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rohithimself t1_irhg4gh wrote

Fall is the primary thing I miss about US.


WalrusByte t1_irhk9lt wrote

What country are you in that doesn't have a Fall? Somewhere near the equator?


rohithimself t1_irimt5z wrote

India. Kashmir has it but wife is scared of terrorists, even though Kashmir is having a great tourist season this year.

Edit:adding more. We lived in Chicago. Wyalusing park Wisconsin had amazing colours one year, but we once did a road trip to Vermont and upstate New York, and it was heavenly there at Whiteface mountain, especially.

We also lived in the UK for 6 yeas, and took pains to go to Westonbirt arboretum every year, even though we did not have a car and it was not well connected.


mothman117 t1_irhi0bd wrote

Thanks for this. We don't experience any seasonal changes in miami. Just maybe gets cold for 4 hours between December and February.


[deleted] t1_iri27xf wrote



Shrimp_n_Badminton t1_iriksrj wrote

Lol what? Life is perspective. Where you live is a hell hole to someone else.


MediocreDungeonMastr t1_irh8wvz wrote

I like how "Autumn in Maine" and "Maine in Autumn" are both correct

And beautiful.


tomwilhelm t1_irijizv wrote

There's nowhere on Earth better in autumn than New England. Prove me wrong.


7Zarx7 t1_iri0chu wrote

Where's Bob Ross when you need him...


Zebrahead69 t1_iri6s5x wrote

Damn, this is the 6th time I've seen this posted since yesterday.

Lovely photo for whoever actually took it. I'm jealous


SleepPrincess t1_irhqvbe wrote

Which lake is this?


youngcadadia22 OP t1_iri38bn wrote

Sorry to say, I’m not sure. I want to say Barker Pond. I was driving down from Fryeburg and before Sebago I saw the beautiful reflection and had to stop quick


Plagueis2891 t1_iriaafv wrote

Beautiful shot! I just wish it was wide so I could use it as my desktop background. I miss the seasonal changes. Florida, isn't all it's cracked up to be. . .


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buddyruff t1_iri21vs wrote

Cries in AZ


carefuldaughter t1_irj1ffv wrote

I bet the leaves will be nice at the Snow Bowl this week and next week. Get up there.


nocsha t1_irih5kb wrote

Mud Pond?


pertobello t1_irikhot wrote

The simplicity is perfection.


Memawsaurus t1_iris6o7 wrote

Love the fall sky and such still water. A perfect reflection. Good shot.


SyspheanArchon t1_irit3j1 wrote

Nice. I'm headed up to Rangely tomorrow to see peak colors on the lake. It's been cool living somewhere with real seasons.


carefuldaughter t1_irj1aj8 wrote

I want to learn to paint so I can paint this.


cfishy01 t1_irkdjd6 wrote

Definitely my favorite part of living here


PopKart t1_irl03rf wrote

I love the transition in colors! Where in Maine is this?


BIindsight t1_iriki5i wrote

This was the login screen image for windows a few weeks ago. Not OPs content.


youngcadadia22 OP t1_iriqd4c wrote

Stop lying, I literally took the photo and many others on Thursday.


Equivalent_Remote_39 t1_irh6b7f wrote

Wisconsins better


mrdog23 t1_irifb9a wrote


I'm a Vermont man, myself. But new England as a whole is astounding in the fall.