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DankDawg42069 t1_iv7jxeg wrote

Where abouts I live in the Rockies


jamesftw OP t1_iv7lklx wrote

This was taken at bow lake, I was looking for a place to shoot the reflection on the lake and looked to the s/se and this caught my eye


mortredclay t1_iv7t9yp wrote

Where I'm from moonrises at sunset are full moons by definition. I assume because you're so far north that is not true all the time?


jamesftw OP t1_iv842gv wrote

I've never heard that before, so it could be


imjeffp t1_iv8mcdk wrote

You're right. I'm pretty sure this a composite image. Moonrise at sunset is a full moon--always. Also, when the moon is near the horizon, the terminator is side-to-side, not up and down as here.


AlexBlackburnPhoto t1_iv8q905 wrote

Always is a pretty strong word my dude 😂😂 especially when moon rise is depending on position of the earth when it rises across whatever your horizon line is, your elevation


mortredclay t1_iv9ul29 wrote

Yeah, composite was my first thought. Then I started thinking about sunrise and sunset in extreme northern parts of the earth and noticed no snow on the mountains indicating summertime. This sunset could be happening at 11:30 PM, which could lead to a non full moon rising at sunset.


Lordofthecanoes t1_ivc1pyd wrote

Great critical thinking skills. I took a (not as good) similar photo on July 11 at 9:43 PM not far from where this one was taken. As soon as I saw this photo I was reminded of mine and wondered if it was taken the same evening


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hasenergy t1_iv810v6 wrote

Is the sky and moon here replaced or is this all the same photo/event? Either way, incredible.


jamesftw OP t1_iv840ry wrote

Thank you! Nothing was replaced here, just got lucky at the right place right time