


godchode OP t1_irfvfcp wrote

hmm not worth the risk i reckon, i’ll stick to libs for now lol


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