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Bigdonkey512 t1_ixtexpb wrote

The heat suuuuuucks, but it is a beautiful place if enjoy extreme conditions and the survival of plants and animals that have found ways to make it.


LuvMeLongThyme t1_ixsh6yr wrote

Somehow I always imagined Death Valley would look kind of like the salt flats in Utah, maybe just unending flat hot desert.

OMG, imagine going across this in a covered wagon. There must have been - I hope? a marginally accessible trail through there? Besides, of course, modern roads that have cut into the landscape…

Ok, it looks like the photographer is standing on a dirt road or trail.


whatwhat83 t1_ixspljb wrote

Death Valley national park is HUGE with multiple mountain ranges. The main valley is, indeed, how you picture it.


Girion47 t1_ixtlvgx wrote

I watched sunset from here about 5 weeks ago


jake429 t1_ixw90x9 wrote

DV is definitely a “hidden gem” of a park that most people gloss over. There’s certainly a lot of heat, a lot of desert, etc. but there’s also amazing formations and views like OPs pic 👍🏽


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