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immersemeinnature t1_iupxil7 wrote

Wait. There's sand dunes in Colorado?! Where tf have I been?


vipergtsr171 OP t1_iuqru5w wrote

🤣🤣 apparently not there haha. It's the tallest dunes in north America too!


monkmotherfunk t1_iurykzm wrote

I grew up in that valley and spent a lot of time at the dunes in the summers. A river flows through there seasonally and it basically becomes a beach on the east side. Lots of intertube floating, sand castles, and sledding down the dunes. Good times. Worth a visit, if you're close.


immersemeinnature t1_iut2ee6 wrote

Sounds magical. I feel really stupid for not knowing. What an amazing place to grow up!


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Depressed-Corgi t1_iuuzfv2 wrote

Love this photo OP. Is that a type of Bermuda grass growing on those sand dunes?