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cannabisized t1_ixuot2r wrote

the criteria for perfect must be very ambiguous. nice picture though


BigLizardInBackyard t1_ixwbjct wrote

yeah definitely. I don't see any good lines there at all, it's a death trap. If you had to make a choice, I'd say the right side of the river left channel would be your best chance, but 100% no way this goes.


Luncheon_Lord t1_ixvq3fe wrote

Not sure what you mean by perfect, but this is a really great shot!


queefiest t1_ixwgmpi wrote

I think they mean composition of the photo but I guess I can’t speak for them


CorValidum t1_ixw6gtt wrote

What do you mean with perfect lines?


From_the_5th_Wall t1_ixvzey2 wrote

It amazes me that i have to be sceptical of these kinds of images right now, due to having an AI brush that can imitate life so well. Fantastic photo non the less


Cadoan t1_ixw6sfj wrote

I've been to Iceland a few times. It doesn't feel real at all. Even just the drive from the main airport to Reykjavik is amazing. The Atlantic ocean and picturesque little houses on one side, moss covered broken lava fields and cinder cones on the other.

The hotdog shop on the harbour is excellent too.


imapassenger1 t1_ixwa1wj wrote

I'm going there for the first time in May and every photo on here I see makes me note it down. But I realise I have no chance to see it all in the time we have. Still excited though.


e_muaddib t1_ixwzcuc wrote

Just got back. I wish you a fantastic adventure. The pictures you take won’t capture what you see with your eyes at all, but that’s okay. Safe travels : )


imapassenger1 t1_ixx22r8 wrote

Thanks! Can't wait. Just met with friends last night who'd been there in August.


e_muaddib t1_ixx4j74 wrote

One thing to note: heed the weather warnings if you’ll be driving. Iceland is wild and natural. Heavy winds and precipitation are much more dangerous for a multitude of reasons. You’ll be there during the winter. Explore, but do so safely.


imapassenger1 t1_ixx5qls wrote

May should be nicer though (not winter).


e_muaddib t1_ixx6288 wrote

Whoops, forgot the May part! I had to drive through 90 mph winds and snow to get back to the airport so just wanted to extend a warning. I most definitely should not have done it, but I survived so..idk lol. I’ll leave you alone; enjoy your trip !


Ky1arStern t1_ixwycmu wrote

Iceland is a cheat code for photos. You can't walk 5 steps without tripping over an outrageous display of natural beauty splayed out under an ephemeral duvet of elven mystery


Nr673 t1_ixwmbb2 wrote

I've been there before and it still feels unbelievable when I look at pictures. I'm saving up to take my kids once they can make the climb up those stairs (it's a haul). My wife and I agreed Disney is overrated (similar price point for us) and our kids will appreciate seeing what beauty our world has to offer vs eating breakfast with some college girl cosplaying Minnie Mouse.


archertom89 t1_ixvvict wrote

What waterfall is this? Spent all of last week on Iceland's south coast and saw so many amazing waterfalls, but didn't see this one.


countzer01nterrupt t1_ixw05v8 wrote



KLR01001 t1_ixw4ol7 wrote



certain_random_guy t1_ixw87r4 wrote

I know this is an age-old joke, but I just want to point out that it's essentially just anglo-centric condescension. It treats words or names in other languages as Other, and as if they're not worth the time or respect to try to pronounce correctly. But every language and culture is equally valid (presuming respect for human rights), and most native speakers of any language appreciate foreigners doing their level best to speak their language or say their names correctly.

I am not suggesting that you possess any of the negative qualities connected with the joke, and I'm sure most people have just never thought about it. But it's worth considering how we can be kinder and more inclusive to others in small simple ways - such as by not joking about how their names sound.


KLR01001 t1_ixw90ec wrote

Does being the perpetual victim feel good to you? Does it make you feel better about how you go through life? It seems like a disgusting and pitiful way to go through life, to see a self deprecating joke about someone not speaking a foreign language and turning it into some sort of imperialist attack on a language and people that you’re not even part of. I pity you.


Heerrnn t1_ixwi11h wrote

I'm unaware, what does perfect lines mean?


fatamSC2 t1_ixwkent wrote

Maybe I'm weird but I think the surrounding landscape is more beautiful than the waterfall itself. That greenish brown with a little orange in it is gorgeous


Seegson-Synthetics t1_ixurddl wrote

What camera and lens setup did you use to take this? Looks great


challmaybe t1_ixw00n9 wrote

I would love info on camera used or any enhancements//settings used. This is a beautiful contrast in colors.


mydogisacloud t1_ixw0jn7 wrote

Looks like the waterfall Sokka and his swordmaster visited in Avatar the Past Airbender.

They used the volcanic landscapes of Iceland as inspiration for the Fire Nation.


Accidental_Ouroboros t1_ixww4uj wrote

> Looks like the waterfall Sokka and his swordmaster visited in Avatar the Last Airbender.

Not quite. The waterfall they visit is quite literally the view from the upper viewing area of Gullfoss


mydogisacloud t1_ixxa56f wrote

Oh! I was just at Gullfoss. But I guess I was too amazed in person to think it.


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corsicanguppy t1_ixuz5g9 wrote

> include location in post title

Yep, fail. Sadly, too, as this is gorgeous (and even having been there and knowing why, the lack of trees is still ooky).


Toast_Chee t1_ixw4yn4 wrote

Why no trees?


Cadoan t1_ixw6vgi wrote

Not enough top soil, and it's WIMDY.


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KingoftheKeeshonds t1_ixwnnya wrote

I’ve hiked a lot in Alaska north of the arctic circle and love that wide open tundra. Iceland looks like it has that beauty on steroids. So amazing. Planning our first backpacking trip there next summer.


itsmejose t1_ixwq7ka wrote

Keep on keeping on!


JimJohnes t1_ixwxli3 wrote

"South Iceland"... sounds strange and unattainable


SafeHayven t1_ixwxq0y wrote

Amazing shot! Iceland defines desolate natural beauty.


talosguideyou t1_ixx3vpz wrote

Iceland is the most beautiful place I’ve been.


Leana2121 t1_ixxqspt wrote

I want to visit there so bad 🥰


Emotional-Relief8150 t1_ixy0auw wrote

This is beautifully I genuinely thought it was a drawing at first


-dystopic- t1_ixyhpoz wrote

Wow, that’s so beautiful!


MinnieShoof t1_ixyiy7v wrote

I think OP meant that there was nobody in line which meant they could walk right up and enjoy the view! Perfect lines!


Lagiacrus111 t1_ixvrwce wrote

Pretty sure Floki went crazy here