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RWDPhotos t1_iu4r8td wrote

Well, I mean, kinda like in that instagram link you posted in a different comment, it doesn’t really line up (the sky comp was cropped in a decent amount, so the effective focal lengths were changed). And it can’t really- because of the tracking, so something has to give to fit it in. I think there could be a way to do it where it blends more mildly, but that’s def not your aesthetic.


MrJackDog OP t1_iu4roq5 wrote

The building was cropped at a similar ratio though. But yes, there’s no accounting for taste.


RWDPhotos t1_iu4s6ug wrote

Ok, preference aside, my point being that the sky view isn’t proportional to the foreground. Obviously so, like by 200%. And you’re trying to deny that improportionality. I mean it’s totally fine if you say it’s just part of your aesthetic, but to say that it’s an absolute recreation in terms of proportion is just plain false, which is what I’m arguing on here


MrJackDog OP t1_iu4un9v wrote

well, that’s just incorrect. Both were shot with a 35mm and the two images had the same dimensions. They are in exact proportion.