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eanda9000 t1_iu2qo0i wrote

I know this is a bit off-topic, but is there a place in Virginia where the naked eye can see the Milkyway? We live in DC and my kids think the sky has 5 stars in it :(. I would drive 6 hours to get to a decent dark site.


MrJackDog OP t1_iu2u308 wrote

There are many places in Virginia to see the Milky Way, although the brightest part (the galactic core) won’t be visible again until Spring. By far the best place within a few hours drive of DC is Highland County, Virginia. A lot of national forest to explore and the darkest skies in East until you get to Maine. Check out and you can see where the darkest parts of the state are. Bortle 4 and below and the Milky Way is clear, even in winter although fainter parts.


mediasamarillas t1_iu3utdt wrote

If you go a bit further west, there are some very unlit counties in the West Virginian Appalachians that make for amazing views of the milky way. I'd name Monroe County and Pocohontas County off the top of my head. I'd expect near Davis, WV there'd be great views too.


Keyboard-King t1_iu31juj wrote

It’s impossible to re-create what is in this photo with the naked eye (it’s heavily edited). Although, less light pollution = more stars than you’d be able to see in a big city (like D.C), however.


MillieBirdie t1_iu3zl48 wrote

In the late 90s-early 2000s I was able to see the milky way on Assateague Island. The area has been developed a bit more since then so I'm not sure if you still can, but the park and beach should still be quite dark.


KiteLeaf t1_iu6fso3 wrote

You still can! Was there a few weeks ago


IAmTheM4ilm4n t1_iu4dxkn wrote

Hook up with NOVAC - Northern Virginia Astronomy Club. They have lots of observing events open to the public.