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takepacific OP t1_iydor2f wrote

Story: Last month I was hiking in a winter wonderland. Though the visibility was minimal in the first few miles, I kept going and eventually the clouds parted to reveal majestic peaks. An incredible moment! I love how this photo turned out naturally black and white (I didn’t tamper with the color). Enjoy!

Tech: Nikon Z7 / Nikon Z 50mm f/1.8 lens

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Consider2SidesPeace t1_iydr6fx wrote

Love the view there. A nice hiking story. I often believe as we hike those places are all a little higher in elevation. Therefore we all are just a little closer to heaven. That looks a bit like the Winter wall inGame of Thrones too. A nice photo that evokes many feelings. Thank you for sharing. Bests~


takepacific OP t1_iydsvqs wrote

Thanks for the comment, I'm glad to hear it. You know what, I mentioned to another hiker while I was up there that it felt like we were in heaven- it certainly did, especially when the clouds cleared and the view expanded for miles.


SplodyPants t1_iydrlst wrote

That cloud and mountain right in the middle looks like a hamster head looking up. Weird. Great picture.


takepacific OP t1_iydszr3 wrote

That's interesting, thanks for pointing that out!


lalauna t1_iyewdrg wrote

Hooray for snow in the mountains. We'll have water down here next summer


lalalibraaa t1_iyf3def wrote

I was just there in October and it was a fall wonderland. This looks absolutely gorgeous. What a beautiful place, North Cascades 😍


TastyBleach t1_iyevpew wrote

Meanwhile its the first day of summer in Australia and we've got fresh snow in alpine areas.. should be mid 30s (celcius)


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Cherberts-Imagery t1_iyf97ij wrote

Beautiful and cold. I love the light filtering through some of the cloud cover and light the side of the mountain and the trees in the foreground.


pallavicinii t1_iyf8x9o wrote

Definitely not the first of the season lol