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ColdPuffin t1_iwig2a0 wrote

Yes, especially in northern Canada, but sometimes you can get a peek even in central or southern Canada (though not nearly as bright or even easy to see as in the northern parts).


stephen1547 t1_iwjy8u6 wrote

Those are two very specific locations. I'm genunely curious why you thought they are only visible in those two places?


wobble_top t1_iwjscln wrote

Churchill is actually right on the prime aurora "line". They have something like 250 nights a year with auroras.


heyitsxxem444 t1_ixa0hil wrote

I'm in Calgary AB and Ive had the pleasure of seeing it a couple times! It depends on how strong the storm is as well as the weather conditions (clouds kinda put a damper on it)


EmbellishedKnocking t1_iwjdbe9 wrote

"I searched 'aurora borealis green'. I've never seen someone lit from within, blurring out my periphery"


wobble_top t1_iwjs5yu wrote

Those are healthy looking trees for Churchill. :-)


user66613 t1_iwkdxeo wrote

Localized entirely in your kitchen


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guinnypig t1_iwlilsa wrote

I really want to take a trip up to Churchill. I watch the live cam all the time. It's amazing!