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Vaudesnitchy t1_ix43mdu wrote

The beauty of the location and your ability to capture it, it’s evident to see. What i am curious about this shot, where you camped in the cave? How did you position yourself to capture this? Was this a cave or more of an open ended tunnel/arch? I am trying to get totally into this space.


edna7987 t1_ix4jou7 wrote

Amazing picture!


Dryneck123 t1_ix4ls8r wrote

Love this, great shot!


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norr_katt t1_ix4hclx wrote

Dude I’ve been looking through your profile and your stuff is amazing. I hope I can visit some of those places some day.


hasenergy t1_ix4wl6i wrote

Amazing shot, sans chem, eh I mean, contrails.