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Ardea_herodias_2022 t1_ivlwzbx wrote

Long drive but it's worth it if you've got the time.


Annelyn1546546 OP t1_ivm84to wrote

Yes, I think you can drive by yourself when you are depressed and drive on this road to make yourself feel better, or you can ask your friends who have the same hobby to drive on this road to see the scenery together when you are on vacation. It will be great.


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badgerj t1_ivmvdky wrote

Road above left and a car on said road!


Supersadboner t1_ivmg7yy wrote

I miss home so much 😭


Annelyn1546546 OP t1_ivmpy7c wrote

>I miss home so much 😭

That doesn't sound like good news.


Supersadboner t1_ivmqa04 wrote

I used to live in Big Sur and I miss driving along Highway 1

In retrospect the first comment is kinda odd without any context hahah


Annelyn1546546 OP t1_ivmqrgq wrote

Big Sur is very close to where I live now and I pass by there often, did you move elsewhere because of something?


Supersadboner t1_ivmrl3e wrote

Just life things like work and my gf at the time going to college. I lived most of my early life on the peninsula so when I got the chance to leave I took it but I miss it now that I’m older. I’ve lived all over CA at this point and currently in Pismo Beach so I’m ever so slowly making my way back I guess.


immersemeinnature t1_ivn1zva wrote

My husband and I had the great pleasure of honeymooning in Big Sur. It was by far the most magical places I've ever been, and I've traveled a lot. The streams meeting the ocean, the rugged nature, the fresh wind and sounds of crashing waves, the unique and friendly folks. So, so unlike any other place. How lucky you were to grow up there! I hope you get a chance to go back. I hope we can too. ✨