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TritonTheDark OP t1_ixs71dd wrote

The North Shore Mountains are pretty much paradise in Metro Vancouver. I shot this last winter during an incredible fog snap. Surprisingly this particular location doesn't normally get a ton of fog, even compared to forests that are only a short distance to the east, so it was quite exciting to have a full day of it!

Image settings: 19mm, f/11, 1/4s, ISO 200

Let me know if you have questions. If you want to view more of my work, it's available in high quality at my website!


xtina-d t1_ixt2nib wrote

Wow.. definitely bookmarking your site. Stunning work.


TritonTheDark OP t1_ixt9f78 wrote

Thank you! Hoping to release a new batch of photos in the next week or so!


pixievixie t1_ixssqoj wrote

Question about your tutorials from your website, if it's ok to ask here...are they for professional cameras or do you have any tutorials for amateurs with iPhones? Also, I love your pictures, reminds me of my home just south in Washington state, and now living far away, it's so nice to see your pictures!


TritonTheDark OP t1_ixt9qk8 wrote

Device doesn't matter, at least if you are shooting in raw format. However they are oriented to post-processing with Photoshop and do require some prior Photoshop knowledge. I may do a more beginner oriented course someday. If you have any other questions just shoot me a DM on here!


pissboy t1_ixv50c3 wrote

This looks like my backyard. Well done capturing how natural the city is.


Rahtgooves t1_ixwe8p5 wrote

Last winter was amazing. I live in Mission and the trails with all of the moss on the forest floor and the fog was incredible. I didn't make it very far into the forest because I just kept standing there and looking around in awe every 5 minutes. Great photo!


lunayoshi t1_ixt38m3 wrote

Ah, the mossy, misty forests of Florida.

(This is an X-Files reference. The episode they filmed here was set in Florida and it cracks me up how not-Florida it is.)


mcamarra t1_ixtgo2n wrote

Thank you. My mind immediately went to the x-files, but for the episode Darkness Falls


lunayoshi t1_ixw0nqw wrote

Oh snap, I forgot about Darkness Falls. I was referring to Detour.


Heiko81 t1_ixtyodd wrote

I immediately associated this photo with the x files. Were you referencing a specific episode?


KremlingForce t1_ixv8k0h wrote

The episode which takes place in the Redwood forests of Florida is called “Detour”. It’s about hyper-evolved feral chameleon people living in the woods. The location scouting is hilarious, but that episode remains a stone-cold classic.


The_alchemist667 t1_ixt1597 wrote

PNW resident here. Glad to see things are still very rainforesty after the fucking heatwave/draughts this year


happyherbivore t1_ixtrnb7 wrote

For what it's worth the photographer mentioned this photo is from last winter but as a local it's also still pretty darn green in the pnw. For now at least.


rs07life t1_ixstl1f wrote

I am absolutely in love with the forests in BC. I work in the Alberta forestry industry and our forests are gorgeous but sadly do not compare.


Thorislost t1_ixt28oo wrote

You guys are still lucky to have mountains. Just flat here in Ontario.


TritonTheDark OP t1_ixtbywa wrote

Ontario is still beautiful though. There are some places I'd love to photograph over there.


TheOneCommenter t1_ixvlhrj wrote

What’s on your top 5? I’m traveling there next year


Thorislost t1_ixw89p7 wrote

Not OP but depends where you are going in Ontario. Its a massive province. Northern Ontario i find has more beauty than Southern Ontario.


Staebs t1_ixw8awx wrote

Bruce peninsula I’ve heard is beautiful. Sleeping giant national park. The TO skyline from the islands, Niagara.


Thorislost t1_ixw84yi wrote

It does have some beautiful spots but nothing compared to the mountains imo.


Gary_Vigoda t1_ixtyn58 wrote

Alberta is neat driving from the mountains through the highlands and into the prairies. I like living here. I go in any direction and there's a different terrain.


Thorislost t1_ixw8cd0 wrote

That's awesome, hoping to move out there in the next few years if everything works out.


Mad_scientwist t1_ixtbgbn wrote

Jack pine and black spruce have their own particular charm, but yeah not quite the same is it?


rs07life t1_ixv94y9 wrote

Nope, scraggly jack is definitely a nice sight, especially those open stands. I think I still prefer the symmetry of lodgepole pine in the west


Maieth t1_ixs966k wrote

Anyone else see this and hear the speeder bikes on Endor?


serpentjaguar t1_ixsvpg5 wrote

No one from the PNW, that's for sure. Redwood forests have a very different look to say nothing of the fact that the trees themselves are much bigger. Consider that the last of the great redwood groves are at least 600 miles to the south of BC.


moggt t1_ixtewsg wrote

Saw a sign at Capilano last autumn that the trees can absorb 40% of their water from the fog. I love the forests around these parts.


TritonTheDark OP t1_ixtiosa wrote

That's amazing, I had no idea! Was that at the touristy suspension bridge or the park area? I still have yet to do the suspension bridge there.


Longlivethetaco t1_ixv4gi1 wrote

The suspension bridge is fun and you get an “I did it” certificate. Pretty good opportunity for a photo session there. The cliff walk is surreal


Pylitic t1_ixtsueo wrote

I love BC forests. I'm on the island but it's absolutely just as beautiful.

Wanted to move out east at one point but fuck, I would miss being able to drive 10 minutes and go through a walk in a forest like this.


TritonTheDark OP t1_ixvj58m wrote

I would go as far to say that the island has forests that are even more beautiful.

Although it has a lot of ugly ones... the logging is out of control over there.


Lasombria t1_ixso7vd wrote

Mmm. Love those forests so much.


NBD_Pearen t1_ixtlu98 wrote

Man, this shit would be dummy hard to traverse in a survival scenario though. Or like busy firefighters who trek through untouched earth to set up camps and helicopter pads and what not. Tough shit


teetz2442 t1_ixv2n8g wrote

I grew up adjacent to the Capilano canyon. Honestly there are game trails everywhere


TritonTheDark OP t1_ixvhlus wrote

It definitely varies a lot from area to area. I've done off trail hiking through old growth forests and it's a hell of a lot easier than bushwhacking through second growth, typically. Second growth can be nightmarishly messy and if it's in mountainous terrain the route finding can be tricky. Sometimes you can also get lucky and find a game trail that goes roughly where you want to go.


Falkien13 t1_ixtswye wrote

It's funny it looks like every alien world on any of the Stargate shows.


Bionic_Ferir t1_ixtwo4d wrote

Okay I live in Australia and adore this subreddit A. Because I see environments, biomes, climates I simply can't in my home country and B. As a fan of dnd it's amazing to get photos like this to provide a reference to my players


Staebs t1_ixw8nht wrote

The rainforest’s of western Tasmania would be rather similar I’d imagine. As would much of western South Island NZ.


laureidi t1_ixtm63i wrote

Ughhhh I’ve moved from Vancouver to the Kootenays, we have deep, wet snow here rn 😖 Is it okay if I use this gorgeous photo as my wallpaper while I miss my real home?


filosoful t1_ixtuvxe wrote

There is a pleasure in the pathless woods,

There is a rapture on the lonely shore,

There is society, where none intrudes,

By the deep Sea, and music in its roar:

I love not Man the less, but Nature more.


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lotti333 t1_ixtzg15 wrote

quintessential forest vibes. absolutely love it!


FlounderOdd7234 t1_ixueli3 wrote

Just beautiful. Seems so pristine, untouched by climate change. Beautiful dense foliage, light fog. Awesome photo


kaijugurl t1_ixv1thg wrote

your forest photography is exactly what I look for. thank you!!


TheKingOfRooks t1_ixvdq2f wrote

I thought this said "Froggy day" and was very disappointed to zoom in and find every leaf wasn't an individual frog lol

Beautiful though, so relaxing


TritonTheDark OP t1_ixvi6qo wrote

I am sorry to disappoint lol. I have came across numerous toads in my walks through this forest and the canyon that runs through it though! They are normally very good at staying hidden, but part of what I enjoy so much out there is slowing down and observing as much as possible.


TheKingOfRooks t1_ixvp915 wrote

Oh yeah definitely, my initial sentence was just a joke, at least the "disappointed" part haha. Such a beautiful picture, seems like the ideal forest to walk through.


superb07 t1_ixvvm00 wrote

Canada’s nature is something else man. Beautiful shot!


IWas_Phoenix t1_ixxqzue wrote

Thank you bro I just won a game cuz of you


Dismal_Equivalent_68 t1_ixsvosh wrote

Find any chantrelles? I looked and looked. Probably too dry last summer.


Mad_scientwist t1_ixtbnn6 wrote

Nothing on the island at all. I think last year's summer + the dry October was a death sentence.


Dismal_Equivalent_68 t1_ixx8uw7 wrote

I’ll check tomorrow. Allready had that firm freeze so I doubt it. Meh. Have fun. Your view is the same as mine. Do a 50 shades of green series. I started. Got distracted. Ha.


TritonTheDark OP t1_ixvhvuc wrote

Although I enjoy eating tasty mushrooms, I'm not a forager and I leave everything alone. I think I've only spotted chanterelles once in the last few years but that's without looking for them.


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floofnstuff t1_ixtjhne wrote

Has a Twilight vibe. I never got into the 🎥 until they started the beautiful outdoors


InstantDomo t1_ixtm341 wrote

I live in the north shore!


beleeze t1_ixtunad wrote

Looks like the place the Ewoks come from in Return of the Jedi


fizity t1_ixty480 wrote

I started itching


FlounderOdd7234 t1_ixu6j12 wrote

I just like the beauty of the forest, the light fog. Pretty photo


veoitao t1_ixu7hbi wrote

Fucking awesome landscape.


Healthy_Fig6612 t1_ixu934b wrote

Nice picture but looking like kind of old growth What do you say


TritonTheDark OP t1_ixvi288 wrote

This forest is second growth, although it contains a decent amount of old growth Douglas firs (albeit on the younger side of what is considered old growth).


AnthonyTopU69 t1_ixuhkxa wrote

Gorgeous! Lived in Olympia WA for a year. Don't get the opportunity for see the rain Forest.


IndependentOutside88 t1_ixuu65t wrote

The moment I read the words “Vancouver”, then saw the image, I knew it would be your picture!! Amazing as always!


random_userTheo t1_ixv143t wrote

Am I the only one who saw a woman's face?


weaKid t1_ixv7drj wrote

Last of us vibes


disterb t1_ixvh48m wrote

yes! my hometown made it here! 😃


elora_125 t1_ixvib2n wrote

this is such a mood gif


Kingsnw t1_ixvs7fs wrote

Ready to be logged I'm sure


yoshiwixd t1_ixvuaot wrote

idk how, but i read "Froggy Dance" and was very confused


Brabs91 t1_ixw9eha wrote

Thanks for the new wallpaper/Lock Screen photo. Goodness this is beautiful.


TessaHolly t1_iy3h3l7 wrote

Soooo mysterious, I love this so much


samirak93 t1_ixsyvr1 wrote

Where in Vancouver is this? Near Grousse?


Daynightz t1_ixt08mm wrote

Add on to this; Is this the Canada one?


i5oL8 t1_ixt4g7u wrote

Definitely not the Van-tucky one.


serpentjaguar t1_ixsvuxq wrote

Interestingly, if you said it was Vancouver Washington, no one would question you at all.


meltintothesea t1_ixtcp23 wrote

It’s amazing how nature has no regard for imaginary lines drawn on a map.