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NFresh6 t1_itcarp7 wrote

We went to Croatia for our honeymoon this year and the most beautiful sunset we saw was at the musical stairs by the water in Zadar! We started in Zagreb and made our way down the coast going to Zadar, Krka National Park, Sibenik, Split, Hvar and ending in Dubrovnik! Such a wonderful country!


LaserAficionado t1_itd8wno wrote

I went to Croatia in 2019, and YES! The sunset in Zadar is absolutely stunning. Loved watching it set by the musical stairs as well. Very beautiful country, I'd love to go back one day.


Sh_okre996 t1_iteb1aa wrote

Zadar has the most beautiful sunset in the world, more beautiful than the one in Key West, in Florida, applauded at every evening. Alfred Hitchcock


covchildbasil t1_iteee08 wrote

Zadar is great! I've passed through twice now and always have a blast. Pag island is nearby and also amazing


akusokuZAN t1_itc18v7 wrote

Is this recent? Very nice colors.

The last few days here in the south have had some nuclear sunrises.

One had the sun with a fully round yellow glow, but for the sea remained blue to the point of it looking fake. Unfortunately I just had my phone with me :(


StGoran t1_itcdfaw wrote


Grr_in_girl t1_itcmtsb wrote

I think it was Alfred Hitchcock who said that Zadar, Croatia had the world's most beautiful sunsets.


jamjarandrews t1_ite89e0 wrote

I totally agree although I found Zadar a bit lacking other than that!


Reedsandrights t1_itcqa5p wrote

A Bosnian guy I worked with for 10 years never missed a chance to remind me to visit Croatia someday. This sub has really cemented that idea.


hotterthanahandjob t1_itecwui wrote

Most beautiful place I've ever been. Start in Split, charter a boat, and spend a week island hopping. Best vacation you'll ever have in your life.


roberttheboi t1_itemmub wrote

Was there recently. Incredibly beautiful country. Was actually brought to tears looking over Dubrovnik.


JusAnotherCreator t1_itcukwj wrote

Dude go to the island of Hvar if you've got the chance. Definitely top 10 most beautiful places I've visited


burnerowl t1_itd0o6l wrote

Man add this to the list of why I want to visit Croatia


ATalkingCat t1_itcxz41 wrote

absolutely gorgeous! hello new phone wallpaper :)


JamesWjRose t1_itcg3lt wrote

Beautiful shot. Yay for you for this experience

Also post this to r/Skyporn


WholesomeLove280 t1_itdchtq wrote

Hands down, this is one of the prettiest sea sunsets I’ve ever seen!!


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finger_milk t1_itcuw22 wrote

Balaeric/Mediterranean sunsets are some of the best you'll ever see.


Benny-B-Fresh t1_itd8afx wrote

Croatia and Greece have the best sunsets


fragnet t1_itdezwz wrote

Is that a Loch Ness type monster in the back?


EuropeanSuperLegolas t1_itdhpe3 wrote

Adriatic water just hits different. Looks like unobtanium in the sunset


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twentysomethinger t1_itdayka wrote

It's amazing to me after visiting Split last summer how little known Croatia is for those of us in the West, especially in the US... what an amazing country.


Upgrade_U t1_itddg51 wrote

must have been so nice to be here, and nice shot 👌


drbobintexas t1_itdek5p wrote

Stunning! Looks like Southern California most every day of the year.


mrtmra t1_itdh9is wrote

It's moments like this that you just stare at it and think to yourself how insignificant we are and how beautiful nature truly is and how blessed it is to be still alive despite how tough life gets sometimes


gotnoh8 t1_itdjc4l wrote

Pretty meh, honestly, Croatia has some real beauty but this isn't it


warm20 t1_itdmfm9 wrote

So beautiful!


Just_a_dude92 t1_itdp3ah wrote

Croatia is the most beautiful county I've ever been to


SkyVINS t1_itdtwv6 wrote

.. i mean .. thats the sun. And the sea. Could be literally anywhere.


mikurumode t1_itdw0rf wrote

i love photos that have the clouds at sunset, always so pretty :0


thena_zed t1_itdy4gs wrote

Croatia is gorgeous! I got to go there recently. :)


kvaju t1_ite200a wrote

Croatia is beutifull. I have luck, I live near, and go there every year.

I reccomend Pelješac, great sunsets, great wine, beach Divna etc..


IamArrogant t1_itelpcs wrote

Wow !! Would you look at that!


treysurf t1_itew997 wrote

its ight seen better in san diego and costa rica


MicahTheGreat21 t1_itf2sy4 wrote

Damn I thought 20 stories up on Mertyl Beach was good. Wow


Gonzoa24 t1_itfc0xm wrote

You've obviously NEVER seen one at a Croatian beach, they're beautiful!


Xmeromotu t1_itflrec wrote

Decent, but nothing compared to some of the sunsets I’ve seen in Santa Fe, NM. Sunrises and sunsets over water can be great with a few clouds, but mountains helps give some artistic contrast and perspective to the light.


FactoryV4 t1_itfdi8q wrote

I’m lucky I can see these everyday here on Maui.


Actual-Option3344 t1_itefvxe wrote

This looks like Oklahoma on lake Hefner on a Tuesday. Not that it's not stunning.


realdjjmc t1_itd14lh wrote

NGL I've seen better


fattyblindside t1_itlu5p5 wrote

I doubt that. Given the sheer amount of complaining and negativity in your comment history, I'd say that every sunset you've ever seen has been terrible.

What a depressing person.