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Ravenclaw_14 t1_iwdzxlk wrote

finally someone posts a picture of it when it's snowy. It looks so much better when it's snowy but everyone prefers showing its (personally rather ugly) crater side during the summer or spring. And I don't go up there often enough to get pics of it, and when I do go up I rarely even pass it because I'm going to Bremerton or Seattle!


StatusSea5409 t1_iwextb9 wrote

Curious question can you sled and ski down it from the crater?


mrs_leek t1_iwf0jdj wrote

The inside of the crater is off limits. You can climb to the summit using the south route and some people ski down back to the trailhead.


bozeke t1_iwfi3mx wrote

St. Helens was the first mountain I ever climbed when I was 12 or so. 4th of July in 1993 or 1994 or something. Best part was glissading down after. Ripped a huge hole in my pants. Worth it.


Ariadnepyanfar t1_iwg0pmc wrote

Scientists are conducting an observational experiment watching an ecosystem regrow from scratch so the crater and south face is off limits.


ian2121 t1_iwgec7b wrote

Huh? The crater is north facing. The south face is the most popular climbing route.


[deleted] t1_iwf2xgu wrote



StatusSea5409 t1_iwf4s1e wrote

It isn't the first or only active volcano people climb and go near the crater of, we even go to erupting volcanoes and take pictures of lava running. You should be able to find a few in the subreddit.


Its_0ver t1_iwgm2uk wrote

When climbed helens there was no snow but when there is you can absolutely ski or sled down portions of it. I would honestly be great because it would save a ton of time and wear and tear on your body as well.


satanshand t1_iwgsgac wrote

Glissading from the summit after a climb is a huge bonus. It’s fun as hell and you’re also super tired from the climb.


EspressoVagabond t1_iwfwlqz wrote

Sledding wouldn't end well because you can't really control a sled in the same way you can control skis (things like slowing, stopping, turning...), and it's a very long way down. If you were to hike up you'd carry an ice axe with you, which would help you stop in case you started slipping down. One common way of descending peaks like this is called glissading—which is just a technical term for sliding down on your butt and using your ice axe to control speed.


ian2121 t1_iwgek9s wrote

Sleds aren’t allowed above 6000 feet I believe. I’ve seen people go to the top though.


TheOneCommenter t1_iwfl6vp wrote

I mean… most tourists visit in summer/spring, and most go to the mountain based on where you “should” go, so head to the viewpoints and the visitor center. This will give you the same photo from everyone. There aren’t many people going around the mountain, nor in other seasons.

So yeah, this is a rare look, and I like it


underbite420 t1_iwg6370 wrote

I liked it better when it was more pointy at the top


mistermoonlight1963 t1_iwfgdhw wrote

Mount St. Helens is about to blow up and it’s gonna be a fine swell day…


DerB_23 t1_iwfvp2i wrote

Everything's gonna fall down to the ground and turn gray


MarsHumanNotAlien197 t1_iwg9d74 wrote

All my friends family and animals probably gonna run away


Bauoui t1_iwgik72 wrote

But me I'm feeling curious so I think I just might stay.


kappa_demonn t1_iwh0vkj wrote

The Dow Jones just fell down to zero and its gonna be a fine swell day


blueblob_v1 t1_iwinx26 wrote

And I wonder if it's gonna be as good a day as yesterday


Bigbluebananas t1_iwev4yx wrote

I made the climb up this summer, no easy feat! Ive loved this mountain for years. Did you know it has a glacier growing inside?


CUTiger14 t1_iwenb4r wrote

This is an incredible photo. Kudos to the photographer


carmium t1_iwfbp8w wrote

May I ask from what direction are we looking in this photo?


psgrue t1_iwg9per wrote

Great picture! I flew SEA to PDX this weekend. Looked amazing.


geometricbear t1_iwh5ka2 wrote

Beautiful weekend for that, we have been getting the best weather lately


scoleda t1_iwfz5f4 wrote

I have ran around this thing in a day. It’s much bigger than people think and has different climate zones. The other side of the mountain looks starkly different still and those valleys are still really soft.


Bigbluebananas t1_iwkmyif wrote

You ran around it? Like literally?


scoleda t1_iwkwqzp wrote

Yep literally. I have a friend that’s gone around it 16 times in a year. Granted he has also done the Grand Canyon trails 9 different trails in 9 days.

Ultra runners are insane. I’m 35 and I was the youngest in a group of 4 that did St. Helens about a year and a half ago.


Bigbluebananas t1_iwlgqlk wrote

Good lord. I felt destroyed after just doing the summit from camp bivouac I applaud you!


mcboogerballs1980 t1_iwg7ca3 wrote

Are those birds or funky pinecones on that tree?


blahblahrasputan t1_iwfioie wrote

I pop up there whenever I make the trip from Vancouver BC to Portland (usually a brewery weekend) and I always feel so bad for the people on the tour bus when it's totally clouded over. Happens sooooo much.


Ronald12Q t1_iwfqskg wrote

Some Percy Jackson shenanigans going on there


Gorstag t1_iwfrds3 wrote

Lucky you. Last 2 times I've went there it was just fog :(


[deleted] t1_iwg3nfe wrote



Its_0ver t1_iwgmc47 wrote

Absolutely. Takes anywhere from 4 to 12 hours and isnt get technical especially during the summer months so basically anyone can do it assuming your are in reasonably decent shape.


mrs_leek t1_iwgnsxo wrote

Definitely. It's a fun and "easy" (as in non technical) climb. The winter route is a bit longer (12mi round trip, 5000' elevation gain) than the summer route (about 10mi RT, 4000 EG iirc). Depending in the time of the year, you may need a permit. It's a favorite of the locals.


Narcolyptus_scratchy t1_iwgfnlc wrote

I lived 45 minutes from it for 3 years and saw it 3 times (it was apart of my part time job's commute). It seemed like it was covered by clouds more than Rainier


[deleted] t1_iwgh7g3 wrote

Those foothills have been witness to some stuff.


Coreus88 t1_iwgif4z wrote

I thought that was Dantes Peak....


HardinTN t1_iwgk2hb wrote

Beautiful Danger Mountain


danny223 t1_iwgtxqd wrote

I have hiked most of the mountains on the West Coast and Mt St Helens remains my favorite.


itimedout t1_iwgu5uy wrote

The details make it stunning, the snow on the trees and the pink light on the mountain, beautiful picture.


momdiedtuesday t1_iwgy1sx wrote

Amazing! If you zoom in to the very middle where the white patch is, you’ll see it waving!


meredithoh t1_iwhqeqv wrote

I was baptized on the day it erupted.


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xHudson87x t1_iwg9x5i wrote

Looks deadly looking at it, fucking top blow right off, that's power.


longing_tea t1_iwga7pb wrote

So is there a souvenir shop on it?


ASAmd t1_iwggkrs wrote

I thought it's morning time


Oxpost t1_iwh8pfc wrote

Is it gonna blow up? It seems like a fine, swell day.


itsmyartspace t1_iwhdsl2 wrote

What a great photo. It makes me want to go paint. I need to go back to Mount St. Helens. I miss Washington State it's a wonderful place to live.


master_of_the_dogs t1_iwnx894 wrote

fun fact did you know that Mt st Helens glaciers are growing.


aobtree123 t1_iwg5mho wrote

Nice. That’s actually a volcano. You would not think it with all that snow. LOL