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morphballganon t1_ivu9bez wrote

There's a difference between us being butthurt and us letting you know you're a giant douchebag.


ArtDSellers t1_ivusd7d wrote

You seem awfully emotionally invested in something that really, really isn't worth it. I hope you have a better day after this. Stay safe out there, friend.


morphballganon t1_ivuypz7 wrote

Emotionally invested? You just got downvoted for being a jackass, dummy. It's not any more complicated than that. Take your L with dignity instead of flailing like a toddler.


ArtDSellers t1_ivvp8lc wrote

Yeah, emotionally invested. Like how you’re calling me names, because I said something you don’t like to a stranger. It’s weird. Let’s be done now.