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noahspurrier t1_iwvjygl wrote

Oh… I’m so accustomed to it in California that I didn’t even notice. Apparently it’s an African plant naturalize to the West Coast by Spanish sailors. The fruit is edible and delicious.


fae_forge OP t1_iwvmzzj wrote

Cool! Had no idea it was edible!


noahspurrier t1_iwvnjhd wrote

It’s actually really good. I don’t understand why it’s not sold in stores. It’s been a few years, but I think the skin is edible, or maybe you eat it kind of like a kiwi. It sort of has a kiwi texture and flavor, but better. The red skin will stain your fingers. The inside is translucent. There are little seeds in it but they are like kiwi seeds; you just ignore them.