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unidentify99 t1_ivcvs01 wrote

i might just be hungry...but despite how beautiful those trees are,

they look like a bunch of chicken tenders stood upright


[deleted] t1_ivbp4j7 wrote

The last time I saw those hills, they were covered in snow. VALAIS is one of the truly beautiful places on Earth. Thank you!


Johnoplata t1_ivdvolv wrote

I worked in Anzere for a few years and I can still clearly picture the views. That area affects your soul.


_Elon_Muskrat_ t1_ivdx431 wrote

They're supposed to be that colour, right? Right? No beetles killed the trees? Not like in Canada? -eye twitches-


M_Wong t1_ivdxnt4 wrote

Those are larch trees, they start turning their color in autumn before loosing their needles in winter. So yes, they are supposed to be that color at this time of year


_Elon_Muskrat_ t1_ivdxxn7 wrote

Ok, good. Thanks. We have larch trees here too, but very sparse, and after the devastation of the pine beetle over here just wanted to know it hadn't somehow gotten over there.


M_Wong t1_ivdzo28 wrote

Sad to hear that about your larches, hopefully they will eventually recover. Luckily here we haven't had any issues and I hope it stays that way. The golden larches are always something to look forward to as a hiker and photographer


minervas_a_cat t1_ivew3dh wrote

Listening to "Spirits of the World" by Áine Minogue right now, and it's the perfect accompaniment to this beauty.


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DrPimpJuiceSwagger t1_ivdujnw wrote

Where in the Valais is this? I don't recognize it but it is beautiful.


eolmar t1_iveb18t wrote

Zinal, Mountain in the center is the Besso.


TransposingJons t1_ivbooh6 wrote

Why do we allow people to advertise their InstaFace accounts ?


dasarpan007 OP t1_ivf6sud wrote

Because many other people who are not annoying like you might want to follow some adventures?