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sweetplantveal t1_iu7d1hs wrote

Ok let’s call it 2 seconds at iso 800. We need to compensate for the aperture. F/1.4 and f/2.8 are 2 stops apart. So with the settings mentioned (4 seconds is one stop and 1600 is the other), you’re shooting almost identical exposures. The difference is the brightness of the scene.

Also shouldn’t a T6 be able to do 15 seconds at 3200 with a pretty clean image?


gudelaune OP t1_iu7way7 wrote

no it's not the same at all because the aurora looks way better at a faster shutter speed imo. The longer it is, the more faded / blurry it looks, I find even 1 vs 4 sec made a difference so personally I never shoot auroras at more than 5-6s.