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Old_timey_brain t1_ivta6t0 wrote

Very cool shot. I was confused by the title, so did some research.

Is baobab and boab the same?

The common name 'boab' might reasonably be assumed to be of Aboriginal origin, but it's actually a corruption of 'baobab', an Arabic word of African origin that means 'father of many seeds'.

It's a clue to the tree's evolutionary associations because the boab and baobabs belong to the same genus.


ChzGoddess t1_ivu7brn wrote

"BuT pLaGiArIsM!"

Despite provoking the ire of the reddit professors who want to impose their college plagiarism policy on a reddit comment, I appreciate it. Because I, too, was wondering if they meant baobab.


Old_timey_brain t1_ivu98ke wrote

The funny thing is that my first thought was along the lines of, "fool, can't you spell?" The second thought was, are these really in Australia, but then I remembered seeing one at the old entrance to the Fort Lauderdale Airport in Florida. Which led to the third thought of, I'd better check on things before I shoot myself in the foot.

So, I shot the other foot, apparently! :)


Call_In_The_Bin t1_ivwazbk wrote

I too was about to shoot my foot off. Good thing I read the posts first.


OneLostOstrich t1_ivvkkg9 wrote

It's really a baobab. No idea why they call them boab instead.

They are all from the Adansonia family and are baobabs.


VLWphotography OP t1_ivwci87 wrote

These are actually unique to Western Australia 🙏🏽


caresawholeawfullot t1_ivwx494 wrote

You in Broome?


VLWphotography OP t1_ivwzoby wrote

Perth, very south!


caresawholeawfullot t1_ivx10rv wrote

Wow, there's big boabs like this in Perth? I live in the north west myself but haven't seen massive ones like this anywhere else but Broome. Great shot!


VLWphotography OP t1_ivx8s7u wrote

No I’m in Perth gif the tree is on a private property in the East Kimberley.


bend1310 t1_ivvyhwo wrote

Different places have different names for things as the original gets bastardised.

Its why we have Coffee instead of Qahwah.


Petrichordates t1_ivwgbgc wrote

Yeah those are different languages though.


bend1310 t1_ivwk7qb wrote

Like... what?

The words are etymologically related. One is descended from the other. They aren't independently developed.

Boab is just the word generally used here in Australia for the local species.


Petrichordates t1_ivwmpvp wrote

Yes that's true of almost all words, but they often change between languages. This one changed just because.


bend1310 t1_ivx4eel wrote

Its not like an authority makes the decision to change a word. 'Just because' is how all words change.


Petrichordates t1_ivza9yo wrote

Like I said, it's usually because of changes between languages. There are relatively few cases of words with such changes between USA/UK/AU.


Marty_Br t1_ivtq146 wrote

Nothing says smart more than plagiarism


Old_timey_brain t1_ivtt2nq wrote

> I was confused by the title, so did some research.


larrythefatcat t1_ivtyziw wrote

The plagiarism replies are approaching silly, but you clearly know how to use > to denote a quote...

I don't know where I'd side if this went to r/karmacourt


Old_timey_brain t1_ivtzwvz wrote

Sure, >, or sometimes coming from Reddit, a simple straight vertical line.

But, honest to God, when I say I did some research does that not kind of indicate the same thing?


lolipoops t1_ivu1rbp wrote

I, for one, appreciate the info. Pay no attention to the salty haters.


larrythefatcat t1_ivuduwr wrote

> But, honest to God, when I say I did some research does that not kind of indicate the same thing?

I really don't have much of a problem with people copy-pasting info from another site onto Reddit so long as they don't fully pretend they are the ones who came up with it; to be clear, I don't think your reply comes across as a "I made this" situation.

It's just that adding a vertical line or "greater than" symbol would have made it clear that it was a direct quote... or even changing that period before the quote into a colon would have made it absolutely clear that you were copying the text wholesale.

I'm confused as to why merely bringing this up has gotten me downvoted, but then I remembered: Reddit.


Old_timey_brain t1_ivugwei wrote

> I'm confused as to why merely bringing this up has gotten me downvoted

Sorry to hear that. I gave you an up. Check back in the morning and you'll likely see a different response from the crowd.


larrythefatcat t1_ivujqfh wrote

It's the smallest of small things in the grand scheme of things and I guess it comes across a little "smartass-y" (especially the tongue-in-cheek reference to r/karmacourt) now that I read it again, so I'm not going to worry about it.

Thank you for being level-headed and I'm glad you seem to understand that I'm attempting (in my own way) to be a mediator in this situation.


Old_timey_brain t1_ivumdyz wrote

> Thank you for being level-headed and I'm glad you seem to understand that I'm attempting (in my own way) to be a mediator in this situation.

We're all good. Thanks for speaking up. It's been enjoyable having pretty level-headed back and forth.


ArtDSellers t1_ivto74s wrote

Did you seriously just copy and paste that and pawn it off as your own thinking?

Edit: wow, so much butt hurt from all y'all.

Edit 2: I don’t understand why you all think I care what you think. I don’t. Just downvote me and move on to something worthy of your time. Everything is fine. We’re all gonna be fine.


Old_timey_brain t1_ivtsx3h wrote

> so did some research.

EDIT: It was your idea first, wasn't it?


Scarbane t1_ivubkda wrote

Fr, OP could've put put a ">" in front of the quoted text to make it show up as a quote, but it's not that big of a deal in this sub.


Nomicakes t1_ivtwjuk wrote

Did you seriously just seethe at someone for having the audacity to look up information, and then share said information?
Are you okay?


ArtDSellers t1_ivu57es wrote

I'm good, yeah. Actually having a great day. I appreciate your asking. How you doin'?


Slannar t1_ivu0yq4 wrote

Oh no! Plagiarism! Oh wait, this isn't a college research paper but a comment on reddit. Nevermind, you're over reacting.


Trashman82 t1_ivul0fl wrote

TIL that i need to cite my references when I'm having a conversation with someone.


VLC31 t1_ivvhzfh wrote

Actually, I think they’ve got a point. It’s not hard to say something like “I found this information in the Australian Geographic”. That person has posted the information as if it their original thought/knowledge. It’s rather pathetic, actually, trying to prove how clever they are with stolen information.


morphballganon t1_ivu9bez wrote

There's a difference between us being butthurt and us letting you know you're a giant douchebag.


ArtDSellers t1_ivusd7d wrote

You seem awfully emotionally invested in something that really, really isn't worth it. I hope you have a better day after this. Stay safe out there, friend.


morphballganon t1_ivuypz7 wrote

Emotionally invested? You just got downvoted for being a jackass, dummy. It's not any more complicated than that. Take your L with dignity instead of flailing like a toddler.


ArtDSellers t1_ivvp8lc wrote

Yeah, emotionally invested. Like how you’re calling me names, because I said something you don’t like to a stranger. It’s weird. Let’s be done now.


oodles_of_strudels t1_ivu83ya wrote

Boab means penis in Scotland


SanguinePar t1_ivuw8oe wrote

Boaby certainly does, but I've never heard the short version used that way, just as a name. Or in Oor Wullie, of course...


dbatchison t1_ivtsj7c wrote

I know these grow in Madagascar, didn't know they were in Australia too


a_paz t1_ivu2cgm wrote

The idea is that either the seeds floated over to Aus from Madagascar cause they’re mainly found in northern WA. Potentially have also been brought over by African ancestors because the fruit was valued.


savings2015 t1_ivufk7m wrote

That is an absolutely fascinating article. Thank you for sharing it!


OneLostOstrich t1_ivvkf2x wrote

I've grown 1400 of them. There was a time when you could almost walk over to Australia from Sri Lanka within the past 50,000 years. They could have floated over or been carried over.


Individual_Lake9409 t1_ivwcteq wrote

You’ve grown 1400? Why? If you don’t mind me asking


OneLostOstrich t1_ivwf6bp wrote


Individual_Lake9409 t1_ivwhng0 wrote

Yes, they are. What’s the biggest one you have grown? Thanks!


OneLostOstrich t1_ivx8bqw wrote

Just about a meter high. There are ones that I distributed and have been planted all around Namibia 10 years ago that I know nothing about. Hopefully, they should be bigger.


Individual_Lake9409 t1_ivyiwbj wrote

That’s awesome. Thanks for doing your part. You’ve done something that will help the planet and local ecosystems. People and animals will be able to enjoy your work for generations. Thank you.


mw19078 t1_ivu4b6r wrote

They called them upside down trees when I was in Tanzania years ago


Not_Leopard_Seal t1_ivuqod8 wrote

Yeah there is a whole legend about them.

So the baobab was gods favorite but was also a bit needy. So they asked god for the thickest stem and god did give it to them. But they wanted even more and asked for the finest and nicest fruits, so god did also give them those. But the baobab, still wanting more, continued to ask for the most green and lush leaves. So god got a bit annoyed, ripped the tree out of the ground and planted it upside down again as punishment.


OneLostOstrich t1_ivvk7e4 wrote

They are in Africa, Madagascar and Australia.

The Madagascar ones are amazing.


jjolla888 t1_ivujbp2 wrote

wasn't the west of Australia bumped up right next to Madagascar back in the Paleozoic era?


Vindepomarus t1_ivv5ga8 wrote

No Madagascar was wedged between Africa and India when the Pangaea supercontinent existed, Australia was connected to Antarctica. This was also way, way before these trees or their ancestors had evolved.


extrarogers t1_ivvkek7 wrote

anyone else thinking of the Little Prince now?


ashimbo t1_ivvzp9l wrote

I love that story, and I really liked the movie.


Zerfos t1_ivvvwzf wrote

I was thinking The Lion King.


Phixelux t1_ivwjohh wrote

I always think of it whenever I see a baobab tree


LionFox t1_ivx0fdf wrote

I always think of it when I see the color of wheat.


Fabulous-Spread6120 t1_ivtvres wrote

I’m pretty sure there’s a lynel nearby


Sandman1990 t1_ivui19r wrote

There is definitely a Lynel nearby.

Hope you've got some Atk up meals...


marv150302 t1_ivu9ogo wrote

The urge to lie down, while playing “a horse with no name” at this spot


OneLostOstrich t1_ivvkuxq wrote

> lye

Lye? You mean lie. Lye is a chemical that dissolves things like people.


PuffDaddy_420 t1_ivu22nm wrote

Wow! How old is this tree ??


Deathwatch72 t1_ivukwdm wrote

Not as old as you're probably thinking. The trees store massive amounts of water in the trunk so you shouldn't compare it to something like an oak tree


Not_Leopard_Seal t1_ivuqvhr wrote

Not as young as you're probably thinking. Baobabs can become over 1,000 years old. The ones I saw in a national park in Madagascar were 700 years old already


PuffDaddy_420 t1_ivulsd1 wrote

I see I see oaks are definitely dense you should see this one by my house I’m guessing at least 200 years old ! Thanks for the information!


VLWphotography OP t1_ivvhpau wrote

This one is believed to be over 1,000 years old 🙏🏽


PF4LFE t1_ivul2er wrote



screwnicorn_ t1_ivuir3e wrote

I thought they were called baobab, is it the same thing?


OneLostOstrich t1_ivvl15n wrote

They are both baobab trees. Why it's called boab, I have no idea.

They are all among the Adansonias.


lotsanoodles t1_ivum99x wrote

I had an uncle in Queensland who had a property named Bottle Tree Downs. It was covered in these trees.


Chromattix t1_ivvsj8r wrote

Might be a different tree type. There's the "Queensland bottle tree" which has a similarly fat trunk, but is still a different species.


Arcendus t1_ivucf39 wrote

Beautiful! Image resolution is a bit disappointing, though, denying us so much detail.


VLWphotography OP t1_ivwdex0 wrote

Sadly people are stealing and downloading my images. This at least stops them from reselling. I’m sorry I have to do this 🙏🏽


kinggalaxtus t1_ivul64k wrote

one day that will be the great deku tree


noahspurrier t1_ivucsdy wrote

One of my favorite trees. The only one I’ve not seen in person in the wild.


mystic_turtledove t1_ivuslkd wrote

Does this mean you’ve seen a lot of other cool / beautiful / interesting trees in the wild? What are your other favorite trees?


noahspurrier t1_ivusufs wrote

Live oak, redwood, manzanita, ginkgo, cypress, and willow in small amounts.


mystic_turtledove t1_iwcxkzo wrote

Beautiful trees, all of them! I’d love to see a frankincense tree in the wild someday.


oldmatelefty t1_ivuetjc wrote

Not so fun fact - these were used as makeshift jail cells, mainly for the indigenous people when settlers came


HelpfulNoob t1_ivukwa9 wrote

Thats 1 evil looking tree


Jonnyabcde t1_ivusvru wrote

How would you like it if someone picked apples off of you?!


Zvenigora t1_ivwi1z7 wrote

They call them baobab in Africa.


troglodytis t1_ivx5ox8 wrote

If you please, draw me a sheep.


WisdomDota t1_ivtwn8j wrote

That's gorgeous. My new phone wallpaper.


VLWphotography OP t1_ivvhyu7 wrote

Hey, this isn’t free for you to download and use, I own the copyright & haven’t given you permission to use my image.


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KenHarp t1_ivu8xmj wrote

I sometimes forget that those stars are actually massive suns, planets, and other celestial bodies. It’s amazing.


InterventionV t1_ivugorr wrote

Sometimes I think parts of Australia is like life on hard mode. Challenging but fun.


SUTATSDOG t1_ivujapg wrote

Oh woah! Idk why I thought those were endemic to Madagascar. Very cool.


Not_Leopard_Seal t1_ivur5gd wrote

There are 8 species of baobab. 7 of them are found in Madagascar, and 6 of them are endemic. The Australian species is the only one that doesn't occur in Madagascar


parrmorgan t1_ivunk3r wrote

Looks like the spirit place in Black Panther when one takes the flower.


Not_Leopard_Seal t1_ivur7vb wrote

That's an acacia tree though?


parrmorgan t1_ivusinn wrote

Yeah, idk if it is shown in the movie or not. I'd assume not based on your reply. I just thought it looked like that.


woahdude12321 t1_ivurmdl wrote

You threw sand in the sky and took this pic


Pawneewafflesarelife t1_ivv36vz wrote

WA resident or on a trip here? Your profile has great pics of the state!

What part of WA was this taken in?


VLWphotography OP t1_ivvi94t wrote

I live in Perth Western Australia! This was taken in the East Kimberley in Kununurra 🙏🏽


RolandCuley t1_ivvazbw wrote

Looks like an unreal engine render, of course since Australia doesn't exist.


LawlessPlay t1_ivvdz3t wrote

Anyone else see some crazy mythical deer?


luhvxr t1_ivvo9y1 wrote

this is my favorite picture ever


MiguelDragon82 t1_ivvpric wrote

Please dom't tell me I'm the only one seeing a big tree mama surrounded by her minuscule tree babies


Chromattix t1_ivvte39 wrote

Western Australia is sounding better to me every year. I'm in Sydney and honestly I don't know how anyone can enjoy this place without being a multi-millionaire since that's the only way you're gonna be living close enough to nature (beaches, national parks, etc) to really be able to enjoy them regularly. Plus the climate on the east coast has just been garbage for the last few years. Western Australia conjures up images of stunning nature, beautiful beaches, great weather and actually being able to afford to be near them without sitting on the train or in traffic for an hour. One of these trees on a property there would be a selling point for me if it wasn't too far away from civilization. I'd make it the centrepiece of a wonderland garden full of unique arid climate plants since boab and other "fat" trees are just so fascinating to me. Truly looking like they're from another world. Didn't even consider the night skies would be better there too.


VLWphotography OP t1_ivwdomm wrote

This was somewhere I dreamed of going to as a kid. I spent 10 days there with access to some amazing locations in an astrophotography workshop! It was simply mind blowing!


Effective-Ad-6804 t1_ivvv5u9 wrote

It’s a beautiful privilege to live on this Earth.


Timithios t1_ivvwis6 wrote

Looks like an old lady.


Lazermissile t1_ivvxyyd wrote

Boab trees remind me of that one Enders Game story Speaker For The Dead.

Every single time I see them.


mercraus t1_ivwlapd wrote

That is 100% a Silent Hill monster waiting to attack. 👀


warmind14 t1_ivwnh47 wrote

Cool. Kimberley cool.


Kamisori t1_ivwvthe wrote

Kind of reminds me of the Tree of Woe


pwn4321 t1_ivx6i17 wrote

Woah that tree is looking kinda treepy, very sus, amogus VR coming out, coincidence?


PopCreepy1211 t1_ivxbgbo wrote

Idk why this reminds me of the R. L. Stine Goosebumps series.


cheekygee t1_ivxpy3s wrote

I want my turnip back


poniesahoy t1_ivxzzui wrote

“I’m not a racist, I just vote for them”


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afrosamurai727 t1_ivv11sh wrote

Just don't give exact location cause some American Dentist or doctor or lawyer is going to go cut it down and Mount it on a wall


narcoyouth t1_ivvac4n wrote

Mmm... sludge... Mmm... filth! Aah!.. fumes... Oooh.. cack! Oil and grime... poison sludge Diesel clouds and noxious muck' Slime beneath me... slime up above' Ooh, you'll love my (ah-ah-ah) toxic love

Toxic love


Ferngully? Anyone? I’m old


wurden t1_ivvfjar wrote

Burn the witch