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quiet_earp t1_it8ji1f wrote

Just hiked this right after Labor Day! The ridge was much longer & more difficult than we anticipated, but it was well worth it. Absolutely gorgeous all around.


steve_adr t1_it879pk wrote

Beautiful 👌🏻


dqap t1_it87mwt wrote

Holy fuck thats a crispy shot


jonnytrisch42 OP t1_it8d1y3 wrote

Thank the clouds! The weather on top of the mountain was perfect. A far cry from what it was like at sea level in Port Angeles, which was heavily overcast and pretty gloomy. Amazing was +5k ft of elevation change can do.


sevksytime t1_it8bmyq wrote

Is this recent? I thought hurricane ridge was closed.


jonnytrisch42 OP t1_it8cw9f wrote

Yes! Yesterday afternoon. It was overcast/cloudy in Port Angeles and we went to the visitor center to get info for the weekend thinking we'd be heading up the mountain on saturday or sunday. The ranger told us that it was perfect up on the mountain and that it might snow the rest of the week/weekend, so we decided to head up to catch it while it was nice. Broke through the cloud layer about 2 miles from the top of the mountain. It was incredible. The clouds were absolutely perfect and were cruising. Made for some great shots. This was a portrait orientation pano.


Canipetyourd0gg t1_it9bovj wrote

I’ve been there before. Beautiful place


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17175RC7 t1_it8dv0u wrote

Looks like a painting! Great photo! So amazing.


jonnytrisch42 OP t1_it8e4y5 wrote

This was taken yesterday afternoon around 4pm PST. We went into the visitor center in Port Angeles to get some info about the park for our weekend visit and didn't expect to be doing Hurricane Ridge just yet. However, the ranger told us the mountain had perfect weather compared to down at sea level where it was overcast and gloomy. This is could very well have been the last good weather up on the mountain since the rest of the week and weekend have possible snow forecast due to the elevation. I'm so happy we took the ride up and was very relieved to capture some shots of these incredible clouds.

This was an 11-shot portrait-oriented panorama taken on my Canon R6 with the RF 24-105mm.

You can see more of my work on my IG here: jmke.visuals


bosscher47 t1_it8qjrg wrote

It just re-opened yesterday right?


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MyFriendMaryJ t1_itbdao0 wrote

Cant wait to go to beautiful places like this with my girl. Now i just need moneyyyyy


Aeredor t1_itbzpog wrote