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LLLLLdLLL t1_itg9nhw wrote

Lovely! Were you inspired by Gustav Klimt? I love his birch series.


Northlogic2 OP t1_itgtg09 wrote

Thank you! He was previously unknown artist, beautiful works though!


LLLLLdLLL t1_ithcd9p wrote

He's most known for 'the kiss', but this particular series is my favorite. 'Farmhouse with birchtrees' is so simple and yet it takes you right there. As if you are walking towards it yourself. The perspective is lovely and you share that quality. I love the colors and the fog in your picture as well!


Northlogic2 OP t1_ithd3lr wrote

It's very humbling to be compared to an skilled artist, thank you for that. How I began to shoot forests and trees with this composition came when smartphones started to have optical zooms. Huawei P30 Pro was the first with an optical 5x zoom (if I remember correctly) and it gave me new ways of composing images. I have been shooting with DSLR for a long time, but with it I mainly used wide angle lenses. I always wanted to try and achieve this kind of an idea that the viewer is in the "depth of the forest" or that you could sense the dimensions and volume some how better, I feel like using zoom instead of wide angle works better for that goal!


disturbedsoil t1_itig700 wrote

Are those not quaking aspen?


Northlogic2 OP t1_itiu46s wrote

I did a bit of Google search and I think quaking aspens are only found in North America


disturbedsoil t1_itiuo1f wrote

Thanks, I should have looked before asking. They look very much the same.


Northlogic2 OP t1_itiv4s3 wrote

I wasn't sure either if we could also have quaking aspens in Finland, so we both learned something. Yay!


disturbedsoil t1_itivr4u wrote

Like many trees I suspect they are related. I just looked up the wood characteristics, similar there too. Long lost cousin.


misirlou22 t1_itj00ow wrote

Aspens are part of the populus genus, which includes poplar trees. The quaking Aspen has similar white bark to some birches, aka the betula genus, but they aren't closely related. Different taxonomic families.


kernJ t1_itgvfh7 wrote

My first thought as well but I’m a big Klimt fan


Magpie1979 t1_ithehuz wrote

Is it me or is the central tree looking at me? It doesn't look happy.


Cauhs t1_itjuyd6 wrote

Fun fact, birch are often grows a lot of stem as one colony. If you feel like one is watching you, all the birch in the area will also sense you by their shared network of roots and rhizomes.


Northlogic2 OP t1_itigr1e wrote

I think it might have been fed up with me, since I've stopped multiple times by that grove to take photos 😄


RLTWTango t1_ithbcbc wrote

Beautiful picture! As a displaced Scandinavian living in Texas, I sure miss birch trees. I really want to plant a river birch in my backyard this year.


Northlogic2 OP t1_ithbzwk wrote

Thanks! How did you end up in Texas if I might ask? Is the climate in Texas suitable for birch trees?


0sprinkl t1_itk2yh3 wrote

Do you guys harvest its juice? I had some recently, I never really know what to think of it.


HelenEk7 t1_itg9672 wrote



Northlogic2 OP t1_itgtd39 wrote

There is always something peaceful (and sometimes eerie) with misty weather.


Von_Lehmann t1_itgpghs wrote

Love my some wood horsetail


Northlogic2 OP t1_ithbp5j wrote

I legit thought that "wood horsetail" is some kind of a pun, but turns out it is the undergrowth in the pic haha


bigsoftee84 t1_itgz8g6 wrote

Thank you for sharing


Northlogic2 OP t1_ithbv7q wrote

Thanks for checking it out


bigsoftee84 t1_ithd9qb wrote

Love birch pictures, they create such atmosphere and provide so many opportunities for illusion in the image.


Northlogic2 OP t1_ithe35i wrote

In Lapland, there are quite a bit of birches, but not many places where it would be predominantly birch, so this is kind of a nice unique spot. There is a field opening behind the grove, and especially with the mist it creates this pretty cool effect of the grove just falling out into the white space


bigsoftee84 t1_ithgyqx wrote

Excellent shot. We have like a dozen different types kicking around the state of Maine. I've got a massive grove of white birch, a couple small ones of river, some yellow/paper kicking around.

I've always got almost a zebra like effect from white birch groves, the bigger they are, the more disoriented it makes me. I love it, only time I've been lost in the woods was because of a huge grove of white birch. Like stepping into another dimension.


0xKaishakunin t1_ithh1xs wrote

Post it to /r/thelongdark it fits well there.


Wundawuzi t1_ithxqli wrote

Also to /r/valheim, they love anything with birches.


Aldodzb t1_iti8473 wrote

Reminds me valheim


skexzies t1_itgxjc0 wrote

Beautiful for sure! And oddly, I have to admit that this is the very first picture I've seen taken from Finland. Now I'm wondering what other countries I haven't seen.


GirlNumber20 t1_ithle3a wrote

I wish I could just disappear into the trees. I live 4,600 miles from this, but it’s clearly the land of my people.


Northlogic2 OP t1_itinhsh wrote

Then you should definitely try and visit Finland sometime


GirlNumber20 t1_itlamqu wrote

I had a roommate in college who was Finnish, and she used to give me rye crackers with some kind of white cheese spread on them and tell me about hitting herself with birch branches in the sauna before jumping naked into the snow. It sounded like a good time.


Northlogic2 OP t1_iu3krqn wrote

Haha yeah that pretty much sums up the essence of being a Finn


catmandingo35 t1_ithotfc wrote

I could spend an entire day out there.


Northlogic2 OP t1_itiniz2 wrote

It is easy to get lost into the woods for sure


livewireca t1_ithynef wrote

Beautiful photo. I have seen similar forests in Manitoba Canada


Northlogic2 OP t1_itinlls wrote

Thanks! Canada has such diverse landscapes that I'd imagine you find groves like these there as well


2bunreal24 t1_itijmgi wrote

Are there bugs? This looks like there would be bugs


Northlogic2 OP t1_itinqt1 wrote

There was an absolutely hellish amount of mosquitoes at the start of the summer, but the number went down to a very manageable one about halfway into the summer, fortunately


Neanderthal_Gene t1_itilt1b wrote

Beautiful. I miss Finland sometimes (lived there in the 90s for a year) Was it Birch I would have cut and used to make vastu with for sauna?


Northlogic2 OP t1_itinsym wrote

Thanks! This is very true, you do vasta from birch branches


JR2005 t1_itip747 wrote

When I see trees spaced like this, my mind goes to Johnny Cage vs Scorpion in Mortal Kombat.


Nickabrewer t1_itiqetd wrote

Love this. Do you sell prints?


Northlogic2 OP t1_itiqsof wrote

Thank you! I do, I'll DM you since I don't think I can do any self-advertisement here.


farxhan t1_itir8zm wrote

I don't think we have birch tree in my country, so the only exposure I have is Minecraft. Thank you for posting this picture!


Klaumbaz t1_itityot wrote

Your birch looks like my quakies here in Utah.


Violated-Tristen t1_itixsb5 wrote

The smell of this is in my dreams. I miss my woods SO much.


Northlogic2 OP t1_itz5196 wrote

Where are your favorite woods?


Violated-Tristen t1_itzntff wrote

Ontario Canada. Mixed Deciduous and Coniferous. So Bitch mixed with Cedar, Spruce, Maple and such. A LOT of good times in those woods.


Northlogic2 OP t1_itzod0w wrote

Sounds awesome! I've been to Canada, but only to Toronto and Montreal, Canmore and Lake Louise. I took a bus from Lake Louise back to Montreal so I crossed quite the many provinces of Canada. When I passed by Thunder Bay, I was thinking to myself (this sure looks like home) and later on I found out that there's quite a bit of Finns living there!


Zgerv t1_itizqnv wrote

Valheim, lawl


wryaant t1_itjcfz4 wrote

Beautiful. You post inspired me to post my own version of this photo of birch trees taken while on vacation with my family this past summer.


OCNSkyHawk t1_itjcwk6 wrote

Slenderman would fit in real nicely in the background, barely visible through the mist.


KeeksTx t1_itjmi5k wrote

I love this. My gramma was Finnish and lived in upper Michigan on Birch street. ❤️


GoogleIsYourFrenemy t1_itjpiv6 wrote

There is this part of my brain that keeps saying: "the picture is upsidedown"


konstantine73 t1_itkkgjp wrote

I have a friend that has a phobia of forests he gets freaked out and just thinks he is going to be killed I kind of see what he means with this pic although it is beautiful.


Northlogic2 OP t1_itz580v wrote

Thank you! Phobia of forests is probably something I've never heard of before... Like is it a phobia of getting lost in the woods or killed?


konstantine73 t1_iu074g0 wrote

He hasn't explained it to me he just gets freaked out even talking about a forest even without intentions to be creepy or anything, it's weird I know. 🤷 I've just googled it it is either hylophobia, xylophobia or dendrophobia, I didn't realize it was a real thing hmmm, we learn something new everyday 👍


PrinceHumperTinkTink t1_itlgdzu wrote

If someone found this in Valheim, it would be like hitting a jackpot.


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dsmaxemil t1_itga5gx wrote

It’d to be Finland :-)


TheOnlyBliebervik t1_ith3i1h wrote

Birch trees only grow in Canada. This is 100% fake


clarke_thecreator t1_ithbis8 wrote

… no they don’t. There are multiple species of what a non-taxonomist would refer to as birch trees. The silver birch tree (betula pendula) is the national tree of Finland and is native to most of Europe and Asia. It’s considered invasive in some parts of North America.

The white birch (betula papyrifera) or the gray birch (betula populifolia) would be two of the species found in North America, and they do grow in the United Stares, not just in Canada.


Tasonir t1_ithbvdg wrote

I had a birch tree on my property growing up in Long Island, New York. I mean it's not terribly far from canada, but it wasn't upstate either, they have a range down into the US as well