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ArtofMotion t1_iwt8dxn wrote

What you said is absolutely true.

It's my dream to visit Yosemite in my lifetime


PraxisLD t1_iwtn176 wrote

If you can, you should definitely do it.

I’ve done a couple of day trips, and once stayed in the rustic tent cabins which was pretty cool.

My dream is to stay in the Ahwahnee Hotel and do it in true luxury.


Saro73 t1_iwttdxs wrote

I live a few hours out and Yosemite is beautiful but it can be very crowded even with the park limiting the number of visitors. Kings Canyon National Park is about 2 hours away from Yosemite and is generally less crowded and has really beautiful sequoias. Grant Grove is easily accessible and has a paved trail to see the General Grant.


LiarVonCakely t1_iwubaw7 wrote

I went backpacking in Kings Canyon and it was truly the coolest long trail I ever walked in my life. So much variety going over these cold rocky alpine environments and back down into these beautiful forests, valleys, and past lakes. And all of it practically untouched.